50 Wickedly Wonderful Witchy Baby Names for Girls and Boys for Spooky Season and Beyond

If you are a parent intent on thinking outside the box, a great way to start is by considering baby names that reflect your beliefs and values. Names inspired by nature, mythology, Paganism, and witches are on the rise as many new parents want names for their children that hold deeper personal meaning than traditional names. For the many who are more spiritual and less religious, these baby names should appeal as they impart nature vibes rather than expressly theological ones.

We decided to look to deities from around the world, animal names, and Pagan or Wiccan derivatives for inspiration. These names evoke the unlocked magic that exists in this world. Additionally, these names sound excellent, bursting with beauty and character while still bringing the witchy vibes you are hoping to find. Check out these witch-inspired baby names for girls and boys.

25 Witchy Baby Names for Girls

25. Antheia

Witchy Baby Names

Antheia is one of the attendants of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. She was the demigoddess of flowers which brings this fabulous name its meaning: “flowery.”

24. Soleil

Witchy Baby Names

A handsome French word-name popularized in the US via former child TV star Soleil Moon Frye, AKA Punky Brewster. Soleil is pronounced so-LAY and means “sun.” If you’re looking for a sunny name that’s full of warmth, this would be the right choice.

23. Cybele

Witchy Baby Names

Cybele was the Anatolian mother goddess which opens up the cute nickname option, Billie. This name is pronounced SIB-el-ee and unfortunately, it is often confused with Sybil (which is also a great name!). Cybele has both French and Greek origins and means “mother of all gods.”

22. Demeter

Witchy Baby Names

Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain, agriculture, and the harvest, growth, and nourishment, was Zeus’s sister and Persephone’s mother. Variation Demetria is the full name of actress Demi Moore. Demeter is a name that’s on the rise as many parents see its obvious charms. The name has come to means “earth mother.”

21. Maeve

Witchy Baby Names

Maeve is a name of Irish origin and was the name of a warrior queen over there. Maeve appears in Irish mythology in two forms, one as the influential Queen of Connacht, the other as the queen of the fairies. Maeve of Connacht was a warrior queen, famous for starting a war in attempt to steal her ex-husband’s stud bull. The meaning of the name is “she who intoxicates.” Some might even call that bewitching.

20. Juno

Witchy Baby Names

Juno is an ancient name that feels as fresh. The moniker has Latin origins and means “queen of the heavens.” Juno was the sister and wife (gross!) of Jupiter, and the mother of Mars and Vulcan. The patron goddess of Rome and protector of women and marriage.

19. Morrigan

Witchy Baby Names

Morrigan is the name of three Irish sister-goddesses primarily associated with themes as battle and sovereignty. She can turn into a crow among other animals, completing her image as a goddess of death. You’ll more commonly hear her sister-name Morgan who was a legendary Arthurian sorceress. Both are exceptional names, but Morrigan offers a touch more variety today.

18. Medea

Witchy Baby Names

In Greek mythology, Medea was a sorceress from Colchis who helped Jason gain the Golden Fleece. They were married, but eventually, Jason left her for another woman. For revenge Medea slew Jason’s new lover and also had her own children by Jason killed. No one is going to mess with a girl named Medea! This Greek name means “to plan.”

17. Runa

Witchy Baby Names

Runa is an Old Norse name that is a form of Rune which means “secret.” The name can also mean “sixth month” in the Arabic tradition. Runa would be a welcome alternative to Luna which has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years.

16. Sirona

Witchy Baby Names

Celtic Sirona was a healing goddess associated with healing springs. She was often depicted with eggs or snakes. Healing shrines and temples were erected across Europe in honor of the goddess. The name has Gaulish origins and probably comes from roots that mean “star” and “to belong.”

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15. Thalia

Witchy Baby Names

Thalia was one of the Three Graces in Greek mythology, and also the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, making this a Hellenic choice worthy of consideration. This downright gorgeous name means “to flourish.” It’s correctly pronounced THAH-lee-ah but be prepared to defend that fact.

14. Nimue

Witchy Baby Names

In the Arthurian legend, Nimue was the sorceress who stole Lancelot when he was an infant. She was also instrumental in Merlin’s downfall. This name means “memory.” If you’ve ever heard of the mythic “Lady of the Lake,” that lady is Nimue.

13. Fortune

Witchy Baby Names

Born Violet Mary Firth in 1890, Dion Fortune was a British occultist and author, thought of by many as a modern-day witch. She wrote prolifically about the occult in both fiction and non-fictional works. She was the foremost figure in early 1900s British occultism.  In mythology, Fortune was the Roman goddess of “good fate” which gives this name its meaning.

12. Isobel

Witchy Baby Names

Tried and executed for witchcraft in 1662, Isobel Gowdie is notable for her full confession, which she gave of her own volition, without being tortured like so many other women of the time. Isobel claimed to be “entertained” by the Queen of the Fairies, in her home “under the hills.” Isobel is the Scottish spelling of Isabel, a name that comes from Elizabeth.

