Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Choosing a name for your child is a significant decision. It’s an appellation that will accompany them throughout their life, shaping their identity and often influencing first impressions. But what if you love a popular name but wish it had a unique spin to stand out? We’re here to tell you that some of the most beloved baby names can be spelled in various ways. The clever folks over at BabyCenter logged all the multiple spellings to uncover which appellations have the most alternative spelling methods.

In this post, we delve into the fascinating world of name variations, showing how a slight spelling tweak can transform a familiar name into something distinctive and charming. From traditional names to modern favorites, we’ve compiled a list of popular baby names and their unique spelling variants. Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent or a name enthusiast, prepare to discover a new side to familiar names!

Top 10 Girl Names with the Most Spellings


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Aaliyah is a name of Arabic origin that means “heavens” and “exalted.” The name ranks in the top 100 most popular for girls today. BabyCenter Identified it as the name with the most spellings on its site, with a total of 89 possibilities!

Potential Spelling Variations: Aliyah, Alaya, Alayah, Aliya, Aliah, Alaia, Alaiya, Aaliya, Alaïa, Aleigha, Alaiyah, Aaleyah, Eliya, Aleyah, Alliyah, Eiliyah, Aaliah, Aalia, Alayia, Alyiah, A’Layah, Alayiah, Eliah, Eliyah, Aalayah, Aalyiah, Alaiah, Elliah, Aayliah, Allia, A’Laiya, A’Laiyah, Aailyah, A’Laya, Alayjah, Aleiya, Aleiyah, Aliyya, Elayah, Aaleeyah, Aaleiya, Aaliayh, Aalijah, A’Aliyah, Aalyah, Alaïah, A’Laiya, A’Laiyah, Alayha, Alleyah, Elliyah, Aalaiya, Aalaiyah, Aalaya, Aalayha, Aaleah, Aaleahya, Aaleayah, Aaleigha, Aaleiyah, Aalihya, Aa’Liyah, Aaliyha, Ahlaya, Ahlayah, Ah’Layah, Ailayah, Ailyah, Alaiia, Alaijah, Alajah, Alayaa, A’Layiah, A’Leyah, Alíah, Aliayah, Alieah, Alieya, Aliyaah, Aliyha, Aliyiah, Aliyyah, Alleigha, Alliah, Alyjah, Ayliah, Eiliya, Eleyah


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Kaylee is an Americanized form of Kayla, a name of Hebrew origin that means “laurel” and “crown.” The name has been declining in popularity in recent years. It ranked 161st last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kailey, Caylee, Kailee, Kayley, Kaley, Cayleigh, Kaileigh, Kaili, Cailey, Caylie, Caileigh, Cailee, Kaylei, Kayli, Cayley, Kaelee, Kaeleigh, Kailie, Caeli, Caley, Kaeli, Kai’Leigh, Kaily, Caily, Caylei, Cayli, Kaeley, Kaelie, Kaely, Kaiylee, Kayleah, Kay’Lee, Kay’Leigh, Kayliegh, Khaylee, Caeleigh, Caeley, Caely, Cailie, Kae-Lee, Kae’Leigh, Kaeliegh, Kaile, Kai’Lee, Kailei, Kaillie, Kayle, Kayleé, Kayleeh, Kayliee, Keilee, Keylee, Keyleigh, Khailee, Khailey, Khaylie, K’Leigh


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Makayla is a name of Hebrew origin, related to Michael, meaning “who is like God?” The name has been declining in prevalence in recent years. It ranked 393rd last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Mikayla, Michaela, Mikaela, Micaela, Mckayla, Makaela, Ma’Kayla, Mikhayla, Makaila, Micayla, Mikaylah, Mackayla, Makyla, Michaella, Mikela, Macayla, Makaylah, Mikaella, Makala, Mickaella, Mikala, Makailah, Makalya, Mekayla, Michela, Mickaela, Mikaila, Mikailah, Mikeala, Mikella, Mikeyla, Mykaela, Mykayla, Mackaila, Makaylaa, Ma’Kaylah, Makeila, Makiyla, Makkayla, Ma’Kyla, Makylah, Maykala, Micaella, Micaila, Micailah, Micaylah, Michayla, Micheala, Mickayla, Mikaelah, Mikahla, Mikalah, Mikaylla, Mikhaela, Mikhaella, Mikhaila


