This Son Shares His Mother’s Best Advice on Written on Signs to Amazingly Inspiring Instagram Account

Parents are always giving their children advice and sometimes it can be hard to tell how much of it actually sticks. One mother, though, can be sure she’s had an impact on her son who set up an Instagram account, @motherwithsign, to share her best advice with people around the world.

Poonam has been doling out advice to her son, Pranav, since he was little. After seeing the trend of people sharing advice and messages on Instagram during quarantine, Pranav decided that his mom’s most quotable moments needed to shine. He set up an account so that Poonam could share her best advice on handmade signs.

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“I want to share things that are super important and things that do not get enough importance in the hustle and bustle of the day – things like mental health, posture, equality, our environment, and so on,” Poonam told Buzzfeed. “There’s so much to say, and what better than a space where everyone is willing to listen and contribute.”

Poonam has now shared more than 100 pieces of advice on the feed. We’ve gone through and chosen some of our favorites below.

15 Perfect Pieces of Parenting Advice from ‘Mother with Sign’

Even marathons are run one step at a time.

An excellent reminder when it can sometimes feel like your to-do list is 100 items long and you’re not accomplishing any of them.

Some days you have to paint your own rainbows and silver linings.

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bachhas, send this to someone who needs it ????

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Life has been especially hard lately which means you’re probably more time than normal painting that personal rainbow.

Normalize: Parents acting like kids sometimes.

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Any more things we need to normalize, bachhas? ????

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Poonam is on to something here about normalizing different things, including girls not knowing how to cook and having weak moments.

Do these things MORE, but do some things LESS

Scrap that long to-do list and replace with this.

You don’t always have to compromise.

Compromise on what you’re going to have for dinner, not the important stuff.

What did you do for yourself today?

With remote schooling, working from home, and life just looking all-around different, it’s easy to not make time for yourself. This is a good reminder to always do something for yourself each day – even if it’s small.

Never judge: Be kind.

Good advice to follow every day.

All living things deserve equal respect.

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Just speaking my heart, bachhas ????

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Whether it’s a puppy, bird, or human, treat everything with respect.

Don’t let anyone tell you if, when, and with whom to get married.

Show this sign the next time your aunt asks you when you’re going to “finally” settle down.

Love yourself and the world will follow.

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believe in yourself ❤️

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Step one: Love you:)

Life is precious. Every moment of it. Don’t spend it all on Instagram.

Just check her latest advice and then get off Instagram to live your best life.

Try and spend some time with your parents. Even when you don’t need money.

Just go and say “hi” to them once in a while.

It’s OK if your parents don’t understand smartphones.

Oh, how quickly we forget that we couldn’t do anything without our parents’ help.

Be grateful. Many would love to have what you already do.

Your friendly reminder to practice gratitude every day.

Wherever you are, with whatever you have, do the best you can.

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straight from the heart ❤️

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You’ve got this.

2020 has proven to be a year of complete unknowns. It’s been difficult and trying enough to produce all sorts of “of course that happened – it’s 2020!” jokes. We don’t know what will happen next year (though we do hope it’s less drama-filled than this one!), but it’s fair to say Poonam’s advice is great to follow no matter what the future holds.

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