245 Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

There is a special sort of excitement in learning that someone who goes by Ben is not actually a Benjamin but is something far rarer like Benedict. There are plenty of rare boy names out there that come with fairly common nicknames. As a parent, you can get the best of both worlds with a popular nickname and a rare full name combination. It’s also great for your baby boy as he will be able to offer a simple, clear appellation he wishes to be called as opposed to the very rare name you have given him.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you, we’ve got 49 nicknames that are pretty well-known that can be applied to over 245 rare boy names. Yes, we’ve done the hard part for you by discovering all of the super unique names that can easily be transformed into a stellar nickname that is very user-friendly! Take a look and get some baby name and nickname inspiration for your little boy on the way!


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Ace is a catch-all nickname that comes from Latin in means “one” or “expert.” Today, it is commonly used for the Hebrew name Asa but it can also be applied to Acacius, Aidan, Grayson, Horatio, and Wallace.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Albie is a nickname that is generally used for the boy name, Albert. Albert is of German origin and means “noble.” Other boy names you can consider using instead are Albus, Alban, Alberic, Athelbert, and Talbot.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Alex is a unisex nickname that is often used for Alexander steadily for decades. But there are some other boy names that you can use it for as well. Alaric, Alessandro, Alexavier, Alexei, and Alistair are all great candidates for you to consider.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

In the UK, Alfie is used as a given name so often today that it is one of the 20 most popular boy names there. American parents have yet to warm up to Alfie but we expect that to change in the coming years. Alfie is generally considered the nickname for Alfred but that’s not always true. Alfredo, Alpha, Alphonso, Balfour, and Ralph can all work with it.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

We have Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to thank for making the nickname Archie a popular given name for baby boys in the US. It is considered the nickname for Archibald, a name of German origin. However, the nickname will also be short for Archer, Arshia, Larch, and Plutarch.

Art or Artie

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

We are huge fans of using the nickname Art on its own for a baby boy. Traditionally, it has been a short form of the Celtic name, Arthur but it’s not the only way to go. Art and Artie will also work for Aristotle, Artemas, Arthen, Bartholomew, and McArthur.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

As with Art, Ash could totally work on its own. American parents are still going to with the Hebrew name Asher and calling him Ash for short. Instead of Asher, which has become a hugely popular name in the US, you can consider using Ashford, Ashok, Ashwin, Augustine, and Washington.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

As mentioned, Ben is usually paired with the name of Hebrew origin, Benjamin. Benjamin is a great name that means “son of the right hand.” But, it’s one of America’s most evergreen favorites. Other names to use instead are Benedict, Benaiah, Corben, Ebenezer, and Reuben.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Bax and Baxter are both English occupational surnames, meaning “baker.” Most Baxters get the nickname Bax. However, other names that can adopt the nickname include Barrett, Barrington, Basil, Baxley, and Sebastian.

Beau or Bo

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Beau as a standalone name has been on the rise in the US since the 1960s. It’s wildly popular these days. The name was originally used for the out-of-fashion name Beauregard. If you don’t want to use Beau on its own, consider using boy names, Beauden, Boaz, Bowen, Columbo, or Robert.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

For decades, Cal was used as a nickname for Calvin which is of Latin origin and means “blind.” It’s not the greatest meaning for a name. Therefore, you might make you want to look for alternatives. Cal has been increasingly used for the Scottish name Callum, as that name has been on the rise. Other boy names worth considering are Calder, Callahan, Calixto, Macallister, and Pascal.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

