Jamie Otis Shares Baby Update, Also Reveals Possible Cancer Diagnosis After Being Diagnosed With HPV

For those who have been following Jamie Otis and her husband Doug Hehner‘s story since their time on Married At First Sight, you know their journey towards trying to start a family has been difficult.

Prior to the birth of their daughter, Henley Grace — who was born in 2017 — the couple endured their first miscarriage of a baby boy, who they named Jonathan.

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Can’t sleep so I threw on a sweater and took our weekly bump pic.????????We are 17 weeks pregnant today.???????????? • I don’t bring this memory box out a lot anymore. I remember many, many times sobbing into it and screaming to God, “Why?!” • Tomorrow (17wk, 1day) is the exact gestation I delivered our first born son, Johnathan.???????? Every time I get to this point in a new pregnancy it takes me back to that moment when I held him in my arms.???????????? • He was so perfect—had all ten fingers and toes. He had a little button nose and his adorable baby feet were so itty bitty. He came out and didn’t have a chance at life-it was far too early.???? • I felt like I failed as a mom. I remember holding him so close to me and promising him I’d never forget him and I’d never stop honoring his short life.???????? • To someone who’s never suffered a loss, you must think I’m crazy. I probably would too. Like, can’t you just be happy you’re pregnant again?! • Let me tell ya, I am SO HAPPY I’m pregnant again.???????? I am thankful beyond words. But I also wanted *that* pregnancy….THAT baby boy. • I believe with my *whole heart* that my little Johnathan is up in heaven watching down over us. He picked out the most beautiful girl to be his little sister and now he’s given us this new baby boy growing healthy and strong inside me (who is precisely the size of an angel—his big brother, Johnathan.)???????????? • I’m spending the whole day tomorrow honoring our first born. I’m going to buy little boy Christmas toys to donate, hang by the tree we planted for him, and hug Gracie SO TIGHT.???? • If you’re someone who’s suffered a loss-don’t let anyone make ya feel “crazy” or “weird” for wanting to keep your baby’s memory alive. It’s not “strange” at all. I understand you & I can also tell you that there is HOPE….sending you so much love, mama.???????????????????????? • • #miscarriageawareness #rainbowbaby #doublerainbow #miscarriage #support #pregnantbelly #bump

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A little over a year after losing Jonathan, Jamie and Doug welcomed their rainbow baby Henley Grace into the world. Then, while trying to have a second child, Doug and Jamie endured even more loss.

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Most people think by now the grief should be over; I should be fine. They must not know what it’s like to deliver your sweet baby boy who you couldn’t protect….to look down at your little guy so teeny-tiny in your arms and realize you weren’t able to nurture him safely in your womb.???? I never got the chance to hear my sweet Johnathan’s cry or rock him to sleep at night, or kiss his boo-boos, or snuggle him when he was scared. I never got to be his mommy in the way I had hoped for. The only mommy I can be for him is one who honors him, remembers him, and continues to *love* him from earth, until we meet again.???????????????????? • Today is pregnancy and infancy loss awareness day. I never even knew this day existed until I delivered our sweet baby boy at just 17 weeks, 1 day pregnant.???????? • I won’t ask anyone who feels like I should “be over it” to join me in honoring him. If they don’t want to say my sweet baby’s name, look at his photos, or mourn with me that’s ok. But please, let ME say his name. Let ME share his photos. Let ME continue to keep his memory alive. Let me be his mommy the only way I know how. His life may have been short, but he existed & I cant/wont just forget him and “move on.” Although we can’t hold him on earth, I can still *feel* him with me & he *matters* to me & his daddy.???????? • Johnathan, I believe in angels because of you.???? You made me a mommy the day I delivered you – a mommy of an angel.????????Until we meet again sweet boy, I hope you can feel how much your mommy and daddy love you & we always, always will.???????????????? • If you’re among the 1 in 4, the “club” none of us want to be in, I want you to know you’re not alone. Losing your baby – at any stage of pregnancy – is one of the worst pains to have to endure and SO many just don’t understand, but I’m here for you mama.???? I’m sending you SO MUCH LOVE.???????? • #1in4 #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #infantloss #awareness #miscarriageawareness #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #miscarriagesupport #iam1in4 #ihadamiscarriage

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In 2018, the couple shared they were pregnant two times. Sadly, the first announcement ended in a chemical pregnancy, while second ended in what Otis called a failed miscarriage.

