I Desperately Need Christmas Gift Ideas for My Husband of 10 Years: Advice?

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QUESTION: I Need Christmas Gift Ideas for My Husband of 10 Years: Help!

“So not a mom question… but I NEED HELP!!!! Sorry if it’s a bit long…

Sooo my husband and I have been together for ten years with three kids. I am COMPLETELY at a loss at what to get him for Christmas & need ideas!! Last year I bought him a new ring; I have ready bought him every personal gift I can think of, every dad shirt I’ve seen, coffee cups/mugs.

I know I am getting him shoes, but other than that, I have no idea!! Also, he doesn’t play games or golf or really use tools….any ideas would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!”

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I Desperately Need Christmas Gift Ideas for My Husband of 10 Years: Advice?

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“I literally keep a list on my phone throughout the year when he says “that’s cool” or “I’d like one of those” so at Christmas time I have ideas. I have in the past made a date box. It’s a decorated box that has 12 pre-planned date night ideas with the money or gift certificates inside. Some we could do at home with kids and some required a babysitter but you open the envelope for each month on the 1st and then pick a day to do the Date that month so you’d have time to get a sitter if needed…

… Some of the dates were like in December to drive around drinking hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights or in summer-like June or July to have a picnic outdoors together or in March to have dinner at home and then go to a restaurant just to buy fancy dessert. He loved it and it was a gift that kept on giving all year!

“I ordered my man crate full of jerky… it has everything from elk to ostrich in it. He is a hunter.”

“What about a donation to a local charity in his name?”

“I see some women do a sexy photo shoot and then make a book out of it for their hubby!”

“A certificate for a massage at a spa. Guys are sometimes iffy about it but once they go they cant stop. I did it for my boyfriend and now he cant stop going lol!”

“Goodie bag. Bit of everything in there. From funky socks and hankies to his fav chocolate.”

“Do a scavenger hunt around the house. Do hints at his favorite things in the house & at the end, you are the gift. I’m sure any man would love to have just their woman on any holiday as a gift. Why unwrap a gift when they have the special one? Also, give a list of ideas you can spend throughout the year. Places he likes going to ex.. hiking, favorite restaurant. Spread the cheer all year long.”

“Grill tools, new hat, tablet, nice jeans, a series of a favorite tv show, nice sunglasses, fishing gear, i always buy mine a big thing of his favorite whiskey (he drinks it on holidays), a personalized ornament, a sexy photo shoot, nice wallet.”

“For my husband I had a picture printed of him and our daughter and framed it and gonna write a poem with it! Best gift any man could ever get!”

“I gave my hubby an ancestry dna kit, and he loved it! Always gets on and looks up where his family comes from, and finds long lost cousins etc. It’s pretty interesting. And not overly expensive.”

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