225 Earthy Boy Names That Celebrate Plants, Animals & So Much More

Earthy boy names reflect our natural world and impart a love of animals, plants, and topographic grandeur. Parents today are choosing nature-inspired names more than ever before as the delicate balance between earth and humans is challenged because of climate change and the climate disasters we now experience at an unprecedented rate. Earthy boy names might come directly from the name of a plant or animal or be hidden in a name’s root meaning.

Further, you can find nature-inspired names by looking to various mythologies around the world that appoint certain gods that hold dominion over various aspects of nature. There’s no shortage of these names and we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of names for you to consider. Take a look below to discover the perfect earthy name for your son!

Get Inspired by These Earthy Boy Names That Celebrate the Natural World.

Botanical Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Florian– A distinguished and established name, Florian has Latin roots that mean “flower.”
  • Betony– A virtually unused name, Betony is also the name of a wildflower.
  • Campion– Campion is a French name that means “champion.” However, campion wildflowers are beloved for their pink and red petals.
  • Rue– A gender-neutral option kicks this list off! Rue is the perfect unisex choice that works for boys thanks to it sounding close to Drew. Rue was treasured by the ancient Romans for its medicinal applications. However, the name means “regret.”
  • Sage– Another beloved herb by the Romans, Sage is a special name meaning “wise.”

More Botanical Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Reed– The name Reed enjoys English origins and is associated with boys with red hair. Reeds, of course, are the grassy plant often found growing near marshes.
  • Zahur– Zahur has Egyptian and Arabic roots and is one of a few nature boy names that means “flower.”
  • Oleander– Not only is Oleander a mashup of wildly popular Oliver and Alexander, Oleander names a flowering shrub.
  • Basil– Basil comes from a Greek root meaning “kingly.” It’s why basilicas are called such. Basil is also the name of a beloved herb!
  • Sorrel– An edible herb with reddish-purple flowers, sorrels have a scrumptious name. Sorrel is also a French name meaning “reddish.”

Other Botanical Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Lars– A Scandinavian from the Latin Laurentius, meaning “crowned with laurel.”
  • Rhodes– A great option from Greek origin, meaning “where the roses grow.”
  • Rye– A playful word name that names a grassy grain.
  • Timothy– A name of Greek origin that means “honoring God,” but also a type of grass that’s harvested as hay.
  • Acacius– A Latinate form of a Greek name, Akakios, the root of which means “thorny” or “innocent.”

More Botanical Earthy Boy Names to Fall In Love With

Earthy Boy Names
  • Moss– An English name that means “descendent of Moses,” but also a word name belonging to a plant that grows in damp environments.
  • Fraser– A name found in both Scottish and French naming traditions with a root that means “strawberry.”
  • Indigo– A name of Greek origin that means “Indian dye,” the treasured dye in ancient times also names a bushy plant.
  • Bentley– A bold choice and name that means “meadow with coarse grass.”
  • Myron– A fragrant name from Greek that refers to the aromatic shrub called “myrrh.”

Final Botanical Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Laramie – A name of French origin that means “canopy of leafy boughs.”
  • Naim – A name found in both Scottish and Arabic tradition, meaning “river with alder trees” and “happy.”
  • Florent– An offbeat yet handsome name of French origin derived from a Latin root that means “flowering.”
  • Aeron– An accessible Welsh name that means “berry.”
  • Rosen– A flowery choice of German or Bulgarian origin meaning “burning bush” or “rose.”

Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Trees

Earthy Boy Names
  • Ewan– Scottish Gaelic, Ewan, means “born of the yew tree.”
  • Rowan– The Rowan tree gave us the Scottish name Rowan. In Ireland, the name means “redhead.”
  • Ash– From the Hebrew name Asher, Ash also refers to the Ash tree.
  • Oren– A Hebrew name that means “laurel” and “pine tree.”
  • Elon– Another Hebrew treasure, Elon means “oak tree.”

More Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Trees

Earthy Boy Names
  • Birch– Birch refers to the tree but it’s an established name that means “dweller in the birch forest.”
  • Branch– Of all the nature names on this list, we imagine that Branch might be the most polarizing. We think it works, but if it seems like to much of a stretch, don’t!
  • Cedar– Cedar comes from Latin roots and indeed means “cedar tree.”
  • Leif– Scandinavian name Leif actually means “heir” but it’s pronounced just like the word leaf.
  • Banyan– The name of a tropical Indian fig tree, Banyan translates to mean “the God tree.”

More Tree Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Lennox– A handsome name of Scottish origin, meaning “elm grove.”
  • Nash– Another name of English origin, meaning “by the ash tree.”
  • Ivo– A name of German origin that has gone virtually unused in the US despite its popularity in the UK. This name means “yew wood” and “archer.”
  • Oakley– An English name that means “oak wood” or “oak clearing.”
  • Yves– A name of French origin that means “yew wood.” The name is pronounced the same as Eve.

