Mama June Shannon Admitted She Sold Her House Because She and Her Boyfriend Were Doing $2,500 of Meth a Day

Shock waves were sent through the room when Mama June Shannon described her and her boyfriend’s drug habit while seeing her daughter Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efrid for the first time in months. While talking to her daughter about what her life had been like since her arrest in 2019, she also explained why she sold their family home without telling anyone.

Very bluntly, Mama June told Pumpkin that she sold their house because she had no other options. “The only reason I sold the house, we was dead f**king broke,” the 40-year-old mom of four said to her daughter.

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But the reason why she and Geno were broke was because of their insane drug habit. “You know at that point we was doing quite a bit,” she admitted.

“I mean, it was a couple of ounces a day,” Mama June told Pumpkin.

And that’s when she explained just how much their meth habit cost them. “Our habit was $2,500 a day, if not more.” It was news that made Pumpkin’s eyes go wide and truly shocked their family’s therapist, Dr. Ish.

“Do you realize how much that is,” Dr. Ish said while watching the meeting between Mama June and Pumpkin from behind the scenes. “It’s a f*ck ton. That’s 25 grams of meth a day. You and me take two… we’re done.”

As the conversation continued, June admitted that this was far from the first time she’s dabbled in drug use. “It wasn’t something that just started, and oh my God, I started using drugs, you found out that I got busted. It wasn’t. I got high because I wanted to. It’s not the first time I’ve ever done drugs, and you know that.”

And that’s when Pumpkin interrupted saying, “It’s been the first time since we’ve been older that you’ve ever been strung out. The thing is like, you can’t get clean, and then Geno not get f**king clean.”

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At one point, Mama June said “I lost who I was for a while, I do believe that,” and it seemed as though she was ready to be better for her family. However, it’s unclear if Mama June has been taking her outpatient treatment seriously or if she is still with Geno.

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