The Scottish name, Cameron, is a great unisex option and it is the boy name most associated with the nickname Cam. There are other directions you can go if Cameron does not have that special ring for you. Other possible boy names to use are Callum, Camillo, Camber, Campbell, and Sycamore.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Casey is less of a nickname, and instead, is a standalone, unisex appellation of Irish origin that means “brave in battle.” If you want to use Casey as a nickname, you have got some great options. It will work for Casimir, Caspian, Cassius, Kayson, and Nicasius.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Charlie is a shortened form of the French/English name Charles. It’s been a top-500 standalone choice in the US since records have been kept starting in 1880. If you want to use Charlie as a nickname (it’s a great unisex choice) the boy names you should consider are Carlo, Calloway, Charlemagne, Charleston, and Charlton.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Cory is another one of the standalone boy names. It is of Irish origin and means “from the hollow.” Technically, it is a shortened form of the traditional spelling, Corey. Cory also works as a nickname for the following rare boy names, Corbin, Corentin, Cormac, Courtland, and Scorpio.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Dash is a fun nickname that is associated with Dashiell. While that is a beautiful name, you might like the expediency of Dash as a nickname for Darius, Dashworth, Davies, Dawson, and Tadashi.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Dex has been traditionally reserved for Dexter, a name of Latin origin that means “dyer” or “right-handed.” Other boy names to use with this nickname include Decker, Declan, Derek, Destry, and Maddex. With the huge popularity of the name Declan, you might be looking for nicknames, Dex just fits.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Edward is one of America’s favorite boy names but it’s been on a slow decline for decades. If you think Edward is not to your tastes but love the nickname Eddie, you are not alone! Parents are choosing these rarer names to use instead: Edison, Edmund, Frederick, Kindred, and Obed.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Eli is a popular standalone name of Jewish origin that means “ascended.” It is also associated with Elijah as a shortened form (though they are two totally different appellations). Eli also works as a short form for boy names like Eleazar, Elijay, Elio, Ellery, and Elliot.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Ford is a name in its own right. It is a habitational English name that means “dweller of the ford.” But, Ford can play its part as a nickname as well. Ford can be short for Ashford, Clifford, Rutherford, Stanford, and Trafford.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Fred is a nickname that has traditionally been in use for the Fredericks of the world. Frederick is a name of German origin that means “peaceful ruler.” You can go in that direction or choose from some other boy names that the nickname works for. Alfred, Farid, Federico, Fredricksen, and Wilfred are all possibilities.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

One of the best nicknames on the planet, Gus, is considered a nickname for Augustus. Today, August is trending and we imagine it will be used for a great many of the babies given the name. Gus can also be applied to some rarer boy names like Angus, Argus, Constantine, Fergus, and Gustav.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Hal is one of those nicknames that really feels like a retro gem. As names like Harold and Henry have been on the decline (less so for the evergreen name like Henry), we are hearing less and less of this treasured nickname. If you want to bring Hal back, consider rarer boy names like Cathal, Halloran, Harris, Harrison, and Marshall.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Jax first entered the US top-1000 baby names in 2005. It’s enjoyed a meteoric rise. The name is technically not a standalone name. It is a short form of Jackson in most cases. If you’re looking for other names to get you to this butch and fun nickname, consider Ajax, Jacinto, Jackman, Jacoby, and Jasper.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Up until Joe Biden became Vice President, Joe was an extremely popular option as a standalone name in the US. As with any name that becomes associated with a high-profile politician, Joe’s popularity plummeted (this is true for other names like Donald and Hillary which both became too politically charged for some). If you still like the appeal of the nickname Joe you don’t have to use Joseph. Banjo, Joachim, Jolyon, Jonas, and Josiah are also great candidates, pun intended.

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Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Traditionally, Leo has been a nickname for Leonardo but the name is a standalone option of Latinate origin that means “lion.” It is so popular today that it is a top 50 name for boys! If you prefer to use it as a nickname, there are some rare boy names out there that it will also be a great short form of including Achilleo, Galileo, Leonidas, Leopold, and Napoleon.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Another standalone name to land in the top 50 most popular boy names today, Luke is a solid option. You might not be aware but Luke can be used as a nickname as well and the unique appellations it can be short for are Gianluca, Lucien, Luckson, Lucretius, and Ludovic.

Mac or Mack

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

As a given name, Mack is on the rise once more after falling from fashion. The name is of Scottish or Irish origin and means “son of.” There are tons of Scottish and Irish names that start with Mack, most commonly it is seen used as a short form of the unisex name Mackenzie. But, Mack or Mac can be used for rare boy names like Cormac, McCoy, Macon, Makaio, and Malachi.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Max is derived from Maximilian, a Latin name that originated from the Roman family name, Maximus. While those appellations are fantastic, you might be looking for something a bit more colorful. Other options available to you include Lomax, Macsen, Maddox, Makaio, and Marcus.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Not just for Nathan, Nate is a cherished nickname that any baby boy would be lucky to get. Other boy names that Nate will work for as a nickname are Anatole, Ignatius, Jonathan, Natan, and Renato.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Ned has long been an English short form of Edward. If you’re not a fan of Eddie, Ned could be the right direction for you to go in. Other names that Ned is also a nickname for include Benedict, Edmund, Kennedy, Nehemiah, and Zinedine.