Even More Woodsy Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Ashton– A name of English origin, a habitational appellation, meaning “ash tree place.”
  • Linden– An English name that means “linden tree hill.”
  • Cullen– A name of Irish origin that means “holly tree.”
  • Marlow– A name of English origin that means “driftwood.”
  • Alder– An English name for a tree that’s wood is used in the making of electric guitars. Alder’s root means “old.”

Earthy Boy Names Inspired by the Forest & Trees

Earthy Boy Names
  • Adair– A name from English and Irish origins, meaning “oak tree ford.”
  • Grover– An English habitational name that means “near a grove of trees.”
  • Perry– Yet another English habitational name, Perry means “dweller near a pear tree.”
  • Elwood– An underutilized English name that means “elder tree forest.”
  • Cypress– An evocative French name that originated in Greek, meaning “cypress tree.”

There Are a Lot of Earthy Boy Names from Trees

Earthy Boy Names
  • Dara– A name of Irish origin that’s often spelled Darragh in its native land, the name means “oak tree.”
  • Amir– A Semitic name that has different meanings in both Arabic and Hebrew. Amir can mean “prince” and “ruler,” but also “treetop.”
  • Arvid– A Scandinavian name that most American parents have never encountered, Arvid is popular in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as an appellation that means “eagle-tree.”
  • Elm– Elm is a name found across Europe that names a tall, straight tree. The root of the name means “reddish-brown.”
  • Acer– A name of Latin origin with a winning sound that means “maple.”

Stone Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Jasper– Thankfully, Jasper has grown in popularity in recent years. This awesome Persian name means “bringer of treasure.” But, you will also find a variant of it in Hebrew, meaning “speckled stone.”
  • Onyx– The smooth black stone you know and love has such a wonderful name! Onyx contains Greek elements which mean “claw.”
  • Slate– An excellent alternative to Slade, if your are looking for one, Slate refers to the cool, smooth rock.
  • Alabaster– Alabaster makes for an evocative name for boys as it describes a smooth, white stone. The name evolved from Egyptian al-abaste, which refers to the Egyptian God Bast.
  • Kito– Kito is a Swahili name for boys that means “precious jewel.”

Landscape Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Hawthorn– A touch prickly, Hawthorn sounds rather buttoned-up but we urge you to consider it! Hawthorn, like Glenn, is a topographic name referring to a “hedge of hawthorn.”
  • Heath– Heath is a handsome name for boys that refers to a “heathland dweller.”
  • Forest– A name you know and love, Forest makes for a remarkable name for boys.
  • Glenn– A Scottish name that’s used for both boys and girls, Glenn means “wooded valley.”
  • River– River has been a hot nature name since the 1990s. River simply refers to the flowing bodies of water.

More Topographic Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Flint– An English topographic name, Flint means “born near a crop of Flint.” This name was once wildly popular in the 1960s.
  • Pike– Yes, Pike is a fish, but it’s also the name of Pike’s Peak which was so named by Zebulon Pike.
  • Bay– Bay has Latin origins and means “berry,” so this one is a two-for-one in that it’s a botanical name and a name for a body of water.
  • Lake– Thanks to its proximity to Blake, Lake works as an excellent alternative that highlights nature.
  • Everest– Not our favorite of the nature names on this list, but one that’s been getting used far more often these days. The name of the world’s tallest mountain.

Earthy Boy Names From Mythology

Earthy Boy Names
  • Atlas– The Name of Greek Titan who held the entire earth. This name is great for travelers as well. The name means “to carry.”
  • Lir– Pronounced exactly the same way as Lear, Lir is an Irish name for boys that belonged to the god of the sea.
  • Sylvan– Sylvan comes from the Roman forest god Sylvan. Thus, this Latin name means “woods.”
  • Aries– An astrology, mythology, and animal name all in one, Aries has it all. The Roman God of with a name that translates to “ram.”
  • Pan– A Greek mythological figure of a figure who possessed the legs of a goat! The being was tied to nature and the name Pan means “shepherd.”

More Earthy Boy Names from Mythology

Earthy Boy Names
  • Oisin– A legendary Irish war hero and poet, Oisin was the storied son of Finn McCool. The name means “deer.”
  • Oscar–  In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors of his generation (and the son of Oisin). The name means “deer lover.”
  • Zephyr– A name from Greek mythology that was the personification of Westerly winds.
  • Dylan– Dylan is a name from Welsh mythology that belongs to a sea god. Thus, the name means “son of the sea.”
  • Elio– A Latinate form of the Greek name Helios, who is a Greek sun god. Thus, the name means “the sun.”

Even More Mythological Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Thor– A popular choice today that was considered an impossible choice several years ago, Thor is of Old Norse origin and was borne by the god of thunder, strength, and rain. The name means “thunder.”
  • Fintan– an ancient Irish saints’ name that in legend is also the appellation of the only person to survive “The Flood.” Fintan means “white fire” or “white bull.”
  • Bran– A name that stands alone as a word for fibrous grain husks. But, the name has a history of mythological use as well. Bran is the Celtic god of the underworld whose symbol is the raven. The name’s roots mean “broom-covered hill.”
  • Oceanus– A name from Greek mythology, Oceanus is a Titan who personified and ruled the seas.
  • Taranis– A Celtic god of thunder who is considered an equivalent to Thor. The name also means “thunder.”

