15 super-weird facts that totally blew our minds

15 Super-Weird Facts that Totally Blew Our Minds

Sometimes it’s helpful to put down the newspaper and instead expand your knowledge with random yet very helpful facts. If nothing else, these may end up serving us well at future parties and gatherings. Remember those?

We’ve gone through one of our favorite accounts on Instagram – @factsweird – that shares bits of knowledge that make you go hmmm.

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15 Weird Facts That Blew Our Minds

Here are some of our recent weird facts:

Sometimes not listening to your doctor means putting on the best show ever. 

Turned out to be the right choice, Freddie. 

Trees need to overcome obstacles just like humans. 

Sometimes you’ve got to be knocked down to know you can get back up again. 

This is a win-win. 

He keeps his farm and they get a better view. 

Some things are better broken. 

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Embrace your imperfections and find happiness

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The results are beautiful. 

The greatest first mate. 

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Guardian angel of sailors

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Pelorus Jack made the sea so much more friendly.

Who knew? 

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Now you know

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And to think we all thought it was just hyperbole. 

Gingers unite!

The redheads finally have a day to themselves.

Einstein gave excellent advice. 

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Great advice

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The best kind of tip.

Is this the world’s first eco-friendly car? 

We could have been relying on something other than gas this whole time?!

Brilliant business move. 

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Relying on people’s inability to spell has never been so profitable. 

This kid’s hot dog stand is legit. 

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Restoring faith in Humanity. ????

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Wonder what his Yelp reviews are like. 

Honestly, this seems like the way to go. 

Seems like they might suspect something when you start spending all that money though…

Eagle eye indeed. 

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Hence the term "Eagle eye"

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They’re always watching. 

Just another good reason to never touch a woman without consent. 

She might just bite your nose off. 

Tough babies. 

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Miracle babies..

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A miracle, indeed. 

There are so many unique facts to wrap your mind around. They’re perfect for your own enjoyment or to share during the next cocktail party you attend (or Zoom happy hour as the case may be). Be sure to check out @factsweird for daily tidbits!

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