25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Slimming down the list of possible baby names you have chosen can be a real chore. There are so many good baby names out there, how can a parent possibly pick? A good place to start is with a desired initial. If you, your partner, or a family member has a name beginning with the letter S, that could be the perfect excuse to look at baby names that start with S. Further, you might be having your second child and want to find a baby name that starts with the same letter to compliment it.

Whatever your reasoning for choosing a baby name that starts with S, there are plenty of excellent baby names waiting for you to fall in love with them. Around the world, Sophia is one of the most popular baby names for girls that start with S. In the US, you find the lovely Scarlett as a top contender as well. While those names are absolutely stunning, we want to offer you some unique baby names that start with S for you to consider. After all, variety is the spice of life! Check out these 25 unique baby names for girls that start with S to get the baby-naming ball rolling!

25. Sheridan

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

We adore the baby name Sheridan for a little girl. It is an Irish surname that has been adopted as a given name these days. Sheridan means “searcher.” This name has never cracked the US top 500 most popular baby names list. This name gives you a few options for nicknames, our favorite being Sher.

24. Saffron

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Saffron is a treasured spice that has a history of use for baby girls. You will encounter this baby name far more often in the UK, where it is a top 1000 pick, than in the US. Saffron gets its name from the Persian word zarparan meaning “gold strung.” It refers to the beautiful color of the spice.

23. Seneca

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Seneca Falls might be inspiration enough for the delightful baby name Seneca. Seneca comes from the Native American Iroquois tribe. Seneca means “people of the standing rock.” Coincidentally, Seneca was also the name of a Roman philosopher and statesman.

22. Sabra

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sabra is one of the few Hebrew baby names that are not hugely popular in the US. The term refers to a native-born Israeli and means “prickly pear.” This name landed in the US top 1000 a couple of years in the 1880s and again in the 1960s. Let’s not wait until another 100 years go by before this name gets the recognition it deserves.

21. Shira

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Another underused Hebrew baby name for girls is Shira. Shira found fleeting popularity in the US in 1985 following the introduction of the animated hero of Shira, Princess of Power. Let’s bring this baby back! Shira means “my song.” Of all the baby names on this list, Shira has one of the tenderest meanings.

20. Sachi

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sachi, which is short for Sachiko in Japanese, was given to just a handful of baby girls in the US last year. In Japanese tradition, the meanings of names change depending on the kanji used to construct them. One possible meaning of Sachi is “child of joy.” While technically Japanese, Sachi is also found in a variety of other baby naming traditions. Typically, it is considered an alternative form of Sasha in most contexts.

19. Signe

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Pronounced SIGG-neh, Signe is one of those baby names that can really throw English speakers who will want to say “sign.” Signe comes from Scandinavian tradition as an appellation meaning “new victory.” Signe could be a stylish alternative to other baby names like Sidney or Cindy. The last time this name was popular in the US was 102 years ago!

18. Sylvie

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

American parents are starting to catch on to the cute charms of the French baby name Sylvie. A chic form of the Latin name Sylvia, Sylvie means “of the forest.” This name was hugely popular in France in the 1950s and 1960s but it is considered dated today, just in time for American parents to finally discover it. Last year, Sylvie landed in the US top 1000 most popular baby names ranking at 837. You better get ahead of the trend!

17. Soleil

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Pronounced so-LAY, Soleil is another French baby name that has yet to dominate the scene in the US. Soleil means “sun” and it certainly sounds cheerful. The name gained some traction in the 1920s and again in the 1980s following the popularity of Punky Brewster‘s star Soleil Moon Frye. However, the name has never landed in the US top 1000.

16. Soledad

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

The last time the Spanish baby name was popular in the US was 1929! Soledad simply means “solitude.” It refers to the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Solitude or Maria de la Soledad). We would love for this romantic appellation to return to the top 1000 baby names list.

15. Spirit

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Spirit is not going to be every parent’s cup of tea but spiritual baby names like Destiny and Peace have paved the way for others like Spirit to land on. Spirit refers to a person or a people’s character and that could be an uplifting proposition for the right parents. However, the use of this name is fairly new so if you like it, you can always consider it as a middle name option.

14. Suki

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Commonly spelled Sookie in the US the name can be traced to Susanna, a name meaning “lily.” However, Suki is a treasured Japanese baby name that’s extremely approachable and popular today. In Japanese tradition, Suki can mean “loved one.”

