We Tried the No-Knife Pineapple Hack from TikTok That Promises Easy Eating: Here’s Our Verdict

While scrolling through TikTok, I kept seeing a no-knife pineapple hack that made me think I’ve been eating pineapple all wrong. 

The original video makes it look very easy. The hack promises a “pull apart” pineapple that was easy to eat with no cutting required! You just pound and roll the pineapple a little, and you have instant bite-sized pineapple pieces! Could it be true? 

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we tried the no-knife pineapple hack from tiktok that promises easy eating: here's our verdict | while scrolling through tiktok, i kept seeing a no-knife pineapple hack that made me think i’ve been eating pineapple all wrong.
Sydney Sings / TikTok

The Pineapple Hack Promise:

In 4 easy steps, you can have a pick apart ready to eat pineapple without using a knife! Now, this made some sense to me. After all, people were probably eating pineapples before we had amazing chef knives!

Now, the internet does seem to be very torn on this hack. Some people seem to do the trick with ease, but it still looks like a messy way to eat the delicious fruit. Others seem like no matter how hard they try, it doesn’t yield results. One consensus seems to be that your pineapple needs to be very ripe! So, I found a beautiful ripe pineapple and decided to gave it a try!

Watch the original TikTok Viral Pineapple Hack Video here: 


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Pineapple Hack Steps:

no-knife pineapple hack twist off top
Bridget Coolick / Pinterest

The first step in the hack is to twist off the top of the pineapple – the part with the green leaves. You just grab it and twist. Easy enough!

no-knife pineapple hack pounding pineapple on the bottom
Bridget Coolick / Instagram

The next step is to pound the pineapple on the bottom. Just pick it up, and pound it down on the kitchen counter. This will make some noise and shake things a little, so I don’t suggest doing it before everyone in the house is awake! I repeated the pounding about 5-7 times to make sure I pounded it sufficiently.

no-knife pineapple hack rolling the pineapple on side
Bridget Coolick / Facebook

The third step requires a little bit of arm strength. You are supposed to roll the pineapple back and forth on its side while pressing down on it. Putting your weight into it is supposed to help separate the fruit from the core. Really get on top of the pineapple and push down as you roll! Some juices might start to release, especially if you have a very ripe pineapple.

no-knife pineapple hack side by side results tiktok vs. mamas uncut
My Nguyen / TikTok | Bridget Coolick / Instagram

Now for the final step – while holding the pineapple skin, pull out a piece of pineapple and eat it! You are supposed to be able to pull out a bite sized piece that should separate from the core easily. 

Verdict on the Pineapple Hack:

Though I did find it easy to pull out a piece of the skin, the pineapple fruit did not just slide out in one easy piece. It broke off and most of the fruit stayed attached to the core. Even if the hack did work like the video promises, I don’t know that I would want to eat it this way. It seems like you lose a lot of the fruit and it can be messy trying to bite it off of the thick pineapple skin.

no-knife pineapple hack pieces didn't pull apart
Bridget Coolick / Facebook

I tend to think of a hack as a trick that will make something easier or better. But this whole process is pretty physical and difficult, which doesn’t really feel like a hack to me. I ended up just using my knife to cut the pineapple and it worked out beautifully.

no-knife pineapple hack needed to use knife and cut pineapple
Bridget Coolick / Instagram
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