Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth

Fans are Thrilled with ‘Counting On’ Star, Joy-Anna Duggar’s Radiant Appearance

We all have a soft spot for Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth and after her latest Instagram post, we might be even more obsessed. She posted a new photo and captioned it with her latest workout routine. Fans are thrilled for her and we must say, we are too.

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Life isn’t always easy and when it comes to motherhood and trying to have a baby, things become even more emotional. That’s why fans are so thrilled to see Joy-Anna thriving after all that she’s been through.

She posted a picture with her toddler, Gideon and we’re absolutely stunned by how radiant she looks. Gideon is sporting a pretty adorable smile here, but it was seeing Joy-Anna beaming that warmed our hearts. Along with the post, she added a caption that she’s been more active.

“The last few weeks I’ve been trying to be more active…” the post said, “whether it’s going for a walk, running, doing 30 min cardio workout…”

Finally, she says, “I love it and I already feel so much better!”

She says that exercising has been giving her more energy and then she posted a photo of her supportive workout buddy, Jana.

It’s always great to have friends and family supporting you. Jana seems to be doing plenty of that for Joy-Anna these days. In her Instagram post, she says, “She took me to lunch, nails, coffee, & shopping!”

Jana has been so supportive of Joy-Anna ever since her daughter was stillborn earlier this past summer. Joy-Anna and Austin were expecting a baby girl this November but after an ultrasound revealed the baby had passed, their lives changed dramatically.

It’s excellent that Jana has stepped in and helped lift Joy-Anna’s spirits through this difficult time.

What are her friends and family saying?

austinandjoyfortsyth / Instagram

Her sister Jill, sister-in-law Anna, and close family friend Sierra Jo Dominguez all were feeling inspired to leave some love in the comments.

Fans commented with kind, supportive words for Joy-Anna. It’s fabulous she’s getting all this positive feedback and we hope she takes it with her moving forward. Many women in her family will be expecting babies in the next couple of months. We hope for Joy that this brings her happiness and not despair. We think with such a solid support group in place, she’ll weather the coming season just fine. You go Joy!

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