Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Rainbow Baby’s Nursery with Help from Jana and Jessa

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth got a little help from sisters Jana and Jessa decorating a nursery for her rainbow baby which is due any day now. On her YouTube channel, Follow the Forsyths, the former reality star has been sharing with fans all of the preparations she’s making ahead of the delivery. Just a week before, she shared a video of herself packing a hospital bag.

The new baby and Joy’s son Gideon are sharing the nursery. Somehow, she was able to make it work perfectly for both a toddler and a baby girl at the same time which we were very impressed to see.

Jana and Jessa Duggar come to the rescue in the cute video Joy recently uploaded.

YouTube / Follow the Forsyths

Although Joy and her husband, Austin are professional house flippers, the expecting mom admits that home decor is not her forte. Not to worry, Jana and Jessa arrive with a car full of decorations to help spruce the space up.

Joy’s helpful sisters studied her Pinterest page for inspiration and then purchased the items they thought would match her expectations and also be practical in the space as it will be shared by two.

As you might imagine, Jessa and Jana had a herculean task on their hands and it took a ton of rearranging to get the room right.

Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Rainbow Baby's Nursery with Help from Jana and Jessa
YouTube / Follow the Forsyths

Luckily for Joy, Jessa and Jana’s eye for detail and commitment to moving beds around a room until they found the perfect fit paid off. A room does not decorate itself!

Finding the perfect position for Gideon’s bed was one of the biggest challenges. Joy even admits that she’d rearranged the furniture several times with no luck. Once the sisters found its home, it was time for finishing touches which included some very stylish wall hangings.

Guess which piece of art was Gideon’s favorite.

Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Rainbow Baby's Nursery with Help from Jana and Jessa
YouTube / Follow the Forsyths

In the video, Gideon cheers and squeals in delight once he catches sight of a picture of cattle. It’s a very sweet moment that Jessa and Jana clearly savor.

After the walls got some color, it was on to setting up the changing station. There may or not have been a mac and cheese break along the way. That mac and cheese may or may not have been burnt.

The big reveal is beautiful and the sisters really earned it.

Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Rainbow Baby's Nursery with Help from Jana and Jessa
YouTube / Follow the Forsyths

“Thank you, to my sisters for all your help,” Joy says as she showed off the “final product.”

“They made my dreams become a reality,” she explained. “I am in love with it.”

Excellent job! The little details like a small table with chairs and the fake plant help warm up the room and make it oh so inviting. We imagine little Gideon is going to love playing in the space.

Now, all we need is the little one!

The nursery looks perfect and we couldn’t be more excited for Joy. Her YouTube channel has been a window into the world of baby preparation.

Her last video featured a check-in at 36 weeks pregnant with her doctor. Before that, she shared with fans her birth plan and the content of her hospital go-bag.

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Unlike her sisters and the other Duggar women, Joy plans on having a hospital birth as opposed to a home one. After she experienced complications with a previous pregnancy, this mama is not taking any chances. If you’ve been following along with fans and watching Joy’s pregnancy progress, you know it’s been quite the journey.

We can’t wait to meet that little baby girl who will be enjoying that cute nursery any day now.

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