Toddler Can’t Say ‘Popsicle,’ Says ‘F*ck a Bus’ Instead in Hilarious Video

It’s now completely acceptable to call a popsicle a “f*ck a bus” thanks to an adorable little boy who is definitely going places in life. You may have not thought to call a frozen treat a “f*ck a bus,” but you really ought to give it a try.

In a series of TikTok videos, a cute boy serially mispronounces popsicle to great fanfare from family and viewers alike. The videos were posted by Mik Zazon a body-confidence blogger and motivational speaker.

How do we get on this child’s level?


Almost buddy… Almost ???? ##fyp ##comedy ##popsicle ##popsicles

♬ original sound – mikkzazon

In the first video posted by Zazon, a charming little boy can be seen eating an icy treat. You hear his family trying to coach him to say the word by sounding the word out by syllable.

“Pop,” an adult says.

“Pop,” the child repeats.

“Sicle,” an adult says.

“Sicle,” the child repeats.

“Popsicle,” the adult says.

“F*ck a bus,” the child replies before declaring, “Yay! Okay, bye!”

Zazon captions the TikTok, “Almost buddy…. almost.”

Is this the most brilliant, ‘you say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to’ moment ever recorded?


Wait for it… ##fyp ##comedу ##babys

♬ original sound – mikkzazon

In another video, Zazon can be seen holding the blonde prodigy as he’s eating a frozen dessert. She repeatedly says, “popsicle.” Zazon captioned the TikTok “Waitt for it…” to encourage viewers to watch the video to the end. You better do that.

Finally, the boy genius gives it a go and says, “f*ck a bus,” and then wails in delight.

That must be one good ‘f*ck a bus!’

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The final TikTok posted with the frozen treats is truly precious.


Because you guys are enjoying his version of pronouncing popsicle so much… ???????? ##fyp ##foryou ##babys

♬ original sound – mikkzazon

“Because you guys are enjoying his version of pronouncing popsicle so much…” the final TikTok is captioned.

The video shows the boy wonder sitting next to his mother, both enjoying a tender moment.

“Say ‘popsicle,”‘ Mom says.

“F*ck a bus. My f*ck a bus? F*ck a bus, mommy?” the boy asks and then points to his mother’s popsicle and says, “My f*ck a bus. F*ck a bus mommy?”

Mom, through laughter, tries to correct saying, “It’s my popsicle.”

“My f*ck a bus!” the boy wonder says again.

Mom slows down and says, “Popsicle,” encouraging her child to do the same.

“F*ck a bus, my f*ck a bus, my f*ck a bus,” the happy child exclaims.

The funny and darling TikTok videos have received millions of views.

Zazon is a social media influencer with many followers who practice body-positivity. The ‘f*ck a bus’ videos she posted have garnered over 5 million views. It’s easy to see why. This little kid is a star! Zazon is also a star who is spreading a great message.

The next time you reach for a popsicle, we hope these cute TikToks come to mind. We encourage you to come back to these videos multiple times a day because it will make you smile every single time.

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