Viral Video Of Abby The Tiny ‘Flight Attendant’ Is Over Her ‘Horrible’ Passengers And I Am Cry-Laughing

Little Abby has no problem being on camera. But she does have an issue with overwhelming passengers while working as a flight attendant in training.

While Abby recently admitted how she will not be a flight attendant (like her mom) but a vet, a video of her dressed in a flight attendant uniform is going viral for all the best reasons.

The video begins with Abby exhaustedly sitting down.

And when her dad asks her why she’s dressed in her full flight attendant outfit — Abby doesn’t hold back.

“Because I just came back from Miami,” she replies. She also corrects her dad when he asks her if she was working a turn to Miami, stating: “pfft, it’s actually my ami.” Her dad obviously then refers to Miami as “your ami.”

So why is Abby so over being a flight attendant? After her dad asks her how the passengers on her flight were, she responds with: “horrible.”

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“They made fun of me,” she says of the horrible passengers. “They said I was weird.”

To which her dad quickly replies: “You are not weird. You’re beautiful and amazing.”

Abby then decides to go off and stand next to her mom (who is also in her flight attendant uniform) and at the end of the clip, her dad asks her to say “hi” to “your ami” for him.

Abby delivers her curt reply with a in a dry-voice: “Got it.”

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One user commented: “I am an AA flight attendant and this is CRACKING me up. Don’t let those Yourami passengers get you down, Abs! They do be kinda mean.”

While another said: “Super upset at the thought of someone making fun of Abby.”

Followed by: “She’s kind of small for thirty.”

Watch the hilariously sweet clip below!

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