365 Reasons Why I Love You: Sweet Sentiments to Share with Your Significant Other for Every Day of the Year

Don’t miss an opportunity to show a small romantic gesture to your partner each day. Romantic gestures are the fuel for a marriage or relationship. Gentle reminders of love and affection let your significant other know that you care and see how much they’re bringing to the relationship and how much they mean to you. At the start of a new year, it’s a great idea to compile a list of 365 reasons you love your romantic partner. You can give them the list in bulk or share via a sweet note each day of the year.

Now, each person will love their person for very different reasons. For instance, one might love something as specific as how their partner parts their hair. This means that each person’s list of 365 reasons for love should look a lot different. However, we have compiled a list with hundreds of reasons to get you started. Use the ones that are applicable to your partner and make them even more special by tailoring them to your S.O. They will love this gesture for the rest of the year! Truly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

General Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You’re my forever best friend.
  • You complete me.
  • Your dedication to our relationship and the home we’ve built.
  • You never complain about my mistakes that affected you.
  • You work hard for this family.
  • You let me control the remote.
  • Your chivalry has been adopted by our children.
  • You still give me goosebumps.
  • Your kindness. It’s refreshing.
  • You call me out on my BS.

Encouraging Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You make me feel beautiful when I am feeling ugly.
  • You massage my feet after a long day.
  • Your belief that family is everything.
  • It brings me pride to be your partner.
  • The nicknames you call me.
  • The way you still look at me.
  • You keep working hard for the family, even on your days off.
  • The way you let me put my freezing cold feet on you to warm up.
  • Everything melts away when we snuggle.
  • The way you tolerate my music until you eventually enjoy it too.

Praiseworthy Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You grill all my favorites exactly how I like them.
  • You celebrate my accomplishments with me.
  • You never complain about how I spend money.
  • You’re always ready to help me when I ask for it.
  • Your voice brightens my day.
  • You are thoughtful and present.
  • You call me on your way home from work each day.
  • You love unconditionally.
  • You did not hesitate when I asked if my mom could come and live with us.
  • You always say, “Hello, gorgeous.”

Bright Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You know how to have fun.
  • You taught the kids not to go after me on the family game night because I’m terrible at most games.
  • We talk through big decisions together.
  • You always drive when we’re together.
  • You make incredible things.
  • You offer advice without being pushy.
  • You never give up on us.
  • We don’t have to talk at times because you know exactly what I’m thinking.
  • You are my favorite pillow.
  • You never judge, so I can always be myself around you.

Sweet Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • We can talk all night long.
  • You hold my hand while watching scary movies.
  • You always keep your promises.
  • You are my rock.
  • You make my dreams come true.
  • You wear the cologne that I like the most as opposed to the one you prefer.
  • You have a genuine love and compassion for animals.
  • You have become a softie through the years, and I love you all the more for it.
  • You never make family decisions without my input.
  • You ask about my passions.

Tender Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You have a contagious passion for life.
  • You always make each person feel like they’re part of the conversation.
  • You keep the kitchen knives sharp.
  • You remind me that the huge soda I chugged at the beginning of the road trip was why we had to stop half a dozen times.
  • You always consider my needs.
  • You sacrifice so much so that the rest of the family does not have to.
  • You have a passion for learning new things.
  • You always know the right thing to say to me.
  • You always do the right thing.
  • You always hold me when I ugly cry.

Adorable Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You brag about me to friends and family.
  • You have taught the kids to respect me always.
  • You rub my neck while I prepare dinner.
  • You are a steadfast parent who is consistent and firm but not harsh.
  • You make my morning coffee.
  • You always notice the flowers blooming in the garden and remind me to look at them.
  • You would rather make a fancy dinner at home than go out for one.
  • We can talk about absolutely anything.
  • You check in with the kids to ensure they are on track at school.
  • You always grill the meats to perfection.

Winning Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You are always up for anything.
  • You are chill under pressure.
  • You know when I need a compliment.
  • You put up with my backseat driving.
  • Your inner child makes life with you playful.
  • You always know how to fix Wi-Fi issues.
  • You always come along to yard sales with me even though you dislike them.
  • You always help me load those big purchases from yard sales into the car.
  • You never get embarrassed.
  • You show that you love me in public.

