Mom Goes Viral for Giving Kid Zombie Skittles That Taste like ’54 Dirty Diapers,’ Gets Shamed

Today we learned that Zombie Skittles exist thanks to a mom who found out the hard way the importance of reading the fine print. Zombie Skittles are essentially the same fruity, delicious, colorful candies as normal Skittles except for one minor distinction. These candies come in small little packs that contain at least one Skittle that tastes like rotting flesh.

Candy makers go all out for Halloween and like other brands, Skittles does interesting promotions and even changes their packaging to help children really celebrate the creepy holiday. One mom, Emily Massingill thought she had purchased normal Skittles and had been gleefully giving them to her young child. Then, she realized something wasn’t quite right.

Zombie Skittles are essentially a gag gift that contains awful tasting candies that one mom fed to her child.

If you’re feeling like a bad mom today, don’t worry – I fed these skittles to my kids for a solid month not realizing…

Posted by Emily Massingill on Friday, September 25, 2020

Eating a bag of Zombie Skittles is about the same experience as eating a bag of normal Skittles save for the possibility that you come across a disgusting tasting one in the bag. At the bottom of each bag of candy, a warning reads: “Most taste delicious but some taste like rotten zombie, dare to try!”

Massingill didn’t realize the distinction between a normal Skittle and a zombie one until her child began to complain about the candy to her, which she herself, had not tried. She shared her hilarious experience with the strange candy and, later, she was mom-shamed for it.

Mom Goes Viral for Giving Son Zombie Skittles, Gets Shamed

“If you’re feeling like a bad mom today, don’t worry,” Massingill wrote on Facebook. “I fed these skittles to my kids for a solid month not realizing there is one skittle in there that taste like rotting flesh or 54 dirty diapers in the garbage.”

“They kept telling me they didn’t like the skittles, and I told them either eat them or they wouldn’t get any more candy ever again if they’re gonna be ungrateful,” she explained.

Mom Goes Viral for Giving Son Zombie Skittles, Gets Shamed

After owning up to her parenting fail, the post went viral. While most people understood it as an honest mistake and found humor in it, others decided that they’d criticize Massingill for not being a perfect mom.

Some attacked her for feeding her kids candy daily and said that’s really bad for her child’s health. Others said they’d never “force their kids to do anything” and implied that she was a bad mom for doing so. But the funny mom clapped back in an edit on the photo. “It’s Skittles not horseradish. Sit down, listen to yourself.”

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“They only went through about 6 packs or so,” the mom added in the edit. “Also, for all of you that say I’m a horrible parent and ruining my children’s lives, my Venmo is [she includes a link to her account] if you wanna contribute to their therapy fund for later in life. They’ll need the best due to this incident, I assure you.”

This clearly wasn’t a big deal but Mama Massingill did not come to play with those mom-shamers. We applaud this mom for her great sense of humor and for sharing a bit of what the magic of parenthood is really like. If we lived in a perfect world, strangers would learn that it’s not necessary to comment on every single thing they dislike and blow each thing a mom does way out of proportion.

Happy Halloween! Be sure to take a look at the labels of your candy this year to make sure there are no surprises! Or, if you like to live life on the edge, don’t!

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