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Riley is a unisex name of English or Irish origin, meaning “rye clearing” and “courageous.” The appellation is currently more popular for girls and ranked 39th last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie, Rayleigh, Raylee, Raeleigh, Rhylee, Raelee, Rileigh, Reilly, Rhiley, Rilee, Rylei, Ryley, Railee, Rhyleigh, Raileigh, Rhylie, Ryliegh, Railey, Rhylei, Reighlee, Reiley, Ry’Leigh, Raeli, Reily, Rilie, Riyle, Ry’Lee, Raeley, Raely, Raily, Raylei, Raylie, Reileigh, Reili, Rieley, Rihley, Rilei, Rily, Riylee, Ryalee, Ryelee, Ryelie, Ryhlee, Ryilee, Rylea, Ryleah, Ry’Lei, Ryli, Ryliee, Ryllie


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Jocelyn comes from German and means “member of the Gauts tribe.” The name has been falling and ranked 292nd last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Jazlyn, Jazlynn, Joslyn, Joselyn, Jocelynn, Jacelyn, Jaslyn, Jazzlyn, Jaslynn, Jazzlynn, Joslyn, Jacelynn, Josalyn, Jocelin, Jocelyne, Joscelyn, Joseline, Joselynn, Josselyn, Josslyn, Jaselyn, Jazlyne, Joycelyn, Jazalyn, Jazilyn, Jaz’Lynn, Joslin, Jaselynn, Jazlin, Josalynn, Joselin, Josilynn, Jozlynn, Jasalyn, Jasilyn, Jasilynn, Jasslyn, Jaycelynn, Jazalynn, Jazelyn, Jazelynn, Jocilyn, Joselyne, Josielyn, Josilyn, Jos’Lynn, Jossalyn, Josselin, Josyln, Jozelynn, Jozilyn


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Eliana is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “my God has answered.” The name has been on the rise for many years, and it ranked 41st in 2022.

Potential Spelling Variations: Elliana, Elianna, Aliana, Alianna, Ellianna, Elyana, Eliyanah, Alyanna, Aliyana, Alyana, Eleana, Ellyana, Aliyanna, Elianah, Aliannah, Eliyana, Elleana, Ellyanna, Ellieana, Elyanna, Aeliana, Aleana, Allyanna, Eleanna, Aaliyana, Aliyanah, Alliana, Alyannah, Elleanna, Ellionna, Elyannah, Aliyannah, Alyaanah, Eliena, Eliyanna, Elliyanah, Elyanah, Elyona, Aleanna, Allianna, Eiliana, Eliahna, Eliannah, Eliona, Elleianna, Elleona, Ellianah, Ellieanna, Elliena, Elliona, Elliyanna


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Ariana is an Italian name from Greek that means “most holy.” The name has been slipping in recent years but it is still in the top 100.

Potential Spelling Variations: Arianna, Aryana, Aryanna, Ariyana, Ariyanna, Auriana, Arriana, Aariana, Arianah, Ariona, Arionna, Aeriana, Airiana, Ari’Anna, Ariannah, Arieana, Arihanna, Ayriana, Aariyana, Aaryana, Ahrianna, Ariauna, Ariyonna, Aryiana, Aarianna, Aaryanna, Airianna, Airyana, Areanna, Areyanna, Ariahna, A’Riana, Arieanna, Arieonna, Arieyana, Arijana, Ariyahna, Ari’Yanna, Arrianna, Aryanah, Aryannah, Aryianna, Aryonna, Aurianna


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Aria is a name of Italian origin that means “air,” “song,” and “melody.” The name is also found in Hebrew and means “lion.” The name ranked as the 23rd most popular given name for girls last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Arya, Ariah, Ariyah, Ariya, Aaria, Aryah, Aariya, A’Riyah, Aryia, Aryiah, Aariyah, A’Riyah, Aariah, Araiah, Araiyah, Areya, A’Riah, Ariea, Ariha, Arria, Ahriya, Araia, Arìa, Arïa, Ariaya, Arriah, A’Rya, Aaraya, Aaryaa, Aeria, Ahria, Ahriah, Araeah, Areia, Areiah, A’Ria, Aría, A’Riya, Arriyah, A’Ryiah


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Kaelyn is a variant of Kayla, found only in the US. The name has fallen out of the top 1000. However, if parents all spelled the name the same way, it would easily rank in the top 1000.

