Singer Jana Kramer Shares Relatable Mom Moment After Tough Day With Kids

Being a mom, being a parent is hard. That’s no secret, but now people are getting more comfortable with sharing their woes publicly, in an attempt to make sure others going through something similar don’t feel alone.

Singer, actress, and mom of two, Jana Kramer, took to Instagram on October 20 to share the difficult day she had as a mom of two children. Kramer and her husband, former football player Mike Caussin, are the proud parents to 3-year-old Jolie and 10-month-old Jace.

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And while they can often come off as the perfect family in pictures, both Kramer and Caussin have made sure to share many of the messy parts in their lives. From Caussin’s sex addiction and infidelity to tough days as a parent, the couple has revealed it all. 

As Kramer most recently shared on Instagram, this past weekend got the best of her as a mom. “The only thing pretty about this is the filter. Not gonna lie today was a really tough mom day. Jace is still not feeling good and had bad naps so was super whiny and wasn’t happy up or down.”

She went on to talk about her daughter, who has been going through a phase in which she kicks and hits only her mom. “And then Jolie…I had about 4 real good kicks and hits to my face (she only hits me) and I walked downstairs and It’s the first time (I remember at least) actually crying.”

Kramer wrote the day she had left her questioning if she was “failing as a parent which honestly made me cry even harder.”

“Also I’ve tried to reason with Jolie every way. I try to hug her when she hits me, time out, stay calm, lost my cool ;( etc but it’s not worrrrkinnnng. I know I’m not alone in feeling exhausted and tired. Right? Moms please pour a glass with me and cry.”

Thousands of Kramer’s followers reached out to the tired mom. They offered words of encouragement in an effort to let her know that she’s not failing as a mom.

Fellow mom and TV personality, Ali Fedotowsky, wrote, “Hang in there, love. I have felt this way so many times and lose my cool WAY more than I’ve ever admitted. You’re a great mama. Enjoy that glass of wine! Or bottle Love ya!”

And another commenter said, “Amen sister!!! I have a 3.5-year-old son and a 15-month-old son and man are we in the THICK of it!!! You are a good mom, I question myself pretty much every day! It’s hard being a mom!! Cheers.”

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Kramer and Caussin have been married since 2015. Together, the couple hosts a podcast called Whine Down and recently talked about ways in which they choose to parent.

Most relevant is their decision not to spank their children. During an interview with People, while talking about her latest Instagram post sharing the woes of parenting, Kramer talked about some of the more negative comments left on the photo.

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“So this one has actually been really tough because when I was reading the comments, a lot of people were like, ‘Your kids need the belt.’ So then it became like that conversation.” Kramer continued to say, “We don’t spank, but I had the belt when I was a kid. Personally, that’s just not how we are, no judgment, it’s just very tricky.”

The couple explained that it’s a difficult age and they are working through it by trying to figure out what forms of discipline work for their child. However, she admitted that it’s hard being judged by some of her followers while attempting to be vulnerable with them.

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