Justin Timberlake Says ’24-Hour Parenting Is Not Human,’ and Moms Think He’s Tone-Deaf

Popstar Justin Timberlake complained about parenting during coronavirus social distancing from the safe confines of his secluded Montana estate. Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel are hunkered down with their 5-year-old son, Silas in the Yellowstone Club, a development for the ultra-wealthy located in Big Sky, Montana. His neighbors include Bill and Melinda Gates, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and a former Vice President.

It must be so tough! In a recent interview, while promoting the film, Trolls World Tour, Timberlake spoke about self-isolating with his family. He was specifically asked if the seclusion has put a strain on his marriage. He responded, “We’re doing good. We’re mostly commiserating over the fact that we… just, 24-hour parenting is just not human.”

Who knew parenting was a full-time job? Every mom, ever.

Timberlake appeared with SiriusXM’s Hits 1 to promote a new movie and actually said: “24-hour parenting is just not human.”

People who watched the interview were taken aback. Even in normal times, it would be a ridiculous thing to say, but now, with many out of work, it seemed even more tone-deaf than it otherwise would. With record unemployment numbers, some parents are worried about feeding and housing their kids. Do you think this millionaire is really sweating spending time with his family at, what is essentially a ski resort?

Folks are not having any of JT’s BS.

Parents got real on Twitter expressing their disbelief that Timberlake and Biel were truly having a tough time.

People noted that raising kids is, indeed, a full-time job for those without fortunes and a staff of hired help. One person responded with “Suck it up Buttercup!”

Some people questioned if Timberlake understands the reality of most people are currently living through.

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One nurse was particularly upset by the Timberlake’s comments.

The nurse wrote, in part, “While I’m working as a nurse, trying to spend time with my kids but hoping I don’t contract this awful virus to spread to my family; you enjoy your life of leisure.”

Others wished the millionaire would check his privilege and even referred to Timberlake as a “culture vulture.”

Many shared their personal struggles at this moment. One mom wrote, “I’m parenting a toddler by myself, trying to simultaneously do that and work from home, and somehow expected to hold it together while my income was cut by 75%. I sincerely want them both punched in the face immediately.”

Others assumed Timberlake had made a bad joke.

Another person tweeted, “I get that this is a joke but it is just so tone-deaf.”

There’s no denying that being cooped up with your kids is a chore and we all might want to joke about that. However, Timberlake has had to issue apologies before and he might want to consider doing that again. Learning to ‘read the room’ is pretty difficult for many celebrities who have been in the spotlight for some time. We hope that the many people complaining about Timberlake’s remarks online help him see how his comments played to other parents.

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