Dad Urges Kids To Protest Against Mother For Not Sharing Her “Shed” Space

With the coronavirus pandemic, more than ever families are facing the challenge of finding their own space — even in larger homes.

A mother of five spent an entire month restoring an old camper for some peace and quiet but now, her family is at war with who it truly belongs to.

dad urges kids to protest against mother for not sharing her "shed" space
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“Since everyone is home now and confined indoors, my family of 7 has been trying to find their own space,” she began. 

“The kids (13,11, 7, 7, 5) have bedrooms to play in (the two oldest have their own rooms, the 3 youngest share a room). They also have two playrooms. One in the basement full of big games (air hockey, computers, etc) and the smaller room upstairs which is usually used for crafting, reading, dress up etc.,” the mom posted to Reddit.

Her husband also has a “man cave” but no one is allowed in, except for his wife so she can clean it. Oof.

dad urges kids to protest against mother for not sharing her "shed" space
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The woman’s father reached out a few weeks back asking if she minded taking an old camper off his hands as he had not used it much but as it was in an accident, he could not resell it.

“As my little side activity I’ve been fixing it up,” she says. “Alone. My husband and kids thought it was dirty and smelly. But after a month of trial and error it’s pretty and useable. I painted it. Added decorations. Made [into] my own little area. It even has heat, water and electricity.”

Then, the other day, the mom caught her kids playing in it. When she told them it was “mommy’s area,” they called her “mean,” and her husband agreed.

“Later that same day my husband told me I was rude and selfish and that I should share with the children. He said that when he is in his Man Cave he can hear the kids playing games and it’s distracting.”

dad urges kids to protest against mother for not sharing her "shed" space
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But the mom decided to stand by her decision.

“I said ‘No. I have no place of my own.’ He told me that I have the whole house to myself, which is not true since I share it.”

The dad furthered his “attack” and had the kids protest. He instructed the four youngest children to write her letters explaining why they should have her area.

“I was so upset with my husband and my kids but I also feel so guilty.”

The mom also shared how they have an extensive play area outside, along with a swing set, pool, and playhouse they never use. 

“My husband and kids are revolting against me. No one will talk to me. Everyone including my husband calls me ‘MEAN MOMMY.'”

Should she give in and let her kiddos have it or keep it-?! Comment below!

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