Mom Deep in the Christmas Spirit Finds Herself Embarrassed by Surprising a Stranger, Who She Thought Was Helping Her, With a Hug

Christmas isn’t about buying and getting presents for your loved one. The holiday should be about kindness, helping those in need, and spreading joy through good deeds.

Mary Katherine Backstrom is a mom-blogger known for always keeping it real when it comes to mom-life, family-life, and just life in general. So when she found herself a little too caught up in the Christmas spirit, she just had to share the embarrassing moment she found herself in.

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In a Facebook live video that now has OVER 76 million views in just one week, Backstrom revealed that in the spirit of Christmas and spreading joy, she would pay for someone else’s groceries while making a Wawa run herself.

“I’m in line at the Wawa and this lady behind me was buying Ginger Ale. And I realized all she had was Ginger Ale and I was like, ‘I’m feeling the holiday spirit. I’m going to buy this woman her Ginger Ale.'”

Backstrom described the moment between them as “precious” and she left the store still in the mindset that Christmas time was magical. And as she left the Wawa and began heading toward her car, she noticed a man cleaning the windshield of her car, or so she thought.

The mom was so blown away by this guy’s kindness, she just had to give him a hug.

Listen to Backstrom Tell Her ‘Most Embarrassing (Christmas) Moment’ on Facebook

As it turns out, the man wasn’t washing the window of her car, but the window of his own car that was parked in front of hers.

When Backstrom realized the mistake she made, she was admittedly embarrassed but knew she had to share her mistake with the world know that it could also spread some joy to others.

And she was right. Millions of people watched her video, laughing along with her. What are some of your most embarrassing and funny stories? Share them with us!

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