This Mom Made Her Son Try on Condoms for Fit Before Sending Him Off to College, and the Response Has Been… Mixed

Getting ready to go off to college typically requires some major shopping and checking things off of to-do lists. In the case of one family, though, it also required an unconventional safe sex conversation. 

An 18-year-old turned to Reddit to share his embarrassing back-to-school story. In the since-deleted post, he said his mom talked to him about practicing safe sex and the importance of wearing condoms. 

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According to this teen, his mother had already purchased condoms. She then asked him to “put it on and let her know if it fits.” 


The teenager, naturally, was quite embarrassed. “I was taken aback and quite frankly, I was speechless as a result of this conversation that was taking place,” he wrote. “Can someone please give me some advice here, I have no idea how to tell my mom that she needs to take a few steps back and that it’s not ok for her to basically ask my size.”

Many commenters commended the mom for talking to her son directly about the importance of having safe sex. 


“Your mom sounds pretty cool,” one person commented. “Honestly just tell her you think it’s a bit weird but if she wants to buy you a college condom starter set let her.”

Another said, “One thing adults know that kids don’t is that you need to take your sexual health seriously.”

Some, though, thought the mom’s gesture was a little over the top. “Just tell her politely but firmly, ‘I know what I’m doing, I’ve had sex ed.,” one person recommended.

Another suggested he say, “I don’t really feel comfortable talking about this but I appreciate what you’re trying to do. Just know that I’m very safe and very aware.”

“Tell her that you will use protection and you’ll buy it yourself since you are an adult,” someone else said.


What do you think? Did this mom go too far in making her son try on condoms? Or was she doing an absolutely incredible job talking about safe sex with her son, who likely needs to hear it before heading to college? (We fall into the latter camp.) Sound off in the comments!

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