I’ve Been Looking Into Getting an Egg Donor So My 8-Month-Old Can Have a Sibling, But It Is So Expensive: Advice?

A mother writes in looking for thoughts on the egg donor process.

A Community Member asks:

I’m at the start of trying to find an egg donor so my eight and a half-month-old daughter can have a brother or sister. I’m reading people’s ads for donors that read more like job applications from millionaires. I think who in their right mind would want to donate to me. I’m almost 38. I’m not rich, and darn it some weekends I wear track pants and eat dinner in front of the TV.

I’m reading ads from people that have 4 – 5 children already and I’m thinking “don’t you have enough already?” Does that make me a horrible person?? And people flying overseas to pay 60 to 70 thousand dollars for a donor. Ok, that’s fine, but unless I sell my soul, I’m not going to be able to afford that ( and I’m petrified of flying anyway ). My husband and I have so much love to give, shouldn’t that be enough??

-Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for the Mother Frustrated Over the Egg Donor Process

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Fan QuestionI am looking for an egg donor: Thoughts on how I am feeling?I'm at the start of trying to find an egg…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Monday, January 27, 2020

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Advice Summary

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The community members really pulled together and gave some comforting advice regarding the egg donor process. You can read some of these responses below.

There are so many other ways, hun. Foster, adopt, egg adoption…don’t limit yourself to just egg donation.

I think your thoughts on others having enough are coming from a place of pain. I have a big family and I’m not offended. I hope you and your hubby have another baby. Some people use acupuncture for fertility issues, maybe look into it.

 “I have looked into becoming an egg donor but the criteria is just ridiculous honestly. I understand being jealous it comes from pain, it doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you human. Best of luck!

I’d donate some eggs to you if I wasn’t currently pregnant! But maybe in the next couple of months if you’re still looking keep me in mind.

Just breath and let it happen, you just never know what’s around the corner. Keep being an awesome mom and let life show you what’s in store.

Have you looked into donated embryos from couples that have done IVF but no longer want any more kids but still have some frozen? They give that couple a choice of donating or letting them thaw. Not sure about the parameters of that but its a thought.

I know it’s probably not the popular opinion but do it organically. Find a woman that has what you want in a “mother”. Have your husband do what he needs to do to make a baby. Then have the “mother” sign rights over to you and your husband as mom and dad. It might be cheaper that way too.

I’ve always wanted to be a donor/surrogate, I have 2 of my own and would love to give someone what I have. I know you said you have one already but two is so much more. The problem is I don’t fit all of the qualifications. If you’re in California… I’d help! We can wear track/yoga pants together and stuff our faces while watching tv on the couch haha.” 

Final Thoughts

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I really loved the responses and support that the community gave. Having children is a blessing no matter whether you birth, foster, or adopt them. I have always been interested in adopting, and to me, the fact that they make it so unaffordable is sad. I think many more people would adopt if it wasn’t so expensive. I know I would. I hadn’t ever heard of egg donors until recently and I think it is a great idea. I have heard that it is cheaper than IVF. That being said, from what I see, they are both very, very expensive.

I hope that with the encouragement that you received you will find comfort and maybe new ideas on what you could do next. All the best to you.

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