Robert Irwin Recreates Photo of Him and His Father, Steve Irwin, in the Late Crocodile Hunter’s Famous ‘Ute’

On April 18, Robert Irwin took to Instagram to share a couple of photos of him inside his father’s famous ‘ute,’ which accompanied the late Steve Irwin on a wide range of adventures while he was still alive. The first photo was a throwback of a young Robert steering the vehicle while sitting on his late father’s lap. 

The second photo was a recreation of the first photo, this one featuring a much older Robert who still drives the ‘ute’ to this day. The third photo was of Robert holding his P-plate – which must be displayed on the front and back of the vehicle, indicating that the driver is a provisional driver – in front of the ‘ute.’

“My dad’s ute… it’s a special car. From early memories when Dad would park and let me pretend to drive, to more recently when I took my driver’s test in it (and somehow managed not to stall it),” Robert wrote in the caption. It’s good to know the vehicle, which means a lot to the family, is still getting used often. 

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Robert Irwin confirmed that the vehicle still accompanies the family on plenty of road trips to this day and was the car he drove on his way to meet his niece. His sister, Bindi Irwin, gave birth to her daughter, Grace Warrior, on March 25, 2021. In fact, that drive to the hospital was Robert’s first-ever solo drive.  

“I remember my first solo drive in this car after I got my license – it was to the hospital to meet my niece for the first time, right after she was born. And now, the ute still comes on road trips to this day,” he concluded in the Instagram caption. Grace Warrior is the first grandchild of Steve and Terri Irwin

Back in May 2020, Terri took to Twitter to share two photos of the ‘ute’ – one of Steve and an even younger Robert in the front seat, and another one of an older Robert after he got his L-plates. She talked about how proud her husband would be to see his kids growing up and driving his trusty vehicle. 

“Remembering how much Robert loved being with Steve, parked at home pretending to drive. I know Steve would be incredibly proud, now that Robert has his L plates, and is driving Steve’s old ute,” she wrote on Twitter. She previously said both Robert and Bindi drove the vehicle when getting their license. 

Robert Irwin Now Has His Own Trusty Vehicle Named ‘Brandy’

While Robert makes sure to utilize his father’s ‘ute’ on occasion, it’s far from being his everyday car. In fact, he has his own trusty vehicle that he describes as his ‘adventure car’ – he named it ‘Brandy.’ The vehicle is a Toyota Landcruiser 78 “Troop Carrier” and has seen its fair share of upgrades recently. 

“My adventure car, ‘Brandy’ has had some serious upgrades all thanks to my mates at @arb4x4. She’s expedition ready now, just in time for a big trip up north to crocodile country,” he wrote in an Instagram caption, where he shared a couple of photos of his beautiful vehicle after seeing several upgrades.

He also posed on the hood of the vehicle while playing the guitar for the cover of Crikey! Magazine in April 2022, shared a video of himself jumping over the Landcruiser in his bicycle in January 2022, and a photo of himself chilling in the back of the vehicle accompanied by his guitar, longboard, and pug named Stella.

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It doesn’t matter what vehicle he’s taking – whether it be his father’s old ‘ute’ or his own car ‘Brandy’ – Robert Irwin is always down for an adventure, just like his father. And now that he has a niece, who just turned two years old less than a month ago, those adventures are only going to get better and better.

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