This Guy Has a Thumb That Can Grow to 5-Inches Long at Any Time…No We’re Not Kidding

Jacob Pina is 21 years old. And he’s become a fan favorite on TikTok thanks to his abnormal thumbs which he can elongate upwards of 5-and-half inches.

You see, while Pina’s thumb has the ability to look like an average thumb, he also has the ability to extend it as if it were elastic. As one commenter described it on TikTok, it’s as if Pina can “mutate.”

Here take a look at Pina demonstrating his superpower below:


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And he has a pretty good sense of humor about it his unusual talent as well.


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He’s also very open when it comes to his curious followers’ questions. Does it hurt? No, according to Pina, it does not! In fact, in order to make sure his thumb stays healthy, he puts it through a series of exercises and soaks it in a mineral bath. Even though, we’re pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

And get this it isn’t just his one digit that can stretch, it is both of them. “It is worth noting that my left thumb is one inch shorter than my right,” he said in another one of his videos.


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Pina says he has been to a doctor to get an official diagnosis. But because it is so unusual there isn’t an official name for his unique party trick. “I just dislocate my thumb, by forcing it out of its socket, to make it appear longer. My doctor says it’s abnormal but can’t officially link it to any known medical conditions,” he told BuzzFeed.

And although Pina claims this doesn’t hurt him, the video of him showing his followers how he gets it back down seems very painful.


Reply to @jezaelangeles2 Will power ???????????? ##foryou ##fyp ##longthumb ##4u

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Pina told BuzzFeed that he’s shocked by how many people are interested in his superpower. “When I posted my first video to TikTok, I had no clue I’d get this sort of attention from it. People have mixed reactions, like disgusted, freaked out, or curious.” Regardless of the reaction, it’s a cool way to break the ice.

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