Oreo Creates #ProudParent Hashtag to Allow Parents Proudly Celebrate Their Children in the LGBTQ+ Community

In honor of National Coming Out Day, Oreo started a hashtag “Proud Parents” on Twitter. The cookie company introduced the hashtag while also introducing their newest rainbow creme-filled treat.

“We’re PROUD to announce the first-ever Rainbow OREO Cookies made in honor of our partnership with PFLAG. Join our #ProudParent campaign and you could snag a pack of Rainbow OREO Cookies,” the company wrote on Twitter.

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But perhaps the most touching part of the tweet was the replies it brought in. While using the hashtag as well, thousands of #proudparents responded with photos of their own children and how stories of how proud they are of them for coming out.

Oreo Creates #ProudParent Hashtag to Celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community

“Allyship means supporting my brilliant, caring, kick-ass daughter, and making sure she knows that I will fight anyone, anywhere to ensure that she lives her fullest life! Made the shirt for a school board meeting in CA when they were threatening the FAIR Act,” one mom responded.

“It’s never too early to be an ally! I am a #ProudParent to be raising my daughter to know love is love! My grandfather (her great grandfather) is LGBTQ+,” another person wrote.

“Allyship is about supporting not only my transgender child but being a ‘safe space’ for any child who doesn’t have the love and support they need,” another mom shared on Twitter.

“My son God rest his soul who I loved dearly. We always supported his choices and stood by him with everything. Very proud mom here. He was my best friend and picked out the best makeup for me,” another added.

According to AdAge, Oreo is also partnering with PFLAG National on a film that is “meant to highlight the crucial role parents play in fostering acceptance in the community.” In summation, the film follows “a young woman who goes home to introduce her family to her girlfriend Amy. While her mother seems accepting, she senses reticence from her father.”

Nonetheless, while the father was initially hesitant to accept his daughter and her girlfriend, he eventually comes around and “makes his true feelings known through another rainbow-colored surprise.” It’s like figure skater Adam Rippon‘s mom, Kelly Rippon, said in her open letter to her son, pride knows no limits.

When it comes to the love and the support of a parent, especially during the most vulnerable moments in a child’s life, there is nothing quite like it. So thank you, #proudparents, for always being there for your kids because it’s so important they have your support.

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