This Woman Really Can’t Get Over How Tiny Her New Engagement Ring Is, and Unsurprisingly People Don’t Have Much Sympathy

One woman was less than impressed after her fiancé put a ring on it because, well, the rock just wasn’t big enough. 

The bride-to-be took to Netmums to vent her disappointment over her new, tiny engagement ring. In the now-deleted post, the anonymous woman shared that her partner popped the question on a recent vacation and she was left feeling underwhelmed by his ring selection. 

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Woman can’t get over the tiny size of her engagement ring.

This Woman Really Can't Get Over How Tiny Her New Engagement Ring Is
Credit: Netmums

According to Cafe Mom, she admitted that the ring is “lovely,” but not what she had envisioned. 

“It’s a platinum, round brilliant cut solitaire 0.8 carat,” she shared. “He had it made from a reputable firm and it cost just shy of £5k.”

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“I know — this sounds awful, but for that money surely I shouldn’t be feeling this way? It still wasn’t quite what I wanted.”

To make matters worse, her fiancé is absolutely clueless about her true feelings. 

“My poor fiancé thinks I’m staring at it because I am SO in love with it.” 

The writer went on to say that she can’t shake it and continues to compare her bauble to other engagement rings. 

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“He said he wanted me to have a ‘better’ ring to be proud and show off, but mine looks tiny compared to my friends’ rings, it makes no sense. What’s not helping is the setting is very low so it’s quite flat to my hand … “

She was quick to clarify that she isn’t a bad person and is hoping for advice on how to proceed.

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“I’m not a shallow or fickle person I promise. I’m working class and love my fiancé with all my heart — but I’m struggling to get past this and being soul destroyingly honest in the hope someone can give me some good advice.”

“Do I live with a ring forever I’m not that mad about or do I talk to him about it again?” 

While she was looking for empathy, many in the online community were quick to label her shallow and ungrateful. 

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While her engagement ring was a bust, here’s hoping that the Netmum user and her husband-to-be can find a way to live happily ever after.

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