She wrote at the time that their “baby formed, and there was an amniotic sac, but while the amniotic sac continued to grow, the baby stopped at some point.”

“We had three options. 1) Wait for my body to miscarry our baby naturally. 2) Go to the hospital and have a D&C. 3) Take medication to help my body miscarry quicker. I really don’t want to have to go to the OR and have a D&C for obvious reasons. I’d love for my body to just naturally take the proper course, but since we don’t know how long that would take and since there’s a small risk for infection I opted to take the medicine and hope and pray it works so I don’t have to have a D&C.”

Then, months later, in September 2019, Jamie and Doug revealed they were pregnant again. Now they are 17 weeks along and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second rainbow baby.

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I have a rainbow baby in my arms & a rainbow baby in my belly.????????????????I’ve never felt more *BLESSED*!????????????…and the way Gracie girl is hugging her baby brother in the last two pics.???? #meltmyheart ???? • In other news, I went to the doc and heard my pap was bad & I have HPV. Although it sounds like an STD and I should freak the F out, I know this is somewhat common and not to be overly worried about. I was scheduled to have a colposcopy just to take a better look at the skin cells in my vagina.????Also, not really a big deal as long as the doc doesn’t see dysplasia…if she does then it could be a sign of early cancer.???? I took a video while I was at the doctors getting the colposcopy-I put the link to our @hotmarriagecoolparents YouTube page in my bio if you wanna watch. At that point I didn’t know whether to worry or not. It could be absolutely nothing. • Buuut, I got the call today saying that my doc did see dysplasia & since I’m pregnant we will have to wait to biopsy my cervix until after I have the baby. • My head’s been all over the place. Thoughts go from “I’m sure I’m fine. I had this with Gracie too.” But then I can’t help but wonder, “What if?!”???? • I’ve had two friends reach out to me. One was like, “oh you’ll be fine. So many friends had this.”???????? Another said, “I may have to have a hysterectomy after they found that in me bc I have actual cancer now.”???? • So I just have to wait until after I have the baby to really know what’s going on inside me, but I’m just putting the positive vibes out there & praying & being so THANKFUL for my health.???????? • I couldn’t help but think about all the women who are pregnant and find out super scary news like they actually do have cancer or a fatal disease and they’re left with the tough decision: treat yourself while pregnant to save your life but risk losing the baby OR take your chances and postpone treatment to save your baby.???? I cannot even imagine having to make that decision.???? My heart goes out to those mamas. If you’re one of them, I’m sending you SO MUCH LOVE.???? • • • #rainbowbaby #pregnancyupdate #secondtrimester #pregnancystyle #bump #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #pregnancyafterloss #preggo

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Jamie Otis Shares Possible Cancer Diagnosis During 17-Week Pregnancy Update

However, after giving an update on Instagram, the soon-to-be mom of two shared some scary news she got as well.

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ONE WEEK FROM TODAY it’s our gender reveal party!!!????????????We finally find out if this baby that we’ve been PRAYING and PRAYING for is a boy or girl!????????????????Doug and I didn’t peek bc we want to be SURPRISED too!???????????? • With our first pregnancy, this is the exact time I began bleeding A LOT. I had been spotting from early on, but it got so much worse. I mean, huge chunks of clots in the toilet.???? I remember it all so vividly. I was on set for married at first sight: Unfiltered in Florida. I went to the bathroom and I thought for sure I lost our baby right then and there in the toilet. My hubby flew in and as soon as I finished working we went to the ER. They said the baby was “fine.” • Two weeks later I was in excruciating pain delivering our first born son, Johnathan Edward, on a hospital bed. He was so small, bruised, and fragile.???? He was way too little to make it. Just as soon as we got to meet him, hold him and love on him, he was taken away from us…i delivered him at 17 weeks, 1 day. RIP sweet angel baby.???????? • I thank God, my lucky stars and our angel baby in heaven that this pregnancy has been the complete opposite.???????? I’ve had zero bleeding and absolutely no issues…I’ve been pushing any worries that come creeping up away. It’s kinda eery bc I’m at the exact spot I was when I was pregnant with Johnathan & I’m on set for another taping of married at first sight: Unfiltered today so I’m having a bit of dejavu and just scary thoughts—but no.????????‍♀️ I will not let fear creep in. This baby **WILL** stick. We will bring him/her home healthy and happy!???????? I will get to rock this baby to sleep this spring.???? And next week – on 11/24 – we will know if it’s a boy or girl!???? • @doughehner is not even pretending to not care about gender – he has made it clear he is hoping for a boy. I truly don’t care…which I always thought anyone who said that was lying bc of course you just care. But after 18 months trying to conceive and a few losses in between – I genuinely don’t care. Just healthy and happy.???????? • • • #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #pregnancyafterloss #ttc #rainbowbaby #baby #bumppic #genderreveal #boyorgirl #marriedatfirstsight #mafs

