Jessie James Decker Opens Up About ‘Freak’ Accident That Put Her Youngest Child in the Hospital

Being a mom comes with many highs and lows…and a lot, a lot, of worrying. And as singer Jessie James Decker revealed on Instagram their youngest child, Forrest, gave them quite the scare when a simple bug bite turned into an emergency room visit.

In an Instagram post, she shared on June 24, Decker called what happened to her 2-year-old son “a freak thing.” And after explaining the days-long journey to getting her son healthy again, she asked her followers if something similar ever happened to any of their kids.

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Along with a photo of Forrest laying on his belly, eating a popsicle in his hospital bed, the mom of three began by saying, “so the most freak thing happened. Forrest got a bug bite on his hiney and after a few days somehow it turned into a staph which turned into a boil!”

“It was like a golf ball it was so hard and he was in so much pain. He got a very high fever and we had to take him to the emergency room last night. Obviously with COVID only I could I go in with him. They had to sedate him and cut it open and get it all out. He handled it like a champ but it was so sad to see him in so much pain! I could not believe this happened. It was such a freak thing. He got in an antibiotic and that helped big time.”

Decker then concluded her post by asking, “Has this ever happened to anyone else?” And many moms admitted that this time of reaction to a bug bite is more common than some may think.

According to Commenters, Jessies James Decker and Her Son Are Certainly Not Alone.

“More common than you think,” one commenter wrote. “I’m a pediatric nurse and kiddo bug bites can get infected so quickly with the scratching. Praying for him to feel better!”

Another commenter agreed, “It’s actually super common! Staph is everywhere so just try and be extra careful with hand washing and keeping the area clean.” And if you’re a parent who didn’t know kids could get staph from a bug bite, as it turns out, it’s just another thing to add to the list.

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“I’m a nurse on a Pediatric unit and we see this very often,” shared a third commenter. “From bug bites, scratches, even the smallest break in the skin can cause it! Hang in there!” Wow!

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