Mom and Dad Turn Their Home Into Disney World For Their 2 Daughters After They Were Forced to Cancel Their Big Trip

Mom and Dad Turn Their Home Into Disney World For Their 2 Daughters After They Were Forced to Cancel Their Big Trip

When Jessica and Brett Gubenko started to realize the trip their daughters have been waiting for was going to be canceled due to COVID-19, they didn’t just lay down in defeat. No, instead they combined their creativity to create the most epic at-home amusement park for their little girls.

According to PopSugar, the Gubenkos were supposed to travel to Disney World with their 8-year-old and 4-year-old daughters in March. But due to the global pandemic, their trip to the most magical place on earth was canceled.

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“We knew the girls were going to be hysterical when they heard the parks were closing and our trip would be canceled,” Jessica explained to Popsugar. “Someone in a Disney Facebook group recommended making Dole whip to cheer them up and I thought, ‘Why don’t I just turn our house into Disney World?'”

“Of course, when we told them the parks closed they cried, but once my husband and I explained that we were going to Disney at home, they were so excited,” Jessica continued. And as the Facebook video they created reveals, Jessica and Brett went all out for their daughters.

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Mom and Dad Turn Their Home Into Disney World After Their Family Trip Was Canceled

From Mickey Mouse-themed breakfasts and recreating the Splash Mountain ride, to turning herself into a Disney princess and fireworks shows, Jessica and Brett managed to truly make their home feel like Disney. “Brett and I LOVED making Buzz Lightyear and once it was set up with the lights out it was so cool!” Jessica told Popsugar.

“We also had so much fun making It’s a Small World. I wanted the dolls to move but it was so hard to keep my head down from behind the couch. We laughed the whole time!” But in a separate interview with Buzzfeed, Jessica admitted that she also got emotional towards the end of the day.

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“I cried during ‘Happily Ever After.’ I thought of that very last-minute on Sunday, actually, and my mom happened to have a small projector and we waited until it got dark to do it. It was just like being at the parks. The girls were toast from all the fun and it was really cold but we threw the stroller out back and when I hear that music I just get teary-eyed.”

But as Jessica wrote on Facebook, even their family from Florida, who they were meant to meet up with, were able to join in on the fun. “We were most bummed about not being able to meet our family down there so my niece joined us for our princess parade via FaceTime!” Serious props to this mom and dad for turning a sour situation into a pretty sweet one.

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