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Otis began, “I have a rainbow baby in my arms & a rainbow baby in my belly. I’ve never felt more BLESSED! And the way Gracie girl is hugging her baby brother in the last two pics…” She then continued:

jamie otis shares baby update, possible cancer diagnosis
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“In other news, I went to the doc and heard my pap was bad, and I have HPV. Although it sounds like an STD and I should freak “the eff” out, I know this is somewhat common and not to be overly worried about. I was scheduled to have a colposcopy just to take a better look at the skin cells in my vagina. Also, not really a big deal as long as the doc doesn’t see dysplasia, if she does, then it could be a sign of early cancer.”

As Otis continued, after getting the results of the colposcopy, she was told that the doctor did find dysplasia. Still, because she’s pregnant, they won’t be able to scrap her cervix until after her unborn baby arrives.

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“My head’s been all over the place. Thoughts go from, ‘I’m sure I’m fine. I had this with Gracie too.’ But then I can’t help but wonder, ‘What if?!'”

The mom admitted that she’s doing her best to stay positive and thankful for her health but added that she couldn’t “help but think about all the women who are pregnant and find out super scary news,” leading them to have to make “tough decisions” between their health and their baby’s health.

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God, I promise to do *anything* if you just let me keep this baby!???????????? First ultrasound after we graduated from the fertility specialist went so well!???????? • Our baby was wiggling around and the heart beat was a strong 170 bpm – best bday present ever for @doughehner.???????????? ….And we got a fun little surprise (we just keep getting them with this kiddo)!???? • The first surprise was sitting at the fertility specialist and the doc confirming we are pregnant! It had been a long 18 months trying to conceive and the two losses early on didn’t make it any easier. I wondered why I could have a healthy pregnancy with Gracie, but couldn’t keep a pregnancy after. Then SURPRISE! Just as we start to seek out options we find out we are PREGNANT! ???????? • Last week we graduated from the fertility specialist to a regular OB. Well, we got another surprise at our first ultrasound appointment. Apparently the baby is measuring to be due on May 8, 2020 and no longer May 14th! So we have a new due date! We talk in length about this (and why I kinda think maybe the baby is just big and my due date should be the same????????‍♀️) on our podcast @hotmarriagecoolparents. I’ll link in my bio for ya!???? • As you can see, I’m an emotional mess.????I just can’t stop crying these happy tears. I’m beyond THANKFUL and feel so BLESSED!???????? Thank YOU for all the prayers and good vibes and sticky baby dust being sent our way! It is really working! We love you!???? • #ttc #ttccommunity #tryingtoconceive #ttcjourney #bumppic #pregnant #fertility #firsttrimester #rainbowbaby #infantloss #pregnancyloss #awareness #rainbow #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #girlmom #boymom #momproblems #pregnancyproblems #preggo #preggers #pregnancylossawareness #doublerainbow #pregnancydiary #momprobs #stopdropandmom #momlife #momlifebelike

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“My heart goes out to those mamas. If you’re one of them, I’m sending you SO MUCH LOVE.” Hundred of Jamie’s followers have since reached out to her in the comments, wishing her well throughout the remainder of her pregnancy and encouraging her not to worry, praising the mom for how strong she has been.

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