I’m Pregnant and Trying to Quit Vaping: Any Advice?

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QUESTION: Advice on Trying to Quit Vaping While Pregnant?

“Okay, so I am about eight weeks pregnant. I vape. I am trying to stop completely, just trying to wean myself off of it… My nicotine is 6mg.

My question is, have any other moms vaped either through part of the pregnancy or the whole pregnancy? How did things go? Was everything okay with the unborn child?

Again I am trying to stop. I’m doing pretty good for the most part compared to what I was doing.

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I'm Pregnant and Trying to Quit Vaping: Any Advice?

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“Nicotine is not good for your baby. Period. It restricts the blood vessels that connect you and your baby via the placenta and umbilical cord, therefore restricting blood flow and oxygen and other vital nutrients to your unborn child. It doesn’t matter if someone else had a normal child, that may not necessarily be the case for you or your baby. Is it an oral fixation or an actual nicotine addiction? Have you tried just vape flavors without nicotine?”

“I quit everything when I was pregnant. And I just suffered through it to benefit my baby.”

“If you can’t stop for your unborn child, then clearly you don’t have the willpower to quit at all and that’s sad. And I’m speaking from being a smoker and quitting for my unborn baby.”

“Maybe I’m just weird but it was so easy for me to quit the second I found out I was pregnant. I was vaping all day every day for years and quit the second i learned i was pregnant. Why risk it? Even if some babies turned out okay not all do. Nicotine is very bad for baby. Im not shaming anyone but if I can do it so can you. You got this mama.”

“There’s a lot of judgy cows on here. Women smoked cigarettes forever during pregnancy up until the last couple decades and we are all fine. The baby should be fine. Good job trying to quit mama, keep it up.”

“I replaced vaping with drinking water. Every time I wanted to hit my vape, I’d take a drink of water instead. I’ve almost completely quit. I’m not pregnant but it’s a double win to try and get healthy.”

“You have chosen to have a child… whether planned or a surprise. Quit vaping. It might be hard but certainly won’t be the biggest nor the last sacrifice you do for your child.”

“If you care about the baby you quit cold turkey and chew gum or find an alternative like exercise. No one can guarantee it won’t hurt the baby…. obviously.”

“I quit while pregnant. The doctor told me I could go cold turkey or I could go cold turkey. You have to put the safety and well being of your child above your needs. You can have it once the wee one is born. But right now you’re body is not your own.”

“Please talk to your doctor about quitting safely. I tried slowing down my intake and miscarried and I feel it was due to my body in shock from not smoking anymore. Please do it safely and talk to your doctor!!!”

“I quit smoking cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant I just kept making myself feel bad everytime I craved a smoke an telling myself my baby was more important.”

“First, I applaud the choice you are making for your baby. Second, any amount of nicotine is too much. Just because someone else’s baby was okay with nicotine does not mean yours will and should offer you no false assurances. Please continue your hard and amazing work towards a nicotine-free pregnancy!!!!”

“I quit smoking by vaping… when I found out I was pregnant I bought 0mg juices and used them until it was unsatisfying to even vape. I mixed a little in the beginning, but I was determined to quit and it worked.”

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