Nick or Nico

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

There are so many boy names out there that are derived from the Greek name, Nicholas. The root of the name means “people of victory” which feels rather winning. If Nicholas is not doing it for you, other names to get you to Nick or even the delightful Nico include Dominic, Finnick, Nicanor, Nicasio, and Nicodemus.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Ollie is the main nickname for Oliver which is one of America’s current favorite boy names. Ollie was a popular given name here until the 1970s. Ollie can also be applied as a nickname for rarer options like Apollo, Aurelius, Oleander, Olek, and Olimpio.

Oz or Ozzie

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Oswald might not be your cup of tea and you are in luck because Oz or Ozzie will work for a variety of other boy names. There is no denying the cuteness that both of these nicknames hold! Other possibilities include Ocean, Octavius, Oisin, Oscar, and Oswin.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Unfortunately, Ray as a given name has plummeted in popularity over the last three decades. It is at its lowest point of popularity in US history. That could mean a golden opportunity for you to use it as a nickname for one of the following boy names: Graham, Moray, Raphael, Reign, and Thackeray.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Remy is a charming French name that is derived from a Latin root that means “oarsman.” Remy is also commonly used as a nickname for Remington. But, that’s not the only vehicle to get you to a Remy nickname. Other options are Ephrem, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Rembrandt, and Tremaine.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Robert is one of the most popular names in the English-speaking world. It also gives you the wonderful nickname Rob. Despite what you may think, there are actually other names that the nickname can work for. Nairobi, Robin, Robinson, Robley, and Ruben can all withstand a Rob nickname.

Ron or Ronnie

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Good old Ron fell from fashion as a given name in the US by the 1990s. We still have a soft spot for this one. Ronald is a name of Norse origin that means “ruler’s counsel.” If Ronald is not a good fit for your family you have options. Aaron, Byron, Geronimo, Roland, and Rowan.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Tried and true Samuel is a warm and cherished name of Hebrew origin that means “told by God.” The name has a lot going for it but unique is not one of them. Some other options that will give you a Sam nickname are Essam, Isambard, Salman, Samson, and Samwell.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Sasha is a Russian short form of Alexander. Luckily, there are many forms of Alexander in use, and other names that this darling nickname can be applied to. Try Alessandro, Lysander, Salvator, Sebastian, and Saunders on for size!


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

How cute is the nickname Teddy? We can think of nothing more gentle. Teddy is of course a short form of Theodore but it’s not the only option available for parents who want this prized nickname. Armistead, Edwin, Tedric, Thaddeus, and Theodotus will all get you there.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Teo is the Latinate answer to Teddy, a Spanish form of the name Theodore. If Teodoro is not the right name for your baby boy, there are other boy names that give you this blissful nickname. Give Aristeo, Dante, Meteor, Teodoro, and Timoteo a shot.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

It’s kind of wild how many nicknames are derived and associated with the name Theodore. Theo is another such option and of the three, Teddy, Teo, and Theo, Theo is the most popular nickname in America today. In fact, it’s popular as a given name in its own right. Other names that can take a Theo nickname are Matheo, Theoden, Theodoric, Theophilus, and Thierry.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Toby, considered a derivative form of Tobias, saw its most popular year as a given name in the US in 1975. It’s been flying under the radar since then and will make for an excellent nickname for Cristobal, October, Oluwatobiloba, Tobin, and Tobiah.

Tom or Tommy

Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Thomas and its many forms are some of the most popular names in the Western world. It is so popular that nicknames like Tom and Tommy have flourished in the US for decades. Thomas is not the only way to go. Other boy names to consider are Atom, Bartholomew, Ptolemy, Thompson, and Tomek.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Ty, on its own, is a fairly popular given name today. It is a nickname for a bunch of names that start with Ty and for many, the one that stands out most is Tyler. Tyler has started to fade as a popular choice for boys and you might be looking for something fresher. Matthias, Tiberius, Tiger, Titus, and Tycho can all give you this simple yet stunning nickname.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Wes is a short form of the English habitational name, Wesley, which means “Western meadow.” Wes is as classic as it gets when it comes to a nickname but the name it is short for does not have to be. Choose more colorful boy names like Waylon, Webster, Wellesley, Westley, and Weston instead.


Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Who could be mad at the nickname Will? It is a short form of William for most but that does not always have to be the case. Other possibilities include Fitzwilliam, Wilder, Willis, Willoughby, and Wilmot. Those are some truly fabulous options!

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Rare Boy Names With Popular Nicknames

Zack is most commonly associated with Zachary and Zachariah. Both of those appellations are fantastic and no one could fault you for choosing those classics. However, you can have more fun with Balzac, Isaac, Zacharias, Zako, and Zakkai. Those are not run-of-the-mill names!

