Shawn Johnson East Says on Day 36 of Quarantine Her Daughter Started Teething and Asked Her Followers For Some Tips and Tricks

Drew Hazel East has hit another milestone: teething. On the 36th day of the East family’s quarantine, Shawn Johnson East took to Instagram to ask her fans for some tips when it comes to keeping a teething infant comfortable.

And she got a slew of different ideas as a result. “Cut up carrots or sweet potatoes into sticks and freeze,” one commenter wrote. “Let her chew on them.”

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“I would rinse my babe’s pacifier and put it in the freezer, she seemed to like it. Also if you take a washcloth and like knot the end and freeze it for like 10 min, she liked that too,” someone else shared. “Zarbees makes an organic teething gel. Works for my 1-year-old cutting upper two teeth!” another said.

Shawn Johnson East Asks Followers for Teething Tips and Tricks

“The little banana teether brush. Easy for baby to hold, and the little rubber bristles feel good against the gums. Can also make cold in the freezer to soothe aching gums.”

While some admitted that there truly are no tricks, just a phase of life that gets easier with each passing day. “No tips. I’ve had three of my own and have cared for 30 over the last 20 years in a home daycare,” another added. “It just is….. it will pass. I know. It’s hard.”

And some offered sage advice on where a mom can go wrong. “Lots of teether toys put them in the fridge. Don’t give anything frozen because it will freeze their gums and it isn’t good for them. You can get teether cookies too. You got this momma! You’re a great momma!!! You can also do a wet washcloth,” one commenter wrote.

As well as enjoying time with their 6-month-old baby girl, Shawn and Andrew also celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary. On April 16, Andrew took to his own Instagram to share a snippet of their wedding video with their fans.

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Andrew captioned the video, “and I thought I loved you then.” How sweet is that?

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