Teen With World’s Longest Legs Reveals She Submitted To Guinness Jokingly

The 6-foot-10 teen, Maci Currin, submitted herself to Guinness World Records as a joke but ended up breaking two world records.

“I was honestly shocked,” Maci revealed to PEOPLE (the TV Show!).

Teen With World's Longest Legs Submitted To Guinness As Joke
Image via Trish Currin

“I submitted to try and break it kind of for a joke. I never thought I would actually break the record. So when I found out that I actually could do it and I actually did it, I was really shocked.”

Maci, 17, recently set records for both the woman and the teenager with the longest legs in the world. How tall are her legs, you ask? Well, her left leg stretches 53.25 inches, while her right is 52.87 inches long.

She informed the show that her legs were measured by her doctor three different times, and the measurements were averaged out and submitted as proof to Guinness — which ultimately sent her a congratulatory email along with a certificate confirming she was the new record holder.

Teen With World's Longest Legs Submitted To Guinness As Joke
Image via Trish Currin

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“Being tall is probably the greatest gift,” says Maci, who lives in Cedar Park, Texas. “You’ve got to embrace it, and you’ve got to just roll with it. Because you’re not getting any shorter.”

Maci reveals that she has been taller than most of her peers throughout her life and as a child, it didn’t bother her until she hit second grade. That’s when other kids began to notice as well.

And while Maci says her friends are very supportive now, she would be bullied as a child with names like “giraffe” or “daddy long legs.”

Teen With World's Longest Legs Submitted To Guinness As Joke
Image via Trish Currin

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“But now I’m like the CEO of giraffes and I kind of turned that negative comment around and made it into a positive thing,” she says.

“It definitely hurt me, but I was surrounded by a lot of friends that helped me get through it.”

In addition to her supportive group of family and friends, she also gets in on the jokes thanks to her popular TikTok account, which has amassed 2 million followers.

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