In-Laws Do Paternity Test On Newborn Behind Mother’s Back To ‘Be Sure’ Who Baby’s Father Is

A mother recently shared how her in-laws, her boyfriend’s parents, conducted a paternity test on her infant boy to confirm he was their son’s child.

The new mama started with some background information on both her and her boyfriend’s relationship with the Reddit community, where she posted her story.

In-Laws Do Paternity Test On Newborn Behind Mother's Back To "Be Sure"
Image via Reddit

The woman noted that while they are younger, she is 23 and he is 24, they both have been in an on-and-off relationship for the past four years. While she acknowledged they have had a lot of issues, she felt like his parents have been the biggest problem.

“My boyfriend comes from a very upper-class family and I don’t. We met when he was in college for a high pay job and I was just waitressing. They have always thought I was just there for [the] money.”

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But despite the rollercoaster that was their relationship, the two shared a sweet surprise: a baby girl. She claims that his parents were upset about the pregnancy from the beginning and had insisted the baby was not her boyfriend’s child.

But despite intervention from her partner, they continued to insinuate her child was from someone else. And after six months, her daughter was born, and the in-laws were surprisingly helpful with offering helping hands whenever they needed.

In-Laws Do Paternity Test On Newborn Behind Mother's Back To "Be Sure"
Image via Reddit

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When the love the new mom was getting from her in-laws started waning, her boyfriend returned home in an awful mood. He eventually revealed that his parents that let it slip they had a DNA test conducted when the baby was just a month old to confirm she was actually his daughter.

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She decided to immediately call to inform them she was “done,” as she did not want her daughter “around people that thought so little of me and would obviously only try and convince her of the nonsense they think about me.”

They quickly “apologized” but insisted they were just doing what they believed was best for their son and that the mom (OP) could not blame them for attempting to be “good parents.”

In-Laws Do Paternity Test On Newborn Behind Mother's Back To "Be Sure"
Image via Reddit

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While her boyfriend understands her anger, he is begging her to reconsider as he still wants a relationship with them and appreciates their help.

What do you think she should do? Was she in the right?

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