Precious Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You never go No. 2 before I take a shower. And don’t judge me when I do!
  • You care for me when I am sick.
  • You always give me gifts that I love.
  • You almost always fill my car up with gas for me.
  • Your love of life and optimism is inspiring.
  • I cherish the silly moments we share together.
  • We share many of the same interests.
  • No matter what, you have stuck by my side.
  • You take me as I am.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Happy Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • After all these years, you still take me on lovely dates.
  • You make social interactions easy by always being jovial at parties and other events.
  • You are a faithful partner who I have never questioned.
  • We can sit in silence and be content.
  • You make embarrassing moments hilarious.
  • Your expectations are realistic.
  • I’m in love with your gentle soul and big heart.
  • You understand that when I say it’s “Time to leave,” it will take an hour to say my goodbyes.
  • You love my bananas family.
  • I love you more each day.

Selfless Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You value my ideas.
  • You are a selfless person.
  • You tickle me when I need to lighten up.
  • You put up with all my drama.
  • You make play as fun as possible with the children.
  • Our friendship is unbreakable.
  • You are the first person I go to when I’m upset.
  • We complement each other to perfection.
  • You are the strongest person I know.
  • You never forget our anniversary.

Stellar Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You can admit when I am right.
  • You never let arguments get out of hand and always know when it’s time to take a break and breathe.
  • You are generous.
  • You never talk down to me.
  • You always wipe my tears away.
  • You tell me if I have a booger hanging out of my nose.
  • You tell me if I have food in my teeth.
  • You lend money to those who need it.
  • You love playing games as a family.
  • You kiss me each day when I get home from work.

Awesome Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You are good at debate and carefully consider other arguments.
  • How our love has evolved and grown through the years.
  • You are my biggest fan.
  • You help me out no matter what, even when I’m too stubborn to ask.
  • You’re the handiest man on the planet, and there’s nothing you can’t fix.
  • You never call me out for my insecurities; instead, you make me forget them.
  • You have a keen eye for craftsmanship.
  • I still have things to learn about you.
  • You are the voice of reason.
  • There are many songs that remind me of you.

Cool Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You fan me when I’m baking in the summer.
  • You know all my favorite movie quotes and when to inject them into everyday life.
  • All the things we have made together.
  • You remember so many details from our relationship timeline.
  • You have no problem hitting the snooze button for extra cuddle time in the morning.
  • Your dance moves make me laugh.
  • You never make fun of me crying at sappy movies and TV.
  • You like to be goofy.
  • You always know what kind of car I will like before I do.
  • You encourage me to try new things.

Warm Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You don’t sugar-coat anything.
  • You ask me for advice.
  • You don’t like petty people or put up with them.
  • You use your hands to comfort me when words just won’t do.
  • Our relationship has been so fun that it’s flown by.
  • You always tell me you love me “more.”
  • Everything is better when we do it together.
  • You turn me on.
  • You grab a pizza on the way home when you know I’ve had a bad day.
  • You have seen me at my best and worst and still found love for me.

Spectacular Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You always carry the heaviest bags and even my purse.
  • You are my happily ever after.
  • You clean up after yourself and the kids, and don’t expect me to do it.
  • You listen to me sing even though we both know I’m terrible at it.
  • You fold the laundry better than I can.
  • You love all of me (even the parts that aren’t so good).
  • You understand that marriage is a commitment.
  • We work together to stay healthy.
  • You never question my career ambitions.
  • We talk about big purchases together before pulling the trigger.

Specific Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You always offer me your jacket when it is cold.
  • Even while you are drooling in your sleep, you’re still the most handsome man in the world.
  • Our shared love of cookies and milk.
  • You will help with any chore once asked, but most of the time, I don’t have to.
  • Your dad joke game is on point.
  • Every kiss is still like our first kiss.
  • You always know how to make me comfortable, even after surgery!
  • You don’t play mind games with people, just card games with the family.
  • There is no one else that I would rather grow old with.
  • You ground me when I feel overwhelmed.

Exciting Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • I get butterflies in my stomach when you wink at me.
  • No matter how far apart we are physically, we’re always together emotionally.
  • You always share your dessert even after I refused to order my own.
  • When life feels serious, you remind me to play.
  • Our hearts share the same rhythm.
  • We share the same warped sense of humor.
  • We have an unbreakable bond.
  • You are humble and never too proud.
  • You are the whole enchilada (AKA complete package).
  • You are always up for trying something new.

Wonderful Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You have no issue making dinner when I’m too busy.
  • You don’t keep secrets.
  • You know how to turn on the romance.
  • “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”
  • The Yin to my Yang.
  • I can pass gas in front of you.
  • You never complain when I ruin dinner.
  • You become a grill master, so I don’t have to cook.
  • You open doors for me.
  • Your funny and sweet personality.