Potential Spelling Variations: Kaylynn, Kaelynn, Kaylin, Kailyn, Kaylyn, Kailynn, Kai’Lynn, Kaylen, Caelyn, Cailyn, Cailynn, K’Lynn, Caylin, Kaylan, Caelynn, Caylyn, Kaelin, Kaylinn, Caelan, Cailin, Kayelyn, Kaylynne, Caylynne, Kaelan, Kaelen, Kaileen, Kailen, Kayelynn, Kay-Lynn, Cailen, Caylen, Kae’Lynn, Kailan, Kailin, Kay’Lyn, Kay’Lynn

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Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Adalyn is a variant of Adeline, a French name meaning “noble woman.” This name was the 180th most given name last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Adalynn, Adelyn, Adelynn, Addilyn, Addilynn, Adilynn, Addalyn, Addalynn, Addelyn, Adilyn, Adelynne, Adalynne, Addelynn, Adalin, Addalynne, Addylynn, Adelin, Adylyn, Adallyn, Addylinn, Adellen, Adillyn, Adilynne, Adylin, Adalan, Adalinn, Adaliyn, Adaylnn, Addalin, Addilynne, Addiyln, Addlynn, Addylin, Adelinne, Adylen, Adylenne

Top 10 Boy Names with the Most Spellings


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Caden is a name for boys of English and Irish origin that means “battle.” The name ranked 223rd among baby boys last year. It has the most spelling variants of any boy name, totaling 55!

Potential Spelling Variations: Kayden, Kaiden, Kaden, Cayden, Caiden, Kaeden, Kaidyn, Kadyn, Kaedyn, Khayden, Khaden, Kadin, Kaydin, Kaydenn, Kaydon, Caidyn, Kaydan, Caeden, Kaydn, Kaedan, Kaidon, Khaiden, Caidan, Kaedin, Kaidan, Kaidin, Caedyn, Caydan, Kadon, Kay’Den, Kaydyn, Cadyn, Caedon, Caydin, Caydon, Kadeyn, Kaedon, Kai’Den, Khadin, Khaeden, Khaidyn, Cadaan, Cadan, Cadin, Cadynn, Caeyden, Cai’Den, Cayeden, Kadan, Ka’Dyn, Kaiyden


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Michael is an appellation of Hebrew origin that means “Who is like God?” It was the 16th most given name last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Mikael, Micheal, Mikhail, Mikel, Mikail, Mikhael, Michel, Mykel, Michal, Mikaeel, Mikal, Mikkel, Miquel, Michale, Mikell, Michail, Mikaele, Mikha’El, Mychal, Maichail, Maikel, Micael, Mícheál, Mickel, Mikaail, Mikaal, Mikayel, Mychael, Mykole, Michaeal, Mickael, Mickeal, Mi’Kael, Mikaël, Mikahel, Mikayl, Mi’Kel, Mikelle, Mikhal, Mikiel, Mikkal, Myckel, Mykael, Mykell, Mykhael, Mykhail, Mykl


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Aiden is a unisex name of Irish origin that’s given to more boys than girls today. The name means “little and fiery.” It ranked 29th last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Ayden, Aidan, Aydin, Aidyn, Aaden, Aedan, Aydan, Aayden, Aiyden, Aaiden, Aeden, Aydeen, Aydenn, Aadyn, Eidan, Aieden, Aydon, Ayiden, A’Don, A’Aiden, Aaidyn, A’Den, Aedon, Aedyn, A’Iden, Aidin, Ay’Den, Aydian, Aydyn, Ayeden, Aadan, A’Aden, Aaydan, Aaydon, Aidaan, Aidden, Aidean, Aideen, Aidenn, Aidhan, Aidynn, Aiiden, Aydden, Aydein