11. Malin

Witchy Baby Names

Known as the Great Noise, the largest witch trial in Swedish history brought forth a tenacious Swedish widow. In July 1676, Malin Matsdotter was reported for witchcraft by her daughters who claimed Malin took them took Satanic Sabbaths. She maintained her innocence until the very end when she was burned alive, becoming Sweden’s only known woman to suffer the fate. Malin is a name found across Scandinavia and it means “from Magdela” or “high tower.”

10. Moneta

Witchy Baby Names

Many people would link this name to money, but Moneta was the Roman goddess of memory. Moneta was used as an epithet Moneta that was used for Juno which came from the Greek moneres, meaning “alone” or “unique.” Juno was the goddess of funds, and thus moneta became associated with money and coinage. The words “money” and “mint” in English, as well as many other European languages, are derived from moneta. However, the name means “to remind.”

9. Brigid

Witchy Baby Names

Brigid is the name of three Celtic sister-goddesses who offer various functions for society, such as healing, poetry, and smithcraft. Her name means “exalted one.” This name is the perfect alternative to Brigette and it is a beloved Irish classic.

8. Persephone

Witchy Baby Names

Persephone is the Greek daughter of Demeter, who was kidnapped by Hades and forced to marry him. In wintertime, she lives with the King of the Dead in the underworld, and in the spring, she is allowed to visit her mother, ushering in a new season of fertility. The name has found favor in the US lately and is now ranked in the top 1000 which is curious considering it means “bringer of death.”

7. Anaka

Witchy Baby Names

Anaka is an interesting name that could work as a play on Annika. Anaka, also called Anuket or Anukis meaning “embracer,” was the divine personification of the Nile in Egypt.

6. Aura

Witchy Baby Names

In Greek mythology, Aura was the Titan of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of the early morning. But at odds with her peaceful character, the mythological Aura is a tragic figure, ultimately metamorphosed into a fountain by Zeus. This name means “soft breeze.”

5. Willow

Witchy Baby Names

The Willow tree has long been associated with magic and the supernatural. Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a function of that fact, not the originator. That’s not to say she wasn’t our favorite character on the show! The willow is believed by the Romani to possess the ability to heal the sick and rejuvenate the aged. Willow is an English name that means…. “willow tree.”

4. Charis

Witchy Baby Names

One of the Greek Graces, Charis was the goddess of charm, creativity, and nature. Charis thus means “grace” in the Greek tradition. If you’re looking for an alternative to the name Charity, this would be the one.

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3. Amethyst

Witchy Baby Names

Amethyst, the purple birthstone for February, has never been in the top 1000 but could have some appeal, joining similarly-hued Violet and Lilac, all of which make great names for Aquarius babies or names for February babies. If you’re into crystals, this name would be absolutely perfect.

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2. Brita

Witchy Baby Names

Brita (also spelled, Britta) makes our list for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the name has origins in both Gaelic and Swedish as a form of Brigid and Birgit. It too shares its meaning with Brigid as “exalted one” or “high goddess.” The Swedish form means “strength.”

As with Malin Matsdotter, Brita Zipple and Anna Zipple were also caught up in those Swedish witch trials. Brita survived two previous witch trials before being executed as part of the Great Noise. She allegedly cursed everyone involved, including onlookers, before her death.

1. Hecate

Witchy Baby Names

Hecate was the Greek goddess of witchcraft and necromancy. This name is pronounced heh-KAH-teh. The name may mean “willpower” or “far-reaching.” She was often associated with the moon and with storms, making this name a good alternative to more familiar names like Selena, Luna, and Tempest. Hecate will likely turn heads, in a good way.

25 Witchy Baby Names for Boys

25. Castor

Witchy Baby Names

Castor is one of the twins that make up the constellation Gemini and a mythological name. This Greek name means “pious one.” Castor also has the added benefit of sounding like “caster” as in spellcaster.

24. Rowan

Witchy Baby Names

Celtic names are highly popular with the Pagans since most of their traditions come from the Old Celtic practices. One such name is Rowan, which means “tree.” The rowan tree is a tree with red berries that’s said to both attract and repel witches.

23. Neptune

Witchy Baby Names

Neptune would be a bold choice, but not an impossible one. Neptune is a name the belonged to the Roman god of the sea. The name also belongs to the eighth planet in our solar system. The name Neptune is so old it predates Latin and the origin of is debated many scholars believe the name means “damp clouds.”

22. Angus

Witchy Baby Names

Angus is a name with Celtic origins which refers to the god of wisdom and wit. It means “special one.” This name is heavily favored in Scotland and we’d love to see it even more in the US.

21. Abraxas

Witchy Baby Names

Abraxas has a long and convoluted history, dating back to ancient Egyptian mythology and the Gnostics who worshiped him as the Supreme Being. The name Abraxas was carved on antique gemstones that were used as charms. The word Abracadabra came from this Persian name.

20. Sindri

Witchy Baby Names

Sindri is a boy’s name of Norse origin meaning “mythical dwarf.” Musician Bjork chose Sindri for her son. This would be a fun one to tell your little one about. Imagine hearing that your name means “mythical dwarf” for the first time.

