5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Her Mom Is An Alien After Finding Her Passport

This adorable 5-year-old was beyond upset when she found her mom’s passport. Why? Because she thought it meant she was an alien.

Shaakira Brandon posted a video on Sept. 20 of her 5-year-old daughter, Nala-Joye, crying over the passport at their home in Houston, Texas.

5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Her Mom Is An Alien After Finding Her Passport
Image via Instagram

The image of a planet printed on the inside of the documentation is what left the little girl frightened as she believed it was planet Earth. Bradon believes the reaction is due to watching the film “Men in Black.” 

In the science-fiction comedy films, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith play two agents of a secret organization called the “Men in Black,” who monitor aliens living on Earth and hide their existence from humans.

“My daughter found my passport today & she thought it was paperwork to show I’m an alien,” Brandon wrote on Twitter. “Shoulda never let her watch (‘Men in Black’).”

“Why are you crying?” Brandon can be heard asking Nala-Joye in the video, who replies by opening up the passport to the page with the planet image.

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“And what do you think that means?” Brandon asks her.

“You’re an alien!” Nala-Joye yelps through tears. Her mother then attempts to explain the images in the passport to her daughter in an effort to calm her child down.

The Twitter clip has since gone viral with. over2.7 million views, including one from Ed Soloman, the screenwriter of the first 1997 “Men in Black” film.

“My bad,” Solomon wrote in response to the video. “I’m sorry.”

5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Her Mom Is An Alien After Finding Her Passport
Image via Instagram

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Others were quick to jump in on the fun, with one user saying: “She should have told her that that makes her an half alien.”

Followed by: “This how I know I can’t have kids cuz I would have started speaking beep bop and trolling her harder lmaooooo.”

While others shamed the mom for not being more thoughtful of her actions.

“This is a prime example of the parents should be very careful with what they allow their children to watch. This child was very much upset and serious and could be affected for a very long time,” one user said.

While another commented: “Not really funny, this child is frightened; even if, through adult eyes, it seems absurd, she needs someone to reassure her.”

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