If you liked learning about the rare boy names with popular nicknames, keep reading for even more cute nicknames for boys.

Cute Nicknames for Boys

A & B Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Aaron – Cute nicknames: Air, Ro, Ron. Name meaning: “mountain.”
  • Alexander – Nicknames: Al, Alex, Alec, Lex, Xander, Ander. Name meaning: “defending men.”
  • Andrew – Nicknames: Andie, Drew, Drewbie. Meaning: “strong and manly.”
  • Anthony – Nicknames: Ant, Tony, Anton, Tone. Meaning: “from Antium.”
  • Augustus – Cute nicknames: Auggie, Gus, Dino, Gussy. Meaning: “greatest.”
  • Benjamin – Nicknames: Ben, Benj, Benji, Benny. Name meaning: “son of the right hand.”
  • Beckett – Nicknames: Beck, Becks, Bex, Ket. Name meaning: “bee cottage.”
  • Brandon – Nicknames: Bran, Brand, Don, Brando, Brandy. Meaning: “broom-covered hill.”

C & D Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Carmelo – Cute nicknames: Carl, Car, Melo, Lo. Name meaning: “garden” and “orchard” and “Carmel.”
  • Carter – Nicknames: Car, Art, Cart, Cary. Name meaning: “carrier.”
  • Cassius – Nicknames: Cass, Cassi, Cash, Sius. Meaning: “hollow.”
  • Charles – Nicknames: Chuck, Chucky, Charlie, Char. Meaning: “free man.”
  • Christopher – Nicknames: Chris, Topher, Toph, Kit. Name meaning: “bearer of Christ.”
  • Declan – Nicknames: Dec, Dex, Lan. Name meaning: “pious one.”
  • Demetrius – Nicknames: Dima, Dimka, Dimochka, Mitya, Meech, Dem, Demie, Tri. Meaning: “follower of Demeter.”
  • Dominic – Cute nicknames: Domo, Dominy, Dom, Nick, Nicky, Nickie, Dominie, Domini. Meaning: Belonging to the Lord.”

E & F Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Edward – Cute nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Ned, Ted. Name meaning: “wealthy gaurdian.”
  • Evander – Nicknames: Evan, Van, Vander. Name meaning: “strong warrior.”
  • Elijah – Nicknames: Eli, Jah, Lijah, Ellie, Lij. Meaning: “Yahweh is God.”
  • Emiliano – Cute nicknames: Emi, Milo, Nano, Emil, Emily, Lian, Liano, Lee, Mil. Meaning: “work.”
  • Emmanuel – Nicknames: Emm, Emmy, Manuel, Manni, Man, Em. Meaning: “God is with us.”
  • Finnegan – Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Egan, Neg. Name meaning: “fair.”
  • Franklyn – Nicknames: Frank, Frankie, Lynn, Linny. Meaning: “free landholder.”
  • Fredrick – Nicknames: Fred, Freddie, Ed, Rick. Name meaning: “peaceful ruler.”

G & H Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Grayson – Nicknames: Gray, Sonny, Ayson, Ray, Son. Name meaning: “son of Gray.”
  • Gideon – Nicknames: Gid, Ian, Deon. Name meaning: “hewer.”
  • Giovanni – Cute nicknames: Gio, Gian, Gianni, Vanni, Nanni, Van, Nee. Meaning: “God is gracious.”
  • George – Nicknames: Georgie, Gee, Geezy, Jory, Geo. Meaning: “farmer.”
  • Guillermo – Nicknames: Guille, Memo, Memito, Mo. Meaning: “resolute protection.”
  • Hayden – Nicknames: Hay, Hays, Ayden. Den. Name meaning: “hedged valley.”
  • Harrison – Nicknames: Harry, Harris, Har, Son. Name meaning: “son of Harry.”
  • Hezekiah – Nicknames: Hez, Hexxy, Zeke, Kiah, Key, Ziah. Meaning: “God gives strength.”

