Jennie Garth Sent Her Daughter To Prom 2021 In a Lovely Homemade Dress She Made

Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Jennie Garth revealed the talent behind her daughter, Lola Ray‘s prom dress: herself! The actress posted a photo to Instagram of Lola Ray and her date having some “✨Prom fun ✨.”

Jennie Garth dove in to being a seamstress head first for her daughter.

Lola Ray had big ambitions for her prom dress, but Jennie Garth was up to try. She began the caption on her Instagram post explaining the circumstances that led to the creation of the dress, beginning, “Ok, so tbh when my daughter said ‘I wanna make my prom dress’ she really meant ‘Mom I want you to make my prom dress.'”

Homemade prom dresses along with making clothes in general are having a resurgence in the past few years. People try to combat the environmental impacts of the clothing industry, as well as the abusive labor practices often employed as garment companies use sweatshop workers, both overseas and in the U.S.

Garth didn’t feel qualified to make Lola’s dress, explaining, “Guys, sewing isn’t my thing!!” But she proved that amateurs can find success in the DIY sphere, writing, “But somehow I pulled it off!”

Jennie Garth Sent Her Daughter To Prom 2021 In a Lovely Homemade Dress She Made
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Jennie is incredibly proud of her daughter as she comes to the end of her high school career.

In making her dress, Jennie realized how much trust her daughter gave her, as, “The thing is, she could have asked me to buy her some fancy dress but she wanted it to be homemade. She wanted that.” Knowing her daughter wanted that personal touch showed Garth how much Lola valued and appreciated her family so she continued, “I dunno, it just makes me proud. And it made her so proud to be able to say “my Mom made my dress”. Lola was certainly proud to say that too.

Garth assured the reader that Lola had a great prom experience, as “She looked beautiful, she felt beautiful…mission accomplished!” She also wished her daughter and her date the best, writing “Happy prom my sweet @raylolaray and @gabebregman. We had so much fun hosting this special night for you and your friends.”

Jennie Garth finished up by reminding the reader that a much larger step is rapidly approaching for her daughter, as, “Next up ….graduation!” Soon, Lola is going to really leave the nest for the first time, so it’s good Garth is taking every opportunity she can to spend quality time with her child.

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