15 Hilarious Baby Yoda Memes To Make Your 2020 Suck a Little Less

Little Baby Yoda is an internet phenomenon. Also known as the character “The Child” in Disney+’s The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda can now come to you in the form of a succulent planter, plush toy, clothing, and even a life-size version, if your heart so desires.

In honor of the little guy who’s taken pop culture by storm, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Baby Yoda memes (and there are many).

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15 Hilarious Baby Yoda Memes

Perfect – looks like it’s clear enough to drive.

Sometimes there’s just no time to wait until the entire windshield is defrosted so off we go!

It’s obvious, no?

Ok, fine, I will also take this opportunity to tell you all about my strengths.

The aftermath of enjoying any cold brew beverage.

Just going to lay down in the fetal position for a bit, wide awake, until my heart rate goes back down to normal.

Does this still count as a workout?

Planning to launch a gym with a bar so that you can eat and drink while watching other people work out.  

The dog guards nothing but his hunger.

How can you not wake up when a door is slammed, but come barreling in the door whenever I’m trying to eat my snacks in peace?!

Six feet or nothing!

Never been more aware of the close talkers of the world.   

If it’s Netflix, I marathon on the regular.  

If it makes it any better, I do get up and down frequently while watching Netflix to get drinks, snacks and to go to the bathroom.

It all depends on what’s in the bag.

Planning on eating the food regardless, but my ability to move on is dependent on the quality of the food.  

Isn’t this the dream job for everyone?

*Immediately Googles “jobby openings:” 0 results.

The truest of statements.

Always just one wrist sprain away from getting the groceries in the car without dropping everything in the parking lot.

Didn’t even realize there were other sizes to be honest.

What’s the point of ordering a pizza if it’s not going to be personal?

This is awkward. Best to pretend nothing happened.

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Accurate ????????????

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Just going to keep these sunglasses on until this whole thing blows over.

Just brushing up on my pumpkin carving skills ahead of Halloween.

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Me. ???? #Halloween #BabyYodaMemes #PumpkinSeason ????

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Pumpkin spice is a mainstay flavor in the house all year round.

Please block off a minimum of 20 minutes for me to tell you about my favorite feline.

I know you’re not asking, but I can see it in your face that you want to hear everything about Pickle. Take a seat and I’ll start at the beginning.

Seriously, though, where did the time go?

Forget it, I’m just going to start planning my Thanksgiving menu because we’re basically there.

It’s fair to say that Baby Yoda’s fame goes far behind Mandalorian – and perhaps the little guy is even more entertaining off-screen than on. With all the Baby Yoda content available, we have a feeling the little guy is here to stay.

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