Mom Tosses Child Over Fence While Being Chased By Dog, Dad Enraged

A mother was on her walk with her two twin girls when she was forced to make a difficult choice to save her daughters — and her husband is very displeased with her actions.

The mother goes on to explain how she took her daughters with her to get medicine for her husband.

Mom Tosses Child Over Fence While Chased By Dog, Dad Upset

“I don’t think it was that late but it was pretty dark out,” she noted. “We could’ve took the car but the pharmacy is only a couple of blocks away from our house and the twins wanted to walk. Besides, our neighborhood is pretty peaceful and I thought it would be good exercise.”

“While we were walking, a dog started barking and lunging at us. We didn’t pay it too much [attention] because it was on a chain. We went to the pharmacy, got the medicine, and on our way back we passed the dog again.”

But this time, when they passed the dog who was still lunging and barking, his chain snapped.

“I saw a black mass moving fast towards us in my peripheral and I just picked up my daughters and ran,” she wrote. “My daughters are both five. That’s like 40lbs each. But adrenaline strength is real. I used to run track in high school and college, but nowhere near as fast as I was running in that moment with two kids and a plastic bag full of medication.”

Mom Tosses Child Over Fence While Chased By Dog, Dad Upset

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As the dog was getting closer and one of her twins began to slip out of her arms — the mom decided to quickly toss her little girl over the fence as they were passing a house and kept running with the other twin.

“A guy had just parked his car and got out and I started running to him, screaming, ‘Help!’ and he chased the dog away and walked with me while I went back to get my daughter. She was unhurt, but she was crying, and saying I left her and why couldn’t I have thrown her sister instead.”

Traumatized, the mom and girls eventually came home and was greeted by the husband who asked why they had been away for so long.

“I tell him, ‘We got chased by a dog,’ and before I could tell the whole story, our daughter blabs, ‘Mommy threw me over the fence!’ and runs to him and starts crying,” she wrote.

Mom Tosses Child Over Fence While Chased By Dog, Dad Upset

“He looks at me, upset, and demands to know what happened. After I finish telling him, I thought he would understand, but he started saying things, like, ‘What if she got hurt? What if she fell on some glass and cut herself? What if the dog stopped chasing you and jumped over the fence at her?'”

The mom then apologized and said “Okay, sorry, I get it.”

“But he kept going,” she said. “‘No, you don’t get it.’ Blah blah blah and I yelled at him, ‘WHAT SHOULD I HAVE DONE THEN, HUH? AND HERE’S YOUR STUPID MEDICATION! NEXT TIME GET IT YOURSELF!’ I swear I was going to throw the bag at his stupid face, but they were all staring at me in shock because I’m not really a yeller and I felt bad. I threw the bag on the counter instead and went to our room and slammed the door.”

And while she did tuck her girls into bed and apologized for “saying the ‘S’ word (aka stupid),” her husband spent the rest of the night tiptoeing downstairs and the mom wants to know if she was totally out of line.

Mom Tosses Child Over Fence While Chased By Dog, Dad Upset

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Redditors sided with her saying she did the best she could in that moment, which was survive.

“Your instincts kicked in,” one reader commented. “Better her with a broken arm than mauled by a dog and traumatized. Husband wasn’t there so he has no say.”

While others were perplexed over the husband’s strong reaction.

“Of course you get it, no one wants to chuck their kid over a fence,” another person wrote. “You were in a moment of panic/crisis/terror for your daughters’ dang lives! You basically did all you could think to do in that moment to keep everyone as safe as possible. I hope now that he’s over the shock he’s putting off coming to bed because he’s figuring out how to balance an apology with ‘I was momentarily overwhelmed by the craziness of the whole story.’”

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