Shemar Moore is Officially a Dad After Girlfriend, Jesiree Dizon, Gives Birth to Baby Girl

It’s official – Shemar Moore is a father! The 52-year-old announced the exciting news on his Instagram, reposting a photo from PEOPLE – “Ya boy is officially a Dad!!! Dreams come true!! The rest of my life is here! ❤️” he added in the caption. The comments section was flooded with excitement and love. 

There was a time when Moore thought that ship had sailed – the ship being fatherhood – but the stars aligned when he started dating Jesiree Dizon. Not much is known about their relationship and they’ve done a great job of keeping their personal lives away from the public, but that changed last month. 

On January 9th, Shemar Moore took to Instagram to share a video from the couple’s gender reveal and also made an appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, where he announced he was having a baby by February. Up until that point, no one had any idea the couple had conceived – it was a complete surprise!

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It was quite the lavish gender reveal and one that could only be pulled off by Shemar Moore. The couple enjoyed the festivities with their friends and family before a helicopter appeared and hovered over their backyard. After a few moments, the helicopter released a trail of pink smoke – signaling it’s a baby girl!

“Today is the day. Your boy got butterflies. You know this is a special day. This is a legendary day. Today, your boy Shemar Moore is about to find out if he’s going to be a daddy to a little girl or a little boy,” he said at the top of the video. “Mama I did it. Mama’s in heaven. I miss her so much. I wish she was here.” 

(Warning: the below video contains vulgar language)

Having a child during this time of the year means a lot to Shemar Moore. On February 8, 2020, Moore’s mother – Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore – passed away of multiple sclerosis and several other conditions. In his interview with Jennifer Hudson, Moore talked about one of his mother’s dreams – being a grandma. 

While she didn’t get to live to see the day, Moore is happy that her dream is finally coming true. “My mother is in heaven right now, it’ll be her three-year anniversary on February 8th. And on February 8th, I’m going to make one of her dreams come true. Because in real life, [I’m} about to be a daddy!” he said. 

Will There Be a Second Child for Shemar Moore?

When Shemar Moore posted that video of his gender reveal, one thing stood out that made some users even more excited for his future. When Jesiree Dizon was asked whether she wanted a boy or girl, she was hoping for a girl and the reason she gave is what has us all looking forward to the family’s future. 

“I am excited. I am anxious. I would love a boy because my boy is easy and I could have 10 of him. But I kind of want a girl because then we can have one more. Because if I have a boy, we’re one and done, and that’s not okay with me,” said Dizon – adding she wants it to be happy and healthy regardless of sex.

(Warning: the below post contains vulgar language)

And now that they’ve officially welcomed a baby girl into the mix – Dizon already has a son and daughter from previous relationships – we can start to assume another child will come at some point (we can only hope!). For now, we’re excited for the couple and wish them the best moving forward.

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Alright, there’s one thing a lot of you are probably asking yourself – what’s the name of the new baby? While it hasn’t been confirmed, Shemar Moore did say (in the gender reveal video) that the baby’s name would be Legend, if it were a boy, or Frankie, if it were a girl. Do you think they went with Frankie?

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