Social Media Influencer Has Sage Advice for Husbands Who Want to Help Around the House

If you’re a husband/father and you’re not following Dad Wise – who goes by the username – on social media, then this is your wake-up call to do so because he’s full of sage advice on how to be the best husband to your wife and the best father to your children. After all, that’s what we all want, right?!

On August 3rd, Dad Wise posted a video with some simple, yet prominent advice for all the dads out there. Instead of asking your wife (or the mother of your children) if there’s anything you can do to help around the house, take a moment to look around, analyze the situation, and take the initiative yourself.

Dads stop doimg this. Take initiative and ownership over your household and SEE what needs to be done instead of asking #fatherhood #dadlife #extremeownership #parenting

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Let’s be honest – most husbands/fathers are guilty of this. They come home from work or wake up to a household that could use a little tender love and care – dishes in the sink, children running rampant through the house, kids toys all over the floor, and a partner struggling to maintain peace and control. 

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“Hey dads, here’s a quick tip,” Dad Wise begins in the viral video. “We need to stop asking our wives if there’s anything we can do to help. What we should do instead is look around the house, analyze the situation, and then just tackle the first thing that seems to be interfering with the peace of the household.”

He goes on to explain that, for him, it’s usually his toddler that needs to be entertained when he comes home from work. So, instead of making his wife stop what she’s doing to delegate him a task, he just looks around and sees what needs to be done. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. 

“If there’s dishes in the sink, then do the dishes. If the kids are being crazy, take them outside and run them around. If the floor needs to be swept, sweep the floor. If the dinner needs to be made, make the dinner,” he continues in the video – at that particular moment, he was in front of the sink doing dishes.

He ends the video with a simple message to all the dads out there. “Look around, use your eyes – look alive dads! Participate as best you know how to the best of your ability,” he says. As you can likely imagine, the video received an overwhelming amount of support from mothers, wives, and girlfriends. 

Social Media Users Have Mixed Reactions

Like most videos on social media, the comments section was crowded with mixed emotions. A majority of the comments were from women praising Dad Wise for his simple tip and saying that it’s ‘really that simple.’ Others were wondering why these videos only show up in their feed – not their husband’s feed.

One social media user added to his tip. “Yes but [at] the same time, know your wife [well] enough to know what helps out. ‘Babe I cleaned the garage’ that’s great but I needed the 6 loads of laundry done, not the garage.’” Of course, some of the women praised their husbands for being the type to take the initiative.

On the flip side, there were several men who commented in defense of their use of the ‘What can I do to help’ question – most of whom said there’s nothing wrong with communication and we shouldn’t be relying on mind-reading, especially since a lot of men end up ‘not doing it right’ or ‘doing the wrong thing.’ 

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“My intentions when I ask this question is 2 fold. 1. Prioritization 2. Is there anything other than the obvious that would make you happy. Sry 4 that,” one male wrote, while another social media user said, “No we are trying to teach proper communication.” At the end of the day, just make sure you work as a team!

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