19. Bran

Witchy Baby Names

Bran is the Celtic god of the underworld whose symbol is the raven. If you’re getting Brandon Stark vibes, it’s no coincidence. George RR Martin most likely chose the name and the character’s attributes after the figure. Bran means “broom-covered hill.”

18. Dagur

Witchy Baby Names

In the US, you’re going to turn some heads with a name like Dagur. However, it’s one of the top boys’ names in Iceland and is the personification of day. His mother is Nott, or night, and together they are thought to ride in a chariot around the earth every 24 hours. Thus, Dagur means “day.”

17. Elio

Witchy Baby Names

Elio is derived from Helios the Greek sun god. Elio is a very, very popular name for boys in France right now. It’s the perfect alternative to Oliver and means “the sun.”

16. Janus

Witchy Baby Names

The meaning of this ancient Roman god’s name relates to transitions, hence its connection to the name of the first month of the new year, a time of fresh beginnings. Janus is usually depicted as a two-faced god facing in opposite directions since he looks both to the future and the past. This name means “gateway” and it’s great for all boys but most special for those born in January.

15. Temple

Witchy Baby Names

Temple is an English surname that means “sanctuary.” This is a perfect gender-neutral option that is surprisingly secular.

14. Kirin

Witchy Baby Names

Kirin is a mythical Chinese figure that is a flying horse with elements of a dragon. Kirin has brilliant cross-culture appeal as it sounds similar to the Irish name Kieran or Ciarán which means “dark-haired.”

13. Lugh

Witchy Baby Names

Lugh is the Irish god of the harvest, who also oversees truth, the law, and the arts. His magic includes a fiery spear and a boat that sails itself (Tesla before Tesla). Lugh is a polished up version of Lou that we absolutely love.

12. Narfi

Witchy Baby Names

The name of two figures in Norse mythology: one the father of Nótt, the personification of the night; the other a son of Loki and Sigyn, who is transformed into a wolf! The name can mean “narrow” or “demon of the dead.”

11. Paris

Witchy Baby Names

The first famous Paris was a mythological prince of incredible beauty. It’s not just the name of a romantic city, Paris of legend also was partly to blame for the Trojan War. The Greek origins of this name translate to “wallet.”

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10. Tristan

Witchy Baby Names

Tristan is a dragon-slaying hero of Celtic legend, whose story was incorporated into Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, in which Tristan is one of the Knights of the Round Table, consumed by his doomed love affair with Queen Isolde. This beautiful name has emerged as a favorite for both boys and girls. The name means “sorrowful” or “noise.”

9. Silvanus

Witchy Baby Names

In Roman mythology, Silvanus was the god of the forests. He protected farmers and fields and was credited with developing a system for marking field boundaries. Thus the name means “forest.” If you’d like the precursor to Silas, this is the one.

8. Jasper

Witchy Baby Names

Jasper originated as a variation of the Latin Gaspar, which ultimately derived from the Persian word ganzabara, meaning “bringer of treasure.” The name also belongs to quartz making it one of the few gem names for boys.

7. Taranis

Witchy Baby Names

Taranis was the Celtic god of thunder, the equivalent of the Norse god Thor. This handsome name means “thunder.” Will everyone think your child’s name is Tyrannosaurus? Possibly!

6. Pan

Witchy Baby Names

Pan is the Greek god with the legs of a goat and the body of a pipes-playing man known for his mischievousness. Pan is also the god of shepherds, pastures, and fertility. The name means “all.” And, trust us, this name is everything in one small package.

5. Silver

Witchy Baby Names

Silver has long been associated with magic and healing and has a reputation for being able to ward against evil and destroy evil creations. Werewolves and sometimes vampires have been popularly believed to be particularly vulnerable to silver. As a name, Silver comes from Middle English as an occupational name for silversmiths.

4. Finn

Witchy Baby Names

This pagan boy’s name belongs to the hunter whose hair turned gray prematurely, giving him the name Finn. The greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn MacCool aka Fionn mac Cuumhaill was an intrepid warrior with mystical supernatural powers, noted as well for his wisdom and generosity.

3. Sage

Witchy Baby Names

Sage is a delicious and useful herb that we love as a name for both boys and girls. Sage has Latin origins and means “prophet.” Think of the wise sage.

2. Astro

Witchy Baby Names

The Greek name Astro means “of the stars.” This is not just a name for dogs! Astro is storied and starry-eyed. You could always go with Cosmo too, or even Astraeus, the Greek Titan god of dusk and wind.

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1. Oberon

Witchy Baby Names

The Shakespearean character Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is King of the Fairies. In German legend, Oberon is also found as a fairy king. This variation of Auberon means “noble.” Go ahead and choose this name before it blows up as we expect it to in the coming years.

There you go! Now you have some awesome witch-inspired baby names to consider. Whether you are about to welcome a little one on or near Halloween (Samhain) or you want to celebrate your beliefs, any excuse is a good one to choose one of these fabulous witchy names. Happy baby naming!

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