Brilliant Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You are always there for me.
  • You changed the kids’ diapers.
  • Your patience is unrivaled.
  • Your sense of humor is the best thing about you.
  • Your trust. There’s nothing we can’t do together.
  • You let me pick where we go for dinner (as long as they serve your favorite beer).
  • You are so easygoing.
  • You are the best hug-giver.
  • You still think I’m hot.
  • You wish me a great day each day before work.

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Supportive Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • I love that I can look at you and know your thoughts.
  • You kiss my forehead, and I melt.
  • You build me fires on cold nights.
  • You have never questioned my drive or why I work so hard to further my career.
  • You will watch your scary zombie show in another room so I don’t have to see or hear it.
  • You believe in me.
  • We share everything in every sense of the word.
  • You are a fantastic problem solver.
  • You bought me feminine products without embarrassment.
  • I love how safe I feel with you.

Special Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • When we’re apart, you call me first thing in the morning to tell me that you love me.
  • Sparks fly when you kiss me.
  • You are an amazing parent.
  • I love fishing together.
  • You always find the cutest and funniest videos to share with me.
  • You drive so I can look at the Christmas lights.
  • You look hot using a chainsaw.
  • You make me laugh.
  • You make me feel appreciated each day.
  • I can always count on you.

Wholesome Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • I am so blessed you are my partner.
  • No one listens better than you do.
  • You can always make my bad day better.
  • I love smiling when you randomly pop into my mind throughout the day.
  • It’s this simple: you love me, and I love you.
  • I love that you can “talk me down.”
  • We laugh at the same silly parts in the movie. 
  • You’re the most fun to cook with.
  • Making me happy is your top priority.
  • Our future together is solid.

Assured Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You are not afraid to make big changes if they are what is best for our family.
  • You’re my soulmate.
  • You have a simple style and do not put on airs for anybody.
  • You are the best teacher.
  • You have a handle on my feelings, even when I am unsure of myself.
  • You never give up on us.
  • We are the best of friends.
  • The way your hands comfort me during stressful or sad times.
  • You are proud of your reputation.
  • You never forget to ask me how my day was.

Soulful Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You always center your family in your universe.
  • Your hobbies enrich the entire family.
  • You are one to forgive quickly and move on without a grudge.
  • No matter where we have lived, you always take the spot in the bed closest to the door in case of intruders.
  • You don’t mind stopping and smelling the roses with me.
  • You love simplicity and relish a simple life.
  • You treat the cats to little pieces of fish whenever we eat seafood.
  • You make breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You know when and how to relax.
  • Your laugh is catching.

Caring Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You do things just because I asked you to.
  • You are great with babies.
  • You are gentle with my feelings.
  • You always accompany me to events that neither of us wants to be at.
  • At least you try to dance.
  • You were the best jungle gym for our kids.
  • Your kindness towards others is unmatched.
  • I love the way we fit together when we hug.
  • You always find the best parts of my bad haircuts.
  • You are always down to grab me something when I need it.

Reassuring Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  1. You have always encouraged me to follow my dreams.
  2. You face your fears head-on.
  3. Even if you disagree, you respect my opinions.
  4. You work hard and play harder.
  5. We have so much fun together!
  6. Our relationship always comes first.
  7. You take note of all the little things that make me happy.
  8. I love people-watching with you.
  9. You always take my hand and guide me in large crowds.
  10. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!

Romantic Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • Your smile makes my heart skip a beat.
  • You could have let a bad childhood negatively affect your adulthood, but you chose to do better.
  • You always know what my look is intended to mean when I flash it across the room.
  • You research everything you do not have a good understanding of.
  • You have encouraged me to take the road less traveled when I was afraid.
  • Some couples grow apart, but we just keep making a better team.
  • You’re not afraid to cry in front of me.
  • You never compare me to other people.
  • You are kind to everyone you meet.
  • Because you’re tall, it’s your part-time job to grab things for me.

Kind Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You are so amazingly good at pickleball.
  • You brag about me.
  • You are not afraid to admit that you do not know something. And, then, you learn!
  • I cannot imagine a day without you by my side.
  • Your laugh makes me laugh.
  • Each new day is a new adventure I choose to keep doing with you.
  • You can admit when you are wrong.
  • Even when I’m screaming with anger, you keep your cool.
  • You always back up my parenting decisions.
  • You’re not afraid to be vulnerable with the kids.

Compassionate Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You will not hesitate to fix my hair and keep me looking my best.
  • You are not naturally spontaneous, but you will tag along with me with no questions asked.
  • You value hard work.
  • You make a huge mess while cooking, but you clean all of the dishes.
  • You took equal responsibility with the babies so that I could actually get some sleep.
  • You are really the best husband anyone could ask for.
  • I love you more than I could ever put into words.
  • You’re perfect to me.
  • No matter how busy we get, you always make time to check in on “us.”
  • You let me nap.

