This Is What It Takes to Make Six-Figures as a Nanny

Being a nanny or childcare worker is a very taxing job, often involving long hours and many responsibilities. In addition to caring for children, nannies are often charged with cleaning, laundry, and running errands. Despite all of their responsibilities, it’s not thought of as a high-paying position. But what if we told you there were nannies out there pulling six-figures? Like, as much as $200,000 a year? *Record scratch*

Let’s be honest: most nannies are often underpaid given their responsibilities, and they do not typically receive benefits. But what is true for most nannies is not true for all nannies.

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In-home caregivers that work with wealthier families are more frequently earning six-figure salaries. The nannies fulfilling these roles typically have specialized certifications, speak a second language, and have years of experience.

The Six-Figure Nanny


Keith Greenhouse, chief executive of the household staffing company, Pavillion Agency, shared with CNN, “We’ve seen a lot of requests for Mandarin and French speakers in the nanny role. Lately, more than ever, people want someone who is tech-savvy and nannies who can move into a family assistant role.”

These positions typically involve longer hours or overnights, as well as travel. They can earn up to $220,000 a year in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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Educated Nannies, a household staffing agency based in Los Angeles, shared with CNN that their nannies need to have college degrees and it’s also beneficial to have a background in child development. Nannies with a child development background are in high demand because they can plan out curriculum and integrate educational elements into the kids’ daily routine. Jobs at preschools typically pay between $13-$15 an hour, while skilled nannies can earn $25-$40 an hour, said Ryan Jordan, founder of Educated Nannies.

Nannies seeking to increase their specialized skillset can take regular courses in child health and development, newborn care and multiples care.

“As a nanny, you have to have those specialties and you have to continue your education,” LA-based nanny Heidi Joline shared with CNN. “In other places, it may be fine to just have CPR training, but if you’re in the bigger markets, where you are expecting higher pay and working with higher-profile people, you need specialized skills to stand out.”


Now you know what it takes to make six-figures as a nanny. What do you think? In the mood for a career-switch?

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