Jana Kramer Hospitalized During ‘Babymoon’ With Fiancé; Tells Fans to ‘Talk to Your Doctor’ if You Feel Pain

Jana Kramer is opening up about a recent hospital visit she made while on a ‘babymoon’ (a trip/vacation taken before a baby is born) with her fiancé, Allan Russell. The couple were in Florida ahead of the birth of their first child together, which they announced in June – it’s Jana’s third child and Allan’s second child. 

The 39-year-old country music singer took to her Instagram on Sunday (Oct. 15) to share a series of pics of her and Russell inside a hospital room. She explained how her ‘babymoon didn’t go as planned’ and how there were ‘some lessons learned’ on the trip – lessons that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. 

“First off and most important, baby is good,” she wrote in her caption before revealing that her back pain – which she had experienced and documented for several weeks – was much more than just back pain. “Lesson number one…don’t just brush off pain, because it can be more serious than u think,” she added. 

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Jana Kramer goes on to warn soon-to-be-moms against brushing off pain ‘because we are the last ones to take care of ourselves’ – something she’s guilty of on occasion. She recalled posting about her back pain last week and how she just ‘chalked it up to pregnancy’ and refused to get it looked at by a doctor.

She says she “didn’t tell the doctors because back pain is ‘normal’ so ‘don’t be a wimp’ is what I thought.” It wasn’t until ‘someone very sweet’ in her DMs sent her a message – warning her that the pain might be related to her kidneys. Kramer has since messaged her back and thanked her for the thoughtful DM. 

Despite the pain, Jana decided to toughen it out and boarded the plane to Florida because she didn’t want to ruin the babymoon. Unfortunately, the pain grew unbearable by the time they landed and she ‘couldn’t handle the pain anymore.’ They decided to go to the hospital once she started to feel sick. 

“Long story short it was a bad bacterial infection that got into the kidneys. This resulted in a 2 day stay in hospital and antibiotics because I let it get passed where I should have,” she wrote. The photo carousel included a series of photos and videos of her hooked up to machines while lying on a hospital bed. 

Jana Kramer Shares Her Advice for Others With Unexplained Pain

Jana Kramer didn’t want to walk away from this scary situation without learning a lesson – so that’s what she did. She shared a thoughtful message with her fanbase about listening to your body and not letting unexplained pain go unnoticed, unlooked at, or untreated – it almost never leads to anything good.

“So. Lesson. Listen to ur body. Ur not a baby or inconveniencing people. If u hurt, talk to ur doctor. Leaving things for too long or not taking care of yourself when ur not feeling good can become very serious,” she wrote in the caption – adding a shout out for all the nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital. 

She also gave a big shout-out to her fiancé, Allan Russell, who she ‘begged to go sleep at the beautiful hotel he got for us,’ but he refused. Instead, he slept on a pull-out chair at the hospital alongside his woman. “Find u a man who doesn’t make u feel bad or leave ur side when ur not feeling good,” she wrote. 

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Jana Kramer posted a ‘Part 2’ of her babymoon on Instagram – this one containing photos of her and her husband on the beach and in the water. “Upside of not feeling good in Florida…this view. Though it was only one day to enjoy it we soaked up every minute. I love you [Allan Russell],” she wrote in the caption.

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