Sensitive Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • In the past, you have allowed me to grieve in my own time. I appreciate your patience.
  • I marvel at your ingenuity.
  • You always think of the perfect presents.
  • You are my guiding light when times get tough.
  • You keep all my biggest secrets.
  • You are a keen prep cook, especially when baked treats are involved.
  • You are constantly fixing things, even when you’re sick.
  • You laugh at my (bad) jokes.
  • You will say that you’re sorry at the end of a fight and truly mean it.
  • We share a passion for a quiet, laid-back life.

Helpful Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You always ask how my friends are doing.
  • You have the best taste in music and have introduced me to so much that I love.
  • There’s never a dull moment with you.
  • You take pride in not spoiling the kids and teaching them the value of everything.
  • You keep things interesting in the bedroom.
  • I know I’m weird, and I know you love me for it.
  • You will defend me and my honor.
  • We set goals together and talk about how we will achieve them.
  • We have fun code words for all sorts of things.
  • You text me love me randomly throughout the day.

Sympathetic Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • I take pride in watching you share your knowledge with others.
  • We can finish each other’s sentences.
  • You won’t hesitate to “save water” by jumping in the shower with me.
  • You encourage me to do things for myself.
  • I never get tired of being with you.
  • You respect my boundaries.
  • You taught me how to use all sorts of tools.
  • You will pose for my endless need for family photos without complaining.
  • You will let our kids paint your fingernails.
  • You take care of the garbage so that I don’t have to.

Warmhearted Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • Giving up your chair to ensure another person is comfortable is the right thing to do.
  • You make loving fun.
  • When we are good, life is good.
  • We take walks as a family.
  • I am in charge of the finances and balance the books; you never ask questions.
  • You will listen to me breathlessly complain for hours.
  • I am your favorite person in the world, and the same is true for you to me.
  • if it’s slippery or icy, you always take my hand, so I don’t fall.
  • You will ask me to make you cookies or brownies as a treat.
  • You never expect me to change any negative part of myself.

Comforting Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • You treat me like royalty.
  • You ask me how you should cut your hair because you want me to like it.
  • You can always help me see the “big picture” in situations.
  • You picked me, of course!
  • You are not afraid to be vulnerable with me.
  • You never make fun of me when I laugh so hard I snort.
  • I love the way your eyes crinkle when you smile.
  • We are independent but also the best team.
  • I don’t sleep well unless we are in bed together.
  • I fell in love with you at first sight.

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Final Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You
  • I cherish every moment we spend together.
  • We have learned many life lessons together, good, bad, and indifferent.
  • I am at peace when I am with you.
  • You bring out the best in me every day.
  • You give me the space I need when I need it most.

There you go! We hope you found these reasons why I love you sentiments to be helpful every single day of the year. If you are looking for more ways to improve your life and outlook in the new year, we have some easy resolutions that you can actually keep. Pick a couple for a brighter year!

Make Up That Bed

New Year's Resolutions

Making your bed each morning makes your whole life better. If you’re not someone who does this, get into the habit. It will make your room look less cluttered, which induces stress. Also, you likely have to straighten it at night when all you want to do is sleep. Do yourself a solid and start making up your bed.

Touch Grass

New Year's Resolutions

Study after study has revealed that getting outside and enjoying nature helps reduce stress. Even if you don’t think you’re very outdoorsy, a walk around a local park could be just the thing to get some fresh air.

Make Something Grow

New Year's Resolutions

Gardening can be intimidating, especially for those of us who don’t have a green thumb. Start with a small houseplant, a cactus, or an air plant. Caring for something green will make you feel accomplished.

Paint Your Home

New Year's Resolutions

How about a fresh start for a room in your home as well? Paint a room to give it a refresh. In general, you can knock out a painting project in a weekend. But, you will get to enjoy it for the rest of the year.

Always Carry a Book

New Year's Resolutions

If you enjoy reading or want to read more in the new year, make a resolution to read a new book each month. Another great way to stay on track is to join a book club.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

New Year's Resolutions

Many of us do not drink enough water each day. Consider replacing a cup of coffee with a glass of water. Further, add cucumber or other natural flavors to keep things interesting.

Eat Local

New Year's Resolutions

We should all be supporting local businesses to sustain the community we live in. Instead of going to that chain restaurant, eat at a locally owned and staffed business. This is one of the most delicious New Year’s resolutions you can make.

