Grandma Asks Internet If She Went Too Far Giving Her Grandson Crude Love Advice

One grandma is in hot water for sharing her crude (but very real) advice on love.

It all began when her grandson and his fiance decided to call her during a Facetime session to announce their engagement. But the real surprise was her words of wisdom directed to the couple.

“My good friend Gracie made me aware a few weeks ago of a phrase that made both of us laugh til we were sore, a dirty phrase which is ‘the key to a successful marriage is to keep a [man’s] stomach full and balls empty’”

Grandma Asks Internet If Giving Crude Advice Is Wrong
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“Both of us are in our 70’s and jovial and sprightly if I may say so. I liked the phrase – it was funny, and it stuck around in my mind. My family [is] aware I have a filthy sense of humor and I do like to laugh.”

The key phrase in that sentence? Filthy, folks.

“My eldest grandson is in his 30’s and recently proposed to his fiancée, they made us aware over it via a family FaceTime session. It was very sweet and everyone was in good spirits, drinking, etc.”

Grandma Asks Internet If Giving Crude Advice Is Wrong
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“My granddaughter and daughter pushed me to say a few words in the way of advice, but frankly I wouldn’t know, and I’m not one to give advice anyway.”

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You see where this is going, right?

“My grandson’s fiancée said no no, give us some wisdom! So I said the phrase and the only people who burst out laughing were my grandsons and his fiancée.”

Grandma Asks Internet If Giving Crude Advice Is Wrong
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“Everyone else looked mortified and my granddaughter immediately started berating me.”

“I told my friends this and they think it wasn’t a big deal but my granddaughter and daughter have texted to say I was inappropriate and ruined a moment.”

The grandma wonders if she did the right thing and is asking for your advice! Be sure to comment below…

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