13. Samira

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Samira is a baby name for girls that can be spelled a few different ways. You can spell it Sameera, Samirah, or Sameerah. We like the ease of Samira, however. Samira comes from Persian and Arabic origins and can mean “loved” or “princess” or “she who is of pleasant company and loved.” Talented actor Samira Wiley is helping put this name in the spotlight. It has been mildly popular, barely making the top 1000 list over the last decade.

12. Salome

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

A name that has long been popular in France and Europe more broadly, Salome has not received the same attention from American parents. Salomé has been a top 400 choice for baby girls since 1986. Salome was once a hit in the US until the 20th century rolled up and knocked it off the list for a century. We would love for this gentle baby name to return. Salome has Hebrew origins and means “peace.”

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11. Stasia

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Anastasia is a lot of name for many parents and baby girls. So, you might be looking for other baby names like it. Stasia is the chic, fresh alternative that we recommend. Stasia shares the same Greek root as Anastasia which means “resurrection.”

10. Sinéad

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sinéad is an Irish Gaelic baby name that means “God is gracious.” The name was imported to the US thanks to Irish musician Sinéad O’Connor. Unfortunately, this name has never stuck. Pronounced shih-NADE, this appellation sounds both approachable and strong. Nothing compares to it!

9. Shreya

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

With the meteoric rise of the Norse name Freya in recent years, you might be looking for other baby names in that same lane. We suggest considering Shreya. Shreya comes from Sanskrit and is tied to the goddess Lakshmi. The name can mean a great many things including “favorable, beautiful, fortunate,” and “auspicious.” The name has landed in the top 1000 in the US, barely making the list from 2002-2005. It’s ripe for the picking!

8. Sadiya

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

A hop, skip, and a jump from Shreya is the Arabic name Sadiya. Sadiya also means “fortunate.” Sadiya is the female form of Sa’id and you will find it used often in Muslim communities. Even though Sadiya sounds rhythmic, playful, and energetic, the name has never appeared in the US top 1000 most popular baby names. That’s a shame!

7. Sheila

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Musician Sheila E., Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and Artist Sheila Hicks are all notable American women with this beautiful name. Sheila was a wildly popular baby name until the late 1980s. It has fallen from use in recent years and will take some serious love from new parents to land it back in the top 1000. Sheila is the Irish form of Cecilia, a name with Latin origins that means “blind.”

6. Serendipity

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

One of a few literary baby names that sound as lively and happy as its meaning, Serendipity was coined by Horace Walpole for a Persian fairy tale called “The Three Princes of Serendip.” Serendipity means “unexpected good fortune” and we think it would be an attractive, offbeat choice for parents to make.

5. Sakari

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sakari has been associated with the Finnish name and form of Zachary. Thus, the name means “the Lord remembered.” Sakari has traditionally been given to both boys and girls. You will also find this name belonging to a village in India, a railway station in Japan, and historically as a name for guards of the Pharaohs of Egypt. That makes this an internationally rich baby name.

4. Sesame

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

We once heard a French mom calling out for her daughter, she said “Seh-Sah-May,” “Seh-Sah-May!” as she ran for her daughter in the park. It tooks us a couple of minutes to realize that she was calling the name Sesame but in a delightfully French accent. Whether you say it as the French do or the American pronunciation, we think Sesame is a baby name parents should consider today.

3. Sabina

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sabina is a versatile baby name for girls that has not been widely used in the US since the 1920s. This rare gem of a name is related to Sabrina but it is not simply Sabrina without the “R.” Sabina comes from an ancient Roman family name, Sabinus. It was then adapted to Sabine or Sabina in French and Italian. The Sabines are an ancient family that predated the establishment of Rome.

2. Serafina

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Seraphina is the more popular spelling in the US today, but it still has not landed in the US top 1000. Serafina could emerge as the fresher form of the name as it is the preferred version of the name by Spanish and Italian speakers. Both spellings are currently wildly popular in England and Europe and we expect it’s only a matter of time before they cross the pond. Serafina means “ardent.”

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1. Sarita

25 Unique Baby Names for Girls That Start With S

Sarita is an Italian alternative to the Hebrew baby name Sara. Sarita is a brilliant appellation because it combines two popular and beautiful names, Sara and Rita, into one special name that offers the best of both worlds. Sarita was once a popular name in the US for a brief period in the late 1950s and early 1960s. After six decades off of the list we think it’s time for this name to enjoy a renaissance.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these unique baby names for girls that start with S. Names that start with S are very popular for girls and there are a lot of them. We hope this list helped you whittle down all of your options. We love a unique baby name as it offers even more character for your child. We encourage you to go that route! Either way, happy baby name hunting!

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