Not Everyone was Pleased: 15 Hilarious (But Beautiful) Bad Reviews of National Parks

Most people who visit our country’s stunning national parks are blown away by all of the natural beauty that surrounds them. However, a few are, apparently, left unimpressed. The bad reviews of national parks are actually quite hilarious. Funny woman Amber Share launched an Instagram account called Subpar Parks where she shares real negative reviews of national parks with gorgeous, original illustrations of the parks. As she says in her bio, “Apparently America’s best idea wasn’t all that great.”

We’ve rounded up the 15 funniest bad reviews of national parks. From Zion National Park to Hot Springs National Park, no place is safe from bad reviews. Enjoy the feedback from those who were left underwhelmed by the natural beauty.

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“Too Many Birds” and More Funny Bad Reviews of National Parks from Subpar Parks

Sincerely, Disappointed

The jade waters and views of surrounding Canadian mountains were just not enough for this visitor who was labeled it all a “huge disappointment.”

Beach and More Beach

This reviewer was apparently looking for more than endless stunning beaches in Pacific Rim National Park.

Meh Hot Springs

Unless you’re “really” into hot springs, reconsider beholding the stunning Hot Springs National Park.

Just Another Cave

Apparently, one cave is enough for this disgruntled visitor.

Out of Touch

If you’re looking for remarkable coral reefs, we recommend a visit to Biscayne National Park, but if you’re looking for a strong phone signal… maybe skip it!

Not Crowded Enough

Apparently, this visitor was looking for more of a communal experience during a Voyageurs National Park adventure.

Loneliest Park

Sometimes you need a little companionship when visiting Alaska’s peaceful wilderness.

Plain Jane

Let’s talk about improving the lighting at Carlsbad Caverns, shall we?

Abundance of Mountains

Sure the North Cascades National Park is great, but maybe they could tone done the amount of mountains, trees, and snow.

Birds on Birds on Birds

You’ve been warned that the Channel Islands National Park has an abundance of birds.

Medium Mountains

This visitor has seen bigger mountains and was left bitter after a spin around Mount Rainier.

Bunch of Rocks

What’s the big deal about all the rocks. One star for Pinnacles National Park.

So Spiky Though

You heard it here… Bryce Canyon is too orange, too spiky.

So Very Muddy

Prepare for muddy sneakers when visiting Cuyahoga Valley!

Impersonal Scenery

Apparently Zion National Park is not keeping things personal enough for this reviewer.

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