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Ryan is a unisex name that’s been popular among boys for decades. The name’s Irish root means “king.” Ryan has been slipping in popularity, but it still ranked 74th last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Rayan, Rayyan, Rian, Riaan, Reyan, Rihaan, Riyan, Rayaan, Ryann, Riyaan, Rhyan, Raihan, Rihan, Rayhan, Rían, Ryen, Rayn, Rhian, Ryon, Rayhaan, Raeyan, Rayyaan, Ryaan, Ryanne, Raen, Raiyan, Rayen, Rien, Ryhan, Raayan, Raian, Rayane, Riain, Riann, Ryane, Ryne, Ryun


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Say “hello!” to Riley once more. This name gets far fewer spelling variants for boys, but there are still dozens of possibilities. For boys, Riley is an Irish name that means “courageous.” The name ranked 225th last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie, Ryley, Reilly, Ryle, Rayleigh, Rhylee, Raylee, Rilee, Rylei, Rileigh, Raeleigh, Reily, Rhiley, Riely, Ry’Lei, Ry’Leigh, Ryeley, Railey, Rayli, Reyli, Rhylei, Rielly, Rilea, Rillee, Rilley, Ry’Lee


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Jayden is a unisex name that’s been soaring high for boys. It ranked 46th last year. The name comes from a Hebrew root that means “thankful.”

Potential Spelling Variations: Jaden, Jaiden, Jadon, Jaidyn, Jaydon, Jaeden, Jeyden, Jadyn, Jaydan, Jaedyn, Jaydenn, Jaydin, Jaidan, Jhayden, Jadan, Jaedon, Jaedan, Jaidin, Jaidon, Jaiyden, Jaydyn, Jaydynn, Ja’Den, Jadeyn, Jadien, Ja’Dien, Jadynn, Jahden, Jaidenn, Jaidynn, Jaydn, Jaydun, J’Dyn, Jeiden, Jhaden


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names
Adorable little happy smiling baby boy playing in a blooming garden between the flowers

Nicholas is a name that comes from a Greek root that means “victory of the people.” Nicholas was once the “IT” name of the late 1990s and early aughts. Last year it ranked 98th.

Potential Spelling Variations: Nikoloz, Nykolas, Nichloas, Nicolaas, Niccolas, Nicholaus, Nicholes, Nicholos, Nickalus, Nicklause, Nicklos, Nickolaus, Niclas, Nicolaos, Nikholas, Nikolás, Nikolaz, Nikulas


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Jackson is a classic English name that means “Jack’s son.” Jackson had its most popular year ever in the US in 2021. In 2022, it dipped a bit to rank 23rd.

Potential Spelling Variations: Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxen, Jaxxon, Jaxsen, Jaxyn, Jaxsyn, Jaxin, Jacksyn, Jaxn, Jaxxen, Jakson, Jaqson, Jacksen, Jacson, Jaxsin, Jaxxsyn, Jaxxyn, Jacksin, Jackxon, Jacxon, Jaksyn, Jaxan, Jaxsun, Jaxun, Jaxxson, Jaxzen, Jaxzyn


Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Cameron is a name of Scottish origin with the funny meaning “crooked nose.” It is a gender-neutral name, but it has always been more popular among boys. The name ranked 64th last year.

Potential Spelling Variations: Kameron, Kamryn, Camryn, Camren, Kamron, Camron, Kamran, Kamren, Kamrin, Kameran, Camaron, Cameren, Camerin, Camrin, Cam’Ron, Camoren, Kameryn, Kam’Ryn, Kamyrn, Khamron, Cameran, Cameryn, Cammeron, Kam’Ron, Kamrynn, Khameron, Khamryn

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Most Unique Spelling Variations Among Popular Names

Ian is the Scottish version of John, a name that comes from Hebrew and means “the Lord is gracious.” The name has been in the top 100 since 1992.

Potential Spelling Variations: Ayaan, Ayan, Aayan, Ean, Ahyan, Ehan, Iain, Ehaan, Eian, Eyan, Ayhan, Aeon, Aian, Eon, Ioane, Ion, Ioan, Iyan, Ahyaan, Eion, Iaan, Aayaan, Aiyaan, Aiyan, Ayyaan, Ayyan

We hope you’ve discovered new ways to express your love for a name while giving it a distinctive twist. Remember, a name is more than just a label; it’s a personal expression of identity that carries its unique charm and significance. So whether you’re naming a child, a character in a book, or even a beloved pet, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. After all, uniqueness lies in each one of us, and our names should reflect that. Happy naming!

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