25 Super Funny Tweets from @DaddyDoubts About Parenting and the Dumb Things Kids Do

If you don’t already know about Daddy Doubts AKA WTFDAD, a hilarious dad who loves sharing his observations about married life and parenting on Twitter, let us introduce you. Parenting is a lot of things all at once and Doubts manages to condense the comedy, insanity, absurdity, and love into perfect little tweets. The internet can be a toxic place, but Doubts manages to keep things equally trashy and always nails a good dad joke.

We decided to look at some of Daddy Doubts’ latest tweets and share some of the funniest with you to give you a taste of what he’s all about. If you’re a parent, you know how bonkers raising a child is. Doubts is a father to a toddler and he’s clearly going through it. Here are 25 incredible tweets about parenting and marriage that will bring a smile to your face and let you know that you’re not alone. It really is as bad as you think it is.


Well, dad tried to warn that little one!

The Bostonian

We’re glad the toddler has an accent to match his behavior.


This. Tolerating your own children is a tall order. Tolerating the children of others is just impossible.


At a certain point, the patience runs thin. You have to weigh whether you’ll yell at them at night to get them to bed or in the morning when they’re a grumpy demon for not going to bed.

Streaming Into the Future

They grow up so fast. But, not fast enough.

Needs Vacation from Vacation

Traveling, in general, isn’t all too pleasurable. With kids, it’s worse than you ever imagined.

The Truthsayer

This tweet is perfect. Yes, cheese is happiness and this little toddler is refreshingly honest about it.

The Sun By Any Other Name

Soak up the Bob, there’s a new name for the sun and you better like it.

Take a Breath

We appreciate this toddler’s brutal honesty about butt-breathing.


This tweet feels so right. A wise dad right here.

The Most

2020 doesn’t seem to stop. Some days, neither do the children. Please take a break.


All relationships are transactional. Marriage just so happens to be the most transparent example.

Sweet Land of Puberty

With puberty and justice for all! A kid delivering a winner like this is the only rewarding part of being a parent.

They Raise You

Bath-snacks are criminally underrated. Any toddler will teach you this.

Not Asked, But Answered

A toddler can really turn a conversation around in an instant. The ruthlessness.


How is this toddler so savage?

Lunch is Served

Can you argue with this reasoning?


There’s no rhyme or reason for why they do anything. Expect to find every light in every room on at any given point of the day.

Fatherhood in a Tweet

The first step is admitting it to yourself. Your adult friends have known for some time now.

The Disownment

Every Chicagoan fears the day this happens. It’s just not right.

Romance 2020

Romance in the time of corona is a lot dumber than we thought it would be.

The Talent

Some kids aren’t messing around. They’ll go full method on a parent without a warning.

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Rules Are Rules

Playtime means the kids are the boss. That’s how it works.

Cheese Please

Again. We appreciate this child’s uncorrupted love of dairy.

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Just Like Dad

Like father, like son. A beautiful thing to behold.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed this very funny parenting tweets from one of our favorite dads on Twitter.

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