Mama June Agrees to Rehab After ‘Dangerous Amount’ of Cough Syrup Registers as Positive for Cocaine During Her On-Camera Drug Test

For six months, Mama June Shannon ignored her family’s cries. They knew her way of life with her boyfriend Geno was unhealthy, they knew she was putting her life at risk and wellbeing at risk, but they felt hopeless because time after time, June would let them down by choosing Geno over them.

Finally, during the latest episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis Edition on WeTV, June agreed to sit down with her daughter Lauryn, AKA Pumpkin, and talk about what has been going on over the last six months after she was arrested on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Upon first showing up for her meeting with Pumpkin, who told her that the only way she was going to see her young daughter and her granddaughter was if she passed a drug test, their family’s therapist believed she looked clean. However, that all changed soon after.

“I may not have seen my kids in a long f*cking time,” Mama June told the camera. “But I never forgot about them. I know we f*cked up and that kills me.”

However, while June admitted to the cameras that her mistakes have stuck with her when she was talking with Pumpkin, June continued to stick up for Geno. She even continued to praise Geno when her daughter was telling her pretty clearly that she believed Geno was the root of many of their problems.

Mama June admits to doing $2,500 worth a meth a day.

Throughout the emotional conversation, Pumpkin admitted that she was shocked by June’s rough appearance and at times didn’t believe what her mom was telling her. And Pumpkin, who has had custody of Alana since her mom’s disappearance, was shocked to learn that June and Geno were doing $2,500 worth a meth a day.

Then Pumpkin cut her a deal. If June wants to start seeing her family, she has to get a working phone, take a weekly drug test, and do an outpatient rehab program, even though Pumpkin originally wanted her to do an inpatient one.

And when she failed the drug test despite swearing she had been clean for months, June broke down.

Originally, June tested positive for cocaine. But when their therapist admitted that the positive result could be because June had taken Sudafed, he told her that he would have the results sent away and a lab would be able to tell if it was actually cocaine or cough syrup that was in her system.

“I really thought that I was gonna be mad if mama’s drug test came back positive. But mama’s reaction is showing me that she’s basically crying for help.”

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Ultimately the test results came back and revealed that Mama June tested negative for cocaine but positive for a “dangerous amount” of over-the-counter cough medicine. Eventually, June did go to her first outpatient rehab appointment. However, it didn’t go well.

“Nobody knows what the real story is,” Mama said. And that’s why she only cares about her kids and not what people outside her circle thinks.

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