I & J Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Isaiah – Cute nicknames: Eyes, I, Zay, Zaya, Ike. Name meaning: “the Lord is gracious.”
  • Israel – Nicknames: Izz, Izzie, Rael, Ray, Meaning: “he who struggles with God.”
  • Jackson – Nicknames: Jack, Jax, Jace, Jay. Name meaning: “son of Jack.”
  • Jacob – Nicknames: Coby, Jake, Jakey, Jack, Jay. Name meaning: “supplanter.”
  • Jameson – Nicknames: James, Jamie, Sonny, Jame, Ja. Meaning: “son of James.”
  • Jeremiah – Nicknames: Jim, Jem, Jay, Jeremy, Remy. Name meaning: “appointed by God.”
  • Jonathan – Nicknames: Jon, Jona, Joney, Nathan, Than. Meaning: “gift of Jehovah.”
  • Julius – Nicknames: Jules, Juju, Juli, Jay, Julio. Meaning: “youthful.”

K & L Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Kaden – Cute nicknames: Kade, Kay. Name meaning: “companion.”
  • Keegan – Nicknames: Key, Keeg, Keegy, Egan. Meaning: “son of Egan.”
  • Kendrick – Nicknames: Ken, Rick, Ricky, Kenny. Name meaning: “champion.”
  • Kenneth – Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Net. Meaning: “born of fire.”
  • Langston – Nicknames: Lang, Lance, Lay, Langst. Meaning: “tall man’s town.”
  • Lawrence – Nicknames: Law, Larry, Lor, Rory, Lore, Ren. Name meaning: “man from Laurentium.”
  • Leonardo – Nicknames: Leo, Leon, Len, Lenny, Ardo. Name meaning: “brave lion.”
  • Luciano – Nicknames: Lu, Looch, Ciano, Loochy. Meaning: “light.”

M & N Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Matthew – Nicknames: Matt, Matty, Matto, Matts. Meaning: “gift of God.”
  • Maverick – Cute nicknames: Mav, Rick, Ricky. Name meaning: “rebel.”
  • Merrick – Nicknames: Mer, Eric, Rick, Ricky. Name meaning: “dark skin.”
  • Michael – Cute nicknames: Mick, Mike, Kel, Micha, Mikey, Mickey. Meaning: “who is like God?”
  • Morrison – Nicknames: Morri, Morris, Mors, Ree. Name meaning: “a Moor.”
  • Nelson – Nicknames: Neil, Nelly, Nels. Name meaning: “son of Neil.”
  • Nicholas – Nicknames: Nick, Nico, Nicky, Nix, Cole. Meaning: “people of victory.”
  • Nathaniel – Nicknames: Nat, Nate, Nats, Nath, Nathan, Natty. Meaning: “gift of God.”

O & P Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Oliver – Nicknames: Oll, Ollie, Olive, Live, Ver. Meaning: “olive tree.”
  • Orlando – Cute nicknames: Orly, Lando, Land, Lanny. Name meaning: “famed land.”
  • Oberon – Nicknames: Obi, Ron, Ber, Berry. Name meaning: “noble” and “like a bear.”
  • Oswald – Nicknames: Oz, Ozzie, Wald. Name meaning: “divine power.”
  • Patrick – Nicknames: Pat, Patty, Rick, Patsy, Paddy, Patch. Meaning: “patrician.”
  • Peter – Cute nicknames: Pete, Petie, Petes. Meaning: “rock.”
  • Philip – Nicknames: Phil, Philly, Pip, Lip. Name meaning: “lover of horses.”
  • Princeton – Nicknames: Prince, Princey, Rince, Prin. Meaning: “prince’s town.”

R & S Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Raphael – Cute nicknames: Rafe, Raffy, Ralph, Phael. Name meaning: “God has healed.”
  • Remington – Nicknames: Rem, Remi, Remy, Ring. Name meaning: “raven settlement.”
  • Robert – Nicknames: Rob, Robbie, Roberto, Bert, Berto, Bertie, Bob. Meaning: “bright fame.”
  • Roland – Nicknames: Row, Roll, Land, Lando, Orlando. Meaning: “famed.”
  • Rowan – Nicknames: Row, Ronni, Wynn. Meaning: “rowan tree” and “little redhead.”
  • Samuel – Cute nicknames: Sam, Sammie, Muley. Meaning: “God has heard.”
  • Santiago – Nicknames: Sant, Tiago, Tigo, Ti. Name meaning: “Saint James.”
  • Sebastian – Nicknames: Bass, Ash, Ashton, Bash, Bastian, Seb. Name meaning: “from Sebastia.”