Make a Playlist for Each Month

New Year's Resolutions

Want to score the soundtrack for your whole year? Start a new playlist to add songs at the start of each month. These can be new discoveries you’re enjoying or old favorites speaking to you. At the end of the ear, you can look back on and reflect on all the music you listened to and loved.

Walk More

New Year's Resolutions

While you can set a goal to walk a mile a day, we recommend just taking small steps (a-hem) to get you walking more. Park at the back of the parking lot each time you go to the grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a brief walk on your lunch break. These are easy ways to be more active.

Fully Put Away That Laundry

New Year's Resolutions

If your closet looks like trash in general, it’s time to tackle it. Once you get organized, make a resolution to keep it that way and to put things back where they belong. You will not believe the amount of time this saves over the course of a year.

Start Meal Planning

New Year's Resolutions

Meal planning is a huge headache for most of us. One way to start is to choose one meal to plan for a week. If breakfasts are difficult, start there and plan out a week of meals. If you often call in delivery for dinner, choose that meal. See how you like it and try and keep it up if you found it a helpful resolution.

Hang Pictures

New Year's Resolutions

For some, getting that photo from your phone onto a wall is a huge leap. Start with a handful of photos (you can choose your favorite Instagram posts) and print them. Get frames and find the perfect spot. You will not believe how much this small act will warm up your home.

Keep In Touch

New Year's Resolutions

Many of us don’t reach out to those we care about often enough. As a resolution, set out to communicate with folks more often. You can pick any method that is most convenient. This will beautifully strengthen friendships and bonds.

Put That Girl Time On Your Calendar

New Year's Resolutions

Time with friends is cherished, and there never seems to be enough of it. Plan that girl time and try and keep it regularly or semiregularly each month at least. Why deprive yourself of being with the ones that get you the best?

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Practice Meaningful Complimenting

New Year's Resolutions

Who does not love getting a good compliment? For your New Year’s resolutions, you can practice more kindness by honestly and meaningfully complimenting those around you. It will boost their mood and yours.

Clean Your Gross Car

New Year's Resolutions

You and your family spend a ton of time in your car. Why aren’t you cleaning as frequently as your home? Do a deep clean early in the year and then practice maintaining it every other week or as you see little messes.

Stop Hitting Snooze

New Year's Resolutions

You need your rest; we get it, but it can really throw a wrench into your morning if you hit that snooze button once or twice. Wake up on time for a less chaotic start to your day. You will thank yourself after you’ve finished that first cup of coffee.

Start a Journal

New Year's Resolutions

Starting a journal can seem like a huge time-suck, especially if you are regularly busy. You can journal a single line each day. That’s all it takes! Record a memory, express an emotion, or take a moment to pat yourself on the back by writing an accomplishment. It’s a small thing you can do that you will love looking back on.

Pick Up a Pen

New Year's Resolutions

When was the last time you wrote or received a letter in the mail? Snail mail feels decadent in our highly digital age. Getting a handwritten letter is so special, and you can share that with as many people as you like.

Try New Things

New Year's Resolutions

One of the most flexible and fruitful New Year’s resolutions you can choose is to try something new each month. This could be a new (local) restaurant, a recipe, a fitness class, a coffee shop, or anything! This resolution is so easy, and you definitely won’t regret it.

Pick Up a New Hobby

New Year's Resolutions

Is there something that you have always wanted to try but have not gotten around to? Hobbies are great ways to entertain yourself; you can commit as much or little time to one as you want. Try your hand at knitting, sign up for a pottery throwing class, start collecting coins, or whatever else might interest you. For this resolution to be kept, ease yourself into things and take things slowly at first. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and quit.

Organize and Donate

New Year's Resolutions

If you’ve got a fair amount of clutter in your home, make a resolution to organize. Start small. Pick a closet to tackle and get it done. Donate items you no longer want or need to a local charity shop. Not only will you be improving your home life, but you will also help others out as well.

Send Physical Birthday Cards

New Year's Resolutions

Why is this so much harder than it seems? Sure, you could leave a birthday message on social media, but an actual card is much more special. Buy birthday cards in bulk or buy blank cards to add a personalized birthday message inside. Mail out a week ahead, so you’re not in a last-minute rush. Make a resolution to celebrate the ones you love and you won’t regret it.

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Travel More

New Year's Resolutions

Even if you take a short road trip to a neighboring town, getting out of your normal habitat is so much fun. Make a travel bucket list and plan at the start of the year, so you know how to budget and when to request time off. This resolution will not only be fun for you but the entire family!

There you go! We hope you found some New Year’s resolutions to try this year. You don’t have to put yourself through the wringer with a resolution. Make it easy on yourself, and you will have a winning year.


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