YouTuber Myka Stauffer Will Not Face Charges For Rehoming Her Adopted Son, Investigation Concludes the Family Is Doing So Legally

YouTuber Myka Stauffer Will Not Face Charges For Rehoming Her Adopted Son, Investigation Concludes the Family Is Doing So Legally

Days after YouTuber Myka Stauffer released a second, written, statement regarding the “rehoming” of her adopted son, Huxley, it is being revealed that she and her husband, James Stauffer, will not face any charges. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, in May, Myka and James took to YouTube to film a video explaining their decision to relinquish their parenting rights.

According to the video, which has since been deleted, Huxley had a plethora of special needs, and although he had been in and out of different forms of therapy in an effort to help him with all of his needs, it had gotten to the point where Myka and James could no longer give him what he needed.

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“Over the last year, he’s been in more intense therapy to try to help him as much as possible,” they said in the video. “For us, it’s been really hard hearing from medical professionals a lot of their feedback. Because it’s not what we ever wanted to hear.” As a result, they made the decision to find a new forever family for him, one that could give Huxley the care that he needs.

The shock of the initial announcement caused a lot of backlash, especially after Myka and James were so open and forthcoming about adopting a child in 2016 and often posting about him on social media in the subsequent years. The announcement also resulted in Ohio law enforcement investigating Myka and James to make sure the “rehoming” process was done legally.

Investigation Into Myka Stauffer and Her Decision to Rehome Adopted Son Closed.

And according to BuzzFeed, the case has since been close and Myka and James will not face any charges regarding their decision to rehome their adopted son. The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office originally opened the case after it received multiple requests for a welfare check on Huxley.

The redacted reported obtained by BuzzFeed revealed that deputies had met with Huxley and his “prospective adoptive parents” on June 9 and that he “seemed very active and showed no signs of any abuse from what I could visually see.” Deputy Susanna Leonard wrote in the report that “when we walked into the office, [Huxley’s] adoptive mother was singing a song to him as he was sitting on her lap smiling. [Huxley] appeared to be very happy and well taken care of.”

Deputy Leonard wrote that Huxley was saying words like, “momma,” “go,” and “open.” He was also using sign language as a form of communication. “As far as the talk of possible human trafficking against [Huxley], it was determined that the process of his adoption is being conducted legally.”

It was also revealed that investigators interview Myka and James and met with their four biological children as well. Myka explained some of Huxley’s behaviors before adding that they “couldn’t take care of him anymore” because he allegedly had “severe aggression towards the other kids,” BuzzFeed reports

And although they hired “very expensive” full-time caretaker to ensure their other kids and Huxley were safe, the Stauffers came to the conclusion that it “was an intolerable situation to continue” and worried it would only get worse as Huxley got older. Although redacted, Myka and James said they had “documentation from multiple therapists of his behavior and had filmed it themselves,” according to BuzzFeed.

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Myka also shared that due to death threats, they are planning on moving due to safety concerns. Deputy Leonard eventually concluded that “at this time the investigation will be closed out with no further follow up from our office.” 

In June, Myka Stauffer shared a written statement apologizing for her naivety, foolishness, and arrogance when adopting a child.

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