Final Mythological Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Shango– A name from Yoruba belonging to a mythological god of thunder.
  • Auster– Auster is a German name adopted from Greek mythology (Notus). It represents the personification of the Southern winds. The name’s root means “oyster.”
  • Quirinus– The Roman god of thunder and lightning, Quirinus is a name that means “he of the quirium,” a reference to a Sabine god of war.
  • Dagur– A name of Norse origin, the personification of day that is brought by a flying chariot. The name is currently one of the hottest for boys born in Iceland.
  • Kiwa– One of the most beloved Maori names for boys in New Zealand, Kiwa is the name of several ocean guardians in Maori mythology.

Animal Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Fox– Sleek and a bit wild, Fox would be the perfect name for a boy with playful parents.
  • Hawk– Sometimes spelled with an E as a surname, Hawk simply refers to the bird of prey.
  • Bear– Bear has been a hot name in the UK for years now and it’s finally come to the US. A little grizzly and a little teddy.
  • Finch– Finch could make for a colorful choice. The name belongs to the bird but also has a history as an English name meaning “to swindle.”
  • Wolf– Is Wolf too much of a name for a baby boy to shoulder? You get to decide! If it’s too literal, the German name Wolfgang means “wolf traveler.”

More Animal Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Buck– A touch rough around the edges, Buck may or may not appeal to you. We think it’s a strong name. It, of course, means “male deer.”
  • Drake– Drake is a handsome one! This English name can mean “dragon” or “male duck.”
  • Wren– Wren is an English bird name that benefits from sounding exactly like the established name Rene.
  • Robin– A unisex option, Robin refers to the bird, but it’s also an English diminutive form of Robert. In fact, it’s been a nickname for Robert for centuries. Thus, the name means “bright fame.”
  • Raoul– If you’re looking for a nature name with a touch of mystery, the French name Raoul might be the perfect option. It means “wolf-counsel” and sounds way better than its Germanic form: Ralph.

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More Earthy Boy Names from the Animal Kingdom

Earthy Boy Names
  • Addax– An addax is a white antelope that lives in the Sahara Desert.
  • Arthur– A storied Celtic name that means “bear.”
  • Everett– A handsome English name of German origin that means “brave as a wild boar.”
  • Callum– A Scottish name and form of Columba which is derived from Latin. The name means “dove.”
  • Leo– A very popular name of Latin origin that means “lion.”

More Wild Animal Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Jonah– A name from Hebrew that is featured in the Bible. The appellation means “dove.”
  • Beckett– An English habitational name with a fabulous meaning in “beehive.”
  • Ari– A unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “lion of God.”
  • Roscoe– A name that was once extremely popular in the US, 100 years ago, Roscoe is of Norse origin and means “deer forest.”
  • Orson– An English name of Latin origin that would make for a distinctive choice today, Orson means “bear cub.”

More Furry and Feathered Earthy Boy Names

Earthy Boy Names
  • Gavin– A cool name of Celtic origin, meaning “white hawk.”
  • Philip– A name of Greek origin that means “lover of horses.”
  • Connor– A name that’s firmly in the US top-100 most popular names for boys, Connor is of Celtic origin and means “lover of hounds.”
  • Altair– An excellent name of Arabic origin that does not get enough play in the US, Altair means “falcon.”
  • Bjorn– A Swedish name that’s very popular in Scandinavia today, Bjorn means “bear.”

More Earthy Boy Names That Get Wild

Earthy Boy Names
  • Colt– A trendy choice today Colt is one of the new generation of Animal names today. It means “young horse,” of course.
  • Marshall– A name of French origin that means “horse caretaker.”
  • Auberon– An English name of German origin, Auberon is rarely heard in the US today. It means “noble” and “bearlike.”
  • Zev– A zippy single-syllable Z-name of Hebrew origin that means “wolf.”
  • Aslan– A name of Turkish origin that was used heavily in the Middle Ages for the kingdom’s emperors, Aslan means “lion.”

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Final Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Animal

Earthy Boy Names
  • Brayden– An Irish surname-turned-first-name that means “salmon.”
  • Byron– An English name with the curious meaning, “barn for cows.”
  • Ezio– A zesty Italian name from a Greek root that means “eagle.”
  • Corbin– A cool name of Latin origin that means “crow.”
  • Brock– A name that stood in the spotlight from the 1970s-2010s, Brock has since slipped in popularity. The name is of English origin and means “badger.”

There you go! We hope you found some earthy boy names to consider. Choosing a name for your son can be tough but if you find a genre of names that appeals to you, you can widdle down your list of potential names and focus on appellations that appeal to your family’s style and values. Happy baby name hunting!

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