Mom Goes Viral on TikTok After Husband Told Her She Does ‘Nothing Around the House’ – Her Response Was Priceless

Lindsay Donnelly was just trying to prove a point, but ended up going viral when she called her husband out in a TikTok video, posted on June 3. At the start of the video, she appears to be annoyed at a comment her husband said one night – ultimately telling her she ‘does nothing around the house.’

In an effort to make a point, she did the exact thing her husband accused her of – nothing – for two days straight. After those two days were up, she walked around her home and shared a video of the result of her laziness and, being the mother of two kids aged 7 and 4, you can say things looked a little chaotic. 

There were dirty plates on the kitchen counter, toys, and shoes on the kitchen floor, dirty dishes in the sink, more dirty dishes on the dining room table (which was also doubling as an ironing board), piles of laundry in the living room, and it looked like a tornado ravaged through their bathroom. It was a mess. 

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The point? Lindsay Donnelly did a lot around the house, but it often went unnoticed. So, she took it one step further and scheduled a ‘girls trip’ with her friends, which began after her two days of doing nothing – leaving her husband to deal with the mess. In the caption of the video, she hashtagged #marriagehumor.

The video has been viewed nearly 15 million times over the past six days and has amassed 2.6 million likes, 64,000 saves, and 19,500 comments. Her viral video got picked up by, who had an opportunity to speak with the husband and wife – don’t worry, they’re a happy and fun-loving couple. 

“The night he made the comment, I was getting the kids ready for bed, and he was cleaning up in the kitchen,” Lindsay says, describing how it all went down. “I noticed he was kind of grumpy and I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ And that’s when he made the comment about me doing nothing around the house.”

Mom Goes Viral on TikTok After Husband Accuses Her of Doing ‘Nothing Around the House’ – Her Response Was Priceless
via Instagram (@la.donnelly)

Instead of fighting and yelling about it, she took the petty route – and it worked. It proved her point and allowed her to ‘make invisible labor visible,’ as she described it. She reiterated that she does more than enough around the house with the constant tidying, picking up shoes, and everything else that adds up. 

Lindsay Donnelly Posts Follow-Up TikTok Video

A couple of days after posting the first video, Lindsay Donnelly posted a follow-up video of her giving her husband an opportunity to redeem himself with an apology – at the time of making the video, he had no idea the initial video existed (let alone went viral). He didn’t appear fazed by it and mostly stayed quiet. 


Replying to @kris he agreed that was a real ???? thing to say

♬ original sound – Lindsay D

During the video, Lindsay came to the defense of her husband – calling him a ‘really good husband’ – but denounced his initial comment as a ‘poo poo butt move’ (she wanted to say a different word, but her child was nearby). And while he did apologize in the video, many people weren’t buying it in the comments. 

Mom Goes Viral on TikTok After Husband Accuses Her of Doing ‘Nothing Around the House’ – Her Response Was Priceless
via Instagram (@la.donnelly)

“I know we don’t know all the details on your life but I hope he apologized to you off camera and starts doing more,” one user commented, while another person wrote, “scared for her. this is how i act around my explosive stepdad (laughing to cope with stress, etc.)” A majority of the comments were similar. 

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Despite the comments, Lindsay Donnelly is ensuring her TikTok followers that he’s a good husband and good father to their two children. As for what they do when they’re not going viral on TikTok, Lindsay is a photographer who started a social media marketing agency and her husband works in venture capital.

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