Doctors Warn Women Not To Remove Their IUD After TikTok Mom Goes Viral For Doing Just That

A TikTok woman who pulled out her own IUD is causing medical experts to warn others against the “DIY” methods.

Single mom Mikkie Gallagher filmed herself removing her IUD at home and it caused quite the stir on TikTok.

While Gallagher shared the clip a few months ago (which has since been removed from TikTok) it just began garnering traction.

The mom sported a pair of medical gloves before urging her followers to “Come along for a little DIY IUD removal.”

She then went on to warn her viewers she was “diving right in.”

It should be noted, however, the video is not graphic. The audience can only view Gallagher’s top half, and she’s fully clothed, and her bottom half is off-camera. The clip had a text caption narration to explain what Gallagher was experiencing as she was well, uh, experiencing it.

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But the removal did not end in mere seconds — it actually took a few minutes for her to locate it, find the strings and pull out the birth control device. As she did so, it looked like she was in pain for just a moment on the TikTok video.

The clip then skips ahead, revealing the IUD outside of Gallagher’s uterus. She showcased it to the camera to prove that she’d pulled it out and quickly gave her own review of the removal.

“A lot easier than I thought tbh,” she wrote in the video caption. “Catch of the day: Mirena IUD, 2 inches.”

“This is NOT medical advice,” she captioned the post. But she did note that the entire thing “only took 2 minutes.”

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An expert who spoke with Cosmo said women should not be conducting removals by themselves and certainly not from TikTok.

“1 in 2 women do not actually know where their cervix is,” Dr. Nitu Bajekal, a gynecologist and women’s health expert, shared with the outlet. She added that “as the IUD is placed deep in the womb, it can be quite a challenge to grasp the threads and remove it without the proper equipment.”

Instead, Bajekal encouraged folks to make an appointment to see your doctor, as it is worth the wait.

“Medical professionals have special equipment, lighting and clinical experience that makes a potentially unpleasant procedure generally a very minor one,” she shared.

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