Woman Takes to Reddit After Her Mother-In-Law Called Her Names Because She Had to Shave Her Head While Going Through Chemotherapy

Losing your hair over time while undergoing cancer treatment can be traumatic. That’s why one woman decided to take her power back by shaving off all of her hair after chemotherapy caused it to start falling out in clumps. 

It’s during this time that she likely needed more support than ever, but instead, her courageous move was met with laughter by an insensitive mother-in-law. 

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The woman took to Reddit to share her hurt over the fact that her MIL laughed in her face after discovering that she’d shaved her head. “I’m fighting cancer. An early-stage, fortunately, so things should go well,” the Reddit user wrote.

Woman Furious With Her Mother-In-Law’s Response After She Had to Shave Her Head Due to Chemo Treatments

Woman Shares Mother-In-Laws Awful Response to Shaved Head

“Right now I’m going through chemo, which means I’m losing my hair. Today I got sick and tired of finding hair everywhere I go, so I decided to just shave it off and call it a day. It’s not so bad as I thought it would be, I kinda like this look actually.”

While the woman was feeling confident in her decision, her MIL decided to come over and ruin the moment. “MIL came over, saw me without hair and just burst into laughter,” she continued in her post.

“She was laughing aloud as if she just heard the funniest joke ever. She was like ‘Oh my God, you look as if God was drunk when he made a human! You look like a damn shaved egg! You look like an inmate that has got out of prison after decades! Jesus, you look so silly!’”

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Thankfully, the woman’s son immediately stood up for his mom and told his grandmother that her comments were not appreciated. Not taking the hint, the mother-in-law went on to advise her daughter-in-law to wear a wig. “I told her that whether I wear a wig or not will be my choice and her comments are highly inappropriate and I don’t have to tolerate it in my own house.”

Thankfully, the Reddit community had her back and offered encouraging words and outrage over her mother-in-law’s cruel remarks. We’re wishing this brave woman a full recovery and much-needed space from certain family members.

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