T & V Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Theodore – Cute nicknames: Dory, Dor, Theo, Ted, Teddy. Name meaning: “gift of God.”
  • Thomas – Nicknames: Tom, Tommy, Mas, Mazzy, Mazz, Tomkin. Meaning: “twin.”
  • Tobias – Nicknames: Tobe, Tobie, Toe, Bias, Obi. Meaning: “God is good.”
  • Trenton – Nicknames: Trent, Rent, Ren. Name meaning: “Trent’s town.”
  • Trevor – Nicknames: Trev, Trey, Rev. Name meaning: “prudent.”
  • Victor – Cute nicknames: Vick, Vicky, Vee, Toro. Meaning: “conqueror.”
  • Vincent – Nicknames: Vince, Vinny, Vin, Cent. Name meaning: “conqueror.”
  • Valentino – Nicknames: Val, Len, Tino, Tin, Valen, Vee, Vallie. Meaning: “health.”

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W & X Boy Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Walter – Nicknames: Wally, Walt, Walty, Wall. Meaning: “army ruler.”
  • Warren – Cute nicknames: War, Ren, Renny. Meaning: “part-keeper.”
  • William – Cute nicknames: Will, Willy, Wills, Liam, Bill, Billy. Name meaning: “resolute protector.”
  • Winston – Nicknames: Win, Wins, Winny, Ton. Meaning: “wine’s town.”
  • Wesley – Nicknames: Wes, Les, Lee. Name meaning: “from the western meadow.”
  • Weston – Nicknames: Wes, West, Westy. Meaning: “western town.”
  • Wilson – Nicknames: Will, Willy, Wills. Name meaning: “son of Will.”
  • Xavier – Nicknames: Xav, Xavi, Vier, Avi, Zee, Zav. Name meaning: “bright” and “new house.”

Unisex Cute Nicknames

A – G Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Addison – Cute nicknames: Addy, Addie. Name meaning: “son of Adam.”
  • Adrian – Cute nicknames: Addie, Ad, Rian, Ri. Meaning: “from Adria.”
  • Amari – Nicknames: Am, Mar, Mari, Amy, Ama, Ree. Meaning: “immortal.”
  • Braden – Nicknames: Brady, Brade, Den, Aden. Name meaning: “broad valley.”
  • Cameron – Nicknames: Cami, Cam, Cammy, Ron. Name meaning: “crooked nose.”
  • Easton – Nicknames: East, Ton, Toni, Essie. Meaning: “eastern town.”
  • Emerson – Nicknames: Em, Emery, Emmy, Son, Sonny. Name meaning: “son of Emery.”
  • Garnet – Nicknames: Gar, Garth, Net, Red, Garn, Gary, Nettie. Meaning: “pomegranate.”

H – Q Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Harper – Cute nicknames: Harp, Harpi, Perry, Harry. Meaning: “harp player.”
  • Jaden – Cute nicknames: Jade, Jadey, Jay. Name meaning: “God has heard.”
  • Jordan – Nicknames: Jor, Dan, Jordie, Danny, Jo. Meaning: “flowing down.”
  • Kennedy – Cute nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Dee, Ned, Edi. Meaning: “misshapen head.”
  • Madison – Nicknames: Maddy, Mads, Madis, Dee. Name meaning: “son of Matthew.”
  • Morgan – Nicknames: Morgie, Morgs, Mo, Momo, Morgz, More. Meaning: “sea-born.”
  • Paisley – Nicknames: Pai, Paisy, Pais, Lee. Name meaning: “church.”
  • Quincy – Nicknames: Quinn, Quinny, Quince, Cee. Name meaning: “fifth.”

R – Z Names

200 Cute Nicknames
  • Reagan – Nicknames: Rea Rea, Ray, Rae, Reags, Reaggie. Meaning: “little king.”
  • Riley – Cute nicknames: Ry, Ryry, Lee. Name meaning: “wood clearing.”
  • Rowan – Nicknames: Ro, Row, Roro, Owan, Wan. Name meaning: “little red one.”
  • Sawyer – Nicknames: Sy, Saw, Sawly, Sully, Sayer, SawSaw. Meaning: “woodcutter.”
  • Skylar – Nicknames: Sky, Ky, Lar. Name meaning: “scholar.”
  • Spencer – Cute nicknames: Spence, Spency, Spen, Penny. Meaning: “house steward.”
  • Taylor – Nicknames: Tay, Taytay, Taybay, Lorie. Meaning: “tailor.”
  • Teagan – Nicknames: Tea, Eagan, Teag. Name meaning: “poet.”

There you go! What did you think of these baby boy names with cute nicknames? We hope they inspired you and gave you food for thought on your baby name search. After all, most of us will use a nickname for our children more than their proper name so it’s only logical to consider what nickname you will use for your sweet baby. Happy baby name hunting!

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