Amy Schumer Wants Son Gene to Stay His Current Age Forever, Despite Him Having His First Temper Tantrum

The paradox of motherhood: The goal is to help raise our children, to help them grow up safe and happy, to usher them into productive adulthood… And yet, most of us would love it if they stayed babies forever. Amy Schumer is no different.

The comedian shared an adorable photo of her 14-month-old son, Gene David Fischerformerly Gene Attell Fischer — and a caption that sums up that paradox just perfectly.

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Amy Schumer Would Prefer It if Son Gene Would Stop Growing Up So Fast…

“I don’t want this age to end HELP!,” Schumer captioned a photo of her and Gene in a pool together. Sorry, Amy. We wish we could help. We can’t. They just keep growing. There’s no stopping it. Apparently that’s what’s supposed to happen???

Still, it’s interesting that Amy claims to want Gene to stay 14-months forever because she also recently revealed that her son had her first-ever temper tantrum. Uh oh!

… Which Is Weird Because He’s Officially Reached the Temper Tantrum Stage

In an Instagram post featuring a photo of Amy next to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Amy said, “We are so excited to announce that I’m Joe Biden’s running mate! Just kidding but really any advice for a 14 month old who just had his first tantrum? I feel like he’s testing me.”

She then gave an actual plug for Biden. But to be honest, we’re most curious about this temper tantrum. Give us the details, Amy! Was it a full-on meltdown? Our favorites!

Earlier this year, Amy revealed that she and husband Chris Fischer had to change their son’s name after they realized — months after his birth — that they’d accidentally named him “Genital Fissure.” (If you don’t get it, say his original name — Gene Attell Fischer — really quickly and you’ll get there.)

But through name changes and temper tantrums — and a world filled with chaos — Amy and her family have been keeping it real on Instagram and elsewhere. Amy frequently shares updates about Gene as well as candid updates about her life as a mom, her career, and the things she’s passionate about. That’s why we love her so.

Amy’s new documentary, Expecting Amy, premieres on HBO Max July 9. The three-part documentary will showcase “the struggle, strength and ambition that has made Amy Schumer one of the singular comic voices of all time. It takes viewers behind-the-scenes as Schumer battles through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy while documenting the formation of a comedy special. It’s like Jerry Seinfeld’s movie Comedian if he had been pregnant